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The Book of Creech St Michael School 1873 – 1973

Foreword written by Eric Chown, Creech St Michael

Section of the front cover Creech St Michael School 1873 - 1973

I obtained this 62 page book in 1973 during the school centenary celebrations.  My sister, late brother and I read it with interest (we were pupils at the school in the 1940′s and early 50′s).  The book slowly gathered dust on our book shelves taken out occasionally if we were in reminiscence mood. There it would have remained I am sure had I not been asked to adopt the role of publicity for the Creech St Michael Website.

In my conversations with Nigel Finch of Somerset Web Services, sponsors of the website, our brief was to tell the story of the village in all its aspects, the people and places and events, local and national, and how they impinged on this parish. To reflect modern events and to record those things that exist in the memories of the residents.

This book, recording the history of the schools first century was written by the teachers, staff and pupils in the school as a collaborative effort. It seems to capture the changes in scholastic life that we in the village can pleasantly relate to.

Reading through the pages I am sure you will find (as I did) names, places and events which bring back memories, if not for you maybe your parents or grandparents.

If any event or name does ring a bell for you please let us know and perhaps we can add your memories, photos and stories to this electronic trove.

The book is quite large so it has been divided into five sections plus appendices, it is not in a full chronological order but the narrative flow does give the reader a feel for the periods mentioned.

Chapter 1 Gladstone’s Act, and a school is built

Chapter 2 Innovation, exercise, inkwells and outings

Chapter 3 Golden Summers and patriotism

Chapter 4 Holidays, Royal Weddings and floods

Chapter 5 Wars, evacuees, changes and a new beginning

Appendix A Headmasters 1873 to 1973

Appendix B Managers 1903 to 1973

Appendix C Teaching Staff 1873 to 1973

Appendix D All Staff in 1973

Appendix E Contributions to Charity 1962 to 1973

53 boys and 48 girls registered for school end of 1874

I acknowledge that the writers of the original manuscript are not known, but to protect this book it is subject to the normal constraints given to any author.

Reproduction of any part of this work will not be granted without permission.

Eric R J Chown © September 2011