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Taunton Model Engineers


Taunton Model Engineers (TME) is a club which was founded in 1947. Its aims were then and are now to promote fellowship among like-minded people who are interested in the design and construction of working models of many types, together with education and encouragement to anyone wishing to become involved.


There is no membership qualification and all are welcome. Many members are interested in railway engines, others in traction engines, stationary engines and clocks. One of their members has even built jet engines.


TME's first permanent track was established in Vivary Park in Taunton in 1980. This is a raised track which caters for five-inch and three-and-a-half-inch gauge locomotives This has proved a very popular attraction with children using the play facilities.


Following a long search for a site where a larger ground-level railway could be established agreement was reached with the Creech St Michael Recreation Field Management Committee and TME commenced construction in 2003. This attracted interest from local people and TME has several members resident in Creech St Michael.


For more information visit the Miniature Railway in the Creech Recreation field.


For more information on the Taunton Model Engineers visit their website: