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The oldest reference to a drinking establishment in Creech dates back to medieval times. The Church House was in the grounds of Creech St Michael Parish Church and was run by monks from Montacute, near Yeovil, 15 miles away. They brewed ale and made bread for strangers and travellers needing rest and food. The Church House was sold to raise funds for the Church.

Between 1779 and 1786 a pub called The Blue Ball was recorded but its location is not known.

The River Tone was a hive of business activity between Bridgwater and Taunton until the Bridgwater and Taunton Canal opened in 1842. Cargo, mainly coal, was carried by boats from Bridgwater as far as Ham, where the river depth was not deep enough to allow boats to travel reliably further into Taunton.

Ham was effectively the terminus for all cargo between Bridgwater and Taunton. Various Coal Wharfs were built along the River Tone at Ham. Naturally, the heavy labour involved in loading and unloading cargo induces a fair thirst, hence an Ale House existed near a Coal Wharf at Ham in the 18th Century. No further details are known.

In 1860, at the height of activity on the Bridgwater and Taunton Canal, there was reputed to have been eight pubs, cider or ale houses, in Creech.

In the 1960’s, there were only four open pubs in Creech St Michael, one at Creech Heathfield and two at Ham. However, in 2011, sadly there is only one pub still open, The Bell Inn at Creech St Michael.

Pubs in Creech in the 1960′s:

The Bell Inn, St Michaels Road, Creech St Michael. 1823 and still open (2011)
More information on The Bell Inn to be published soon.

The White Lion, Nr Crufts Meadow, demolished in 1975.

The New Inn (The Riverside Inn after 1980), Bull Street. Closed 2008. Now a private dwelling.

The Ship Inn, Bull Street. 1768. Closed 19?? Now a private dwelling
The Ship Inn was situated right next door to The New Inn (Riverside Inn) in the grounds of the former Church House. It became a malthouse in 1774.

Pubs In Creech Heathfield in the 1960′s:

The Crown Inn (also known as The Drum and Monkey), Crown Close. 1812. Closed 2001. Now a private dwelling.

Pubs in Ham in the 1960′s:

The White Horse Inn, Ham Road. Closed 19?? Now a private dwelling.

The Lane End Inn, corner of Ham Road and ???. Closed 1963 Now a private dwelling.
The Lane End Inn was on the corner of Ham Road (then White Street) and was run by the Hunt family for a number of years. The Lane End Inn was open until 1963.

Article by Nigel Finch, Langaller, January 2011