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Copy of the plans for the new play equipment in the recreation ground? 2013-02-18 09:35:50
I'm pleased to see the work has started to provide play equipment in the recreation ground.  Is a copy of the plans available as the layout of the equipment appears to differ from that shown in the draft plans published on this site in April 2012. Also, will safety matting be put down around the equipment as none has been put down yet.
Rosa, Creech St Michael
Reply Clare Sampson 2013-03-08 21:36:00
Hi Rosa and Eric
Apologies for not responding before.
The layout of the recreation field play equipment is different to what was published before, this is because just before the installation began we met with the company involved and realised it would be a better idea to install the equipment alongside a tarmac path that allowed access for disabled children, carers and parents. Also we wanted a design to allow for further facilities at the recreation field.
Regarding safety matting - all of the play equipment is surrounded by 'grass matting' this is a mesh matting that the grass grows through which we are advised is appropriate for toddler and junior play areas, both for safety, it looks good and is durable.
The ROSPA inspection takes place tomorrow (Saturday). This will check ALL areas of the new play equipment, toddler, junior and MUGA. I do hope this helps. I have full plans of the play equipment areas and recreation field - do feel free to contact me directly with your contact details if you'd like to see a copy, email me your contact details - claresampson@hotmail.co.uk. Kind regards Clare Sampson (Chair Creech Parish Council)
Reply Rosa 2013-02-22 17:52:55

Thank you for your reply. My second question remains unanswered. Will safety matting be put down around the equipment? To be clear, I am specifically interested in the play equipment (in particular the toddler area) not the MUGA.

Many thanks.
Reply Eric Chown 2013-02-21 16:47:28

A spokesperson for the parish council said that the work is progressing well despite the weather.
It is my understanding that the plans as shown are being followed with some minor changes in line with the alignment of other areas on the field.
The work, including play surfaces will be inspected by RoSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) and the local authority before the parish council is allowed to open the multi-user games area.
We all look forward to the long awaited facility.
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Copy of the minutes? 2013-02-13 13:58:33
I understand that there was a meeting in the village last night, which unfortunately, my Husband & I were unable to attend. Could you tell us if it is possible to see a copy of the minutes or at least an outline of discussions & plans for the expected new housing in the village.
Angela, Creech St Michael
Reply Angela Berry 2013-02-14 20:44:06
Sorry folks. Have now found the news link. Quiet shocked by the amount of potential sites!!
Reply Angela Berry 2013-02-14 20:13:13
Eric many thanks for your reply. I can't however find the news link. Which website do you mean. Sorry but it is not obvious on my phone.
Reply Eric Chown 2013-02-13 18:38:35
It was not a meeting as such (so no minutes) but one of a series of public consultation events. It was held from 3.30pm to 7.30pm to ask the residents about some of the areas that TDBC have in mind for new homes in Creech.

At the event questionnaires were handed out seeking the views of parishioners.

If you click on 'News' at the top of the webpage it will take you to a list of items.

Two articles cover the consultation you might like to read them.

The first is “TDBC Consultation for development sites in Creech” which outlines eight areas in the village with plans and a table.

The second article “Tues 12th Feb TDBC Planning developments exhibition and consultation" Is from the parish council and contains the front page from a leaflet which gives information on how to make your views known.

Further information can be obtained by contacting; talking-tomorrows@tauntondeane.gov.uk
I hope this helps
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Info on Samuel Hector and Charlotte Sweeting 2013-02-04 13:12:30
Looking for any info on Samuel Hector and his wife Charlotte Sweeting.
Nancy Hector Marsh, Michigan
Reply Nancy hector marsh 2015-01-12 08:05:37
have found that Charlotte Sweeting born 1785-1873 married Robert Samuel Hector 1814 at age 29. Robert born 1789 in Thurloxton,Somerset.They had 7 children. Charlotte's parents were Thomas (paccock)Sweeting and Charlotte Brice.I believe William Hector was their child my GG grandfather.
Reply Nancy Hector 2013-03-01 05:04:31
Dear AnnThis sound right thank you as I had the date but not the church. And yes there was a Harritt Hector Her maiden name was Keen.But also the Hariot Hecktor here I think was samuels mother.As Samuel and Harritt had a son John Hector married to a Harritt Keen.Then they had son named William Tom or Thomas William that married a Helen Wadham. Their son Edward William or William Edward was my Grandfather married to Mabel May Bawler.My Grandfather and Grandmother came to USA . Edwards Brother Fredric Hector was here with his wife Ellen Lock. And she had sisters here in USA already. We might be related. LOL. They The Lock women and thier husbands all lived in th Eaton Rapids Michigan area.And what is a bann?I'd love to have your email address.Thank you very much for the info.
Reply Ann Lock 2013-02-23 21:14:17
Hi Nancy
We are not related, but while researching our own Family History and having relatives in West Hatch, we noticed the Sweetings in the early 1800 living in West Hatch and the Hectors coming from Stoke St Gregory.
Could this be your Samuel Hector and Charlotte Sweetings Marriage.
4th Oct 1814 in St Andrews Church, West Hatch, Samuel Hector spelt (Hecktor) SoJourner of this Parish, meaning he didnt live in the Parish, Charlotte Sweeting of this Parish. Witness Hariot Hecktor Thos Murliss, banns with consent of parents.
Do you know how many Children they had?, we have also found Charlotte in the 1841-1871 census.
If this information is of interest to you please come back to us.
I am trying to find some relatives in the USA, so maybe we could help each other, I would be happy to give you my email address.
Best Wishes
Reply Nancy Hector 2013-02-22 16:04:33
I have Charlotte born 1783 or 84. Samuel death Nov 26,1838 in West Hatch.Most Hectors would have been cousins as My Grandfather Edward and his brother Fredrick Hector were the only two sons in the family and they both came to the USA.Can't seem to find much on them. Just know Thomas Hector ran the White Horse in till around 193-37. Have that info from this site and the picture.I just keep diging a little at a time.I know a John Hector was married to a Harriet Keen my GGG grandparents.Iam back as far as my GGGG grandfather Samuel so its getting harder as record keeping was not very good or not put on certificates.some day hope to get to England and do some digging. I know where the pub was is now a home . Is there any way of finding the address to it? Thank you for your time.P.S. I very much enjoy the website.
Reply Eric Chown 2013-02-21 16:59:05

It is nice to see that our website has a world audience.
I am sorry to write that while Hector and Sweeting are both local names, from my limited research we have no Hector' mentioned in local documents.
The Hectors were, and I think still are, farmers in other parishes and members of the Sweeting family are still living in the village.
But I can find no records of Samuel and Charlotte without dates etc. What other sources have you tried?
Good luck in your ancestor hunting, sometimes we fail to find the links that bind us.
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