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Footpaths in the Parish of Creech St Michael

Article written by Nigel Finch

The Parish of Creech St Michael has many Public Rights Of Way consisting of Footpaths, Bridleways and Restricted Byways.

These criss-cross the fields in and around the Parish and form many enjoyable circular walks connecting the villages in and around the Parish of Creech St Michael.

One of the most popular footpaths is the towpath next to the Bridgwater & Taunton Canal.

Each Public Right Of Way is allocated a number from Taunton Deane Borough Council usually in the format T10/nnn.

Coombe Bottom Thurloxton Tuckerton
West Monkton Higher Durston Durston
Langaller Creech Heathfield Charlton
Creech St Michael Ham Knapp
Ruishton Thornfalcon Lillesdon


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Map reproduced under the Ordnance Survey PSMA licence for Creech St Michael Parish Council

T10 1 To Ruishton along river south bank of River Tone. Starting at new cut bridge.
T10 2 Short section leads to T22/13.  Starting from gate before cattery.
T10 3 Short cut on Ham Road. Going behind the houses at the Lane end.
T10 4 Not identified yet.
T10 5 Ham to Worthy lane. Long path which crosses the railway and the canal, to Creechwood Terrace.
T10 6 Not identified yet.
T10 7 Path on North side of canal. Starts at the new canal bridge (28) joins T10/5 at Foxhole.
T10 8 Charlton to North Curry boundary.  Starts at the canal bridge at Charlton and picks up the North side of the river Tone.
T10 9 Canal to Worthy lane. From the new canal bridge North to Creechwood Terrace by the post box.
T10 10 Worthy lane.  This is the start and end point for various footpaths 5,9,11 and 15
T10 11 Between T10/10 and T10/12
T10 12 Charlton lane to Worthy lane. Starts at the West end of Charlton Road.
T10 13 Worthy lane to Durston boundary. Heads North East to Charlton Road, East on road then North to Durston boundary T12/9?
T10 14 Crown lane to Golf club.  Heads North on path parallel to road and joins T12/8 at the boundary.
T10 14a Off T10/14 towards Durston
T10 15 Charlton to Worthy lane.  Goes across golf course. Keep your head down.
T10 16 From A38 leads to road in Adsborough meeting T10/16A which joins BW 33/12
T10 17 Not identified yet.
T10 18 Untraced – Coombe joins T10/30
T10 19 Not identified yet
T10 20 Short path which starts at Langaller but is severed by the M5
T10 20 South of M5 bridge to Heathfield Charlton junction.  This may have been diverted during Motorway construction
T10 21 This path was severed by motorway and diverted. Follows parish boundary. Vague pointers leads to T10/22
T10 22 Heads north from T10/28 towards Monkton Elms.
T10 23 This path shows a fork which heads toward and ends at M5 no crossing
T10 23 Starting at the primary school the path splits East to North-end
T10 24 Not identified yet.
T10 25 The longest path following the Canal along the towpath.
T10 25a Canal to Laburnum Terrace
T10 26 From Hyde lane just beyond the school leads under motorway on the North side of the canal meeting Hyde lane again by the old canal bridge
T10 27 Footpath and Bridleway at Ham heading South
T10 28 At Langaller follows the course of the old road leads to T10/29
T10 29 From the A38 heads South and leads to T10/28
T10 30 Short path in Coombe East to West
T10 31 Follows the old Langaller Lane roadway loops to T10/20 may have been extinguished.
T10 UN Footbridge over M5 to Walford Cross along the old highway
    Table of footpaths kindly supplied by Eric Chown

Please note:
The Public Rights Of Way shown on this map are intended as an indication of the general route and change from time to time. For latest up to date information Taunton Deane Borough Council (TDBC) should be consulted.

This information was last updated and correct July 2012