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At Creech Medical Centre we have our own PPG who are active volunteer patients that work in partnership with practice staff and GPs. This unique partnership between patients and the Medical Centre is essential to achieving high quality and responsive care. 

The Group meet face to face with practice staff at regular intervals. We also have an ‘On Line Patients’ Group’** that operates alongside our PPG enabling a dialogue with the whole patient population through email and online surveys.
Our PPGs work in a unique partnership with the medical centre built on mutual trust and respect to:

  • Provide a patients’ perspective ensuring services, plans and activities respond to patients needs and priorities. 
  • Foster communication with the wider patient population building stronger patient – doctor relationships
  • Provide practical support to practice teams e.g. conducting and analysing patient surveys, organising health awareness events, helping at the Carers’ Drop in etc.
  • Help other patients take more responsibility for their health and make informed decisions

‘The members of the PPG are planning a Health Awareness Session at the medical centre involving Medical Professionals giving demonstrations. This will take place in several weeks’ time. Details of this session will be displayed at the medical centre and emailed to members of our ‘On Line Patients’ Group’