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FRIDAY, 17th JUNE 2016

(Following the AGM)


Present:  Peggy Cartwright, Iris Chown, Liz Evans, Lynn Gates, Robert Harris, Chris Roberts, Peter Savage and Gill Underhay.

1. Apologies: John Davenport

2. Minutes of the Last Meeting – accepted as a true record and signed.

3. Matters Arising –  Trust Deed.  It was agreed, after discussion, that Iris should contact the hall solicitor to discuss with him the lack of assistance.  Also that Nick Francombe (solicitor dealing with Trust Deed) be given ten working days to come up with the Trust Deed or we withdraw our custom.  Insurance - Liz had ascertained that volunteers were not considered employees and were covered under the hall's public liability section of the insurance policy.  She had also asked the insurance company regarding the issue of keys.  They stated that should a key holder forget to lock up and subsequently the hall was burgled, then we would not be covered.  A discussion followed on the issue of the keys.  It was agreed that a large key safe would be purchased by Gill and Iris and Lynn offered to have their telephone numbers displayed as contacts should people need to find out the current code. 

4. Formation of New Committee

Chairman:                    Peter Savage  -       proposed by Iris Chown

                                                                   seconded by Lynn Gates

Vice-Chairman:          Lynn Gates  -          proposed by Peter Savage

                                                                   seconded by Chris Roberts

Secretary:                    Iris Chown      –     proposed by Robert Harris

                                                                   seconded by Lynn Gates

Treasurer                     John Davenport –   proposed by Iris Chown

                                                                   seconded by Peter Savage

Booking Secretary:    Gill Underhay –      proposed by Iris Chown

                                                                   seconded by Peggy Cartwright

Caretaker:                   Gill Underhay  -     proposed by Iris Chown

                                                                   seconded by Peter Savage

All were in favour.


Other committee members: Peggy Cartwright, Liz Evans, Robert Harris and Chris Roberts.


5.  Correspondence.

All emails had been forwarded and discussed by committee members prior to this meeting. Gill had a copy of licence and insurance certificate from the people who ran the fish and chip cart.  Somerset Local Authorities Civil Contingency Unit had been in touch with Gill asking for use of the hall should there be a need for emergency evacuation.  As our premises were already on their list Gill would remind them.


6. Treasurer's Report

This had been dealt with at the AGM a separate report was not given.

7.  106 Money – update

Peter stated that the architect and quantity surveyor had submitted a bill for £1,820.34. which we would have to pay.  He had also contacted the electrician to give a quotation for replacing the main hall lights with LED lights.  The architect had sent two drawings and after consideration by the committee it was stated that there was an error – the area at the entrance to the car park from Ryeslands Way did not belong to us. Consideration was given to the plans and several alterations suggested.  It was agreed that the small committee room, walkway and kitchen alterations should be the priority and afterwards consideration given to installation of water to the upstairs room.  At Gill's suggestion it was agreed that profits from the Neighbours' Cafe should be used for the latter.  A copy of the final drawings would be sent to the insurance company.  

8. Achieving the Hallmark Award

Iris and Gill were having another meeting to go through the forms.  A final run through would be held after the coffee morning on 9th July.  On Sunday 10th July, at 1.30pm. All of the committee were requested to meet at the hall to do some cleaning, painting etc. in order to freshen up the hall prior to the Hallmark inspection.  Gill offered to provide refreshments for everyone afterwards.  Iris was concerned regarding the state of the car park where a hole had appeared.  Gill agreed to get her son Tom to deal with it.


9.  Review of Risk Assessments – In view of Hallmark requirements, Gill would need to re-write her form.  The new fire alarm system would be recorded.

9.  Review of entries in Accident/Fire Book – No incidents had been reported.

10.  Any Other Business

Bowling Club – No reply had yet been received regarding their insurance premium. It was believed that they now had their own insurance.

Badminton Club – Gill agreed to speak to Sally regarding payment of their hiring charges.

Kettles – It was agreed that Gill should purchase three new kettles as the others had failed.  The Lincat boiler was not filling up properly.  The engineer will be called by Gill and a set of instructions will be requested.


11. Date of Next Meeting – Wednesday, 24th August 2016 at 2pm.


The meeting closed at 9.15pm.