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My great, great great grandmother lived in Creech, being a Margaret Pocock. 2013-03-04 09:31:40
A nice warm 34 in Adelaide today. My great, great great grandmother lived in Creech, being a Margaret Pocock. Is there any Pocock's left in the area, or a local historian I can meet when calling on about 18/5/2013? Would appreciate your help.
Tony Pocock, Adelaide  Sth Aust
Reply Tony Pocock 2013-04-15 23:21:55

Look forward to knowing about the photo.

Thankyou for your interest.

Tony Pocock
Reply Tony Pocock 2013-04-15 22:41:07
Thankyou Chris and Eric.

Look forward to meeting you in about 4 weeks time.

The spelling is of interest and I am keen to know how the surname is now pronounced in Sommerset.


Tony Pocock
Reply Eric Chown 2013-04-14 09:48:45
I stumbled across this record yesterday (13 April 2013) while looking through another document about memorials in the church.
Flagstones (some of which may be covered)
John Poccocke October 1631
Hugh Poccocke August 1631.
The record goes on to say that the inscriptions mention children but without seeing the actual flagstones I cannot vouch for their accuracy.
I hope this adds to your researches
Reply simon hutchings 2013-04-10 22:06:22
hi tony i can remember pococks coal a mr pocock lived in lyng about 3 miles from creech i have a photo of the pococks lorry i will speak with my uncle john and come back to you
Reply Tony Pocock 2013-03-05 02:58:45
Good afternoon Eric from a hot (35c.) day in Adelaide. Need rain, can you send us a drop or two?
Eric , your information is most usefull.
Margaret Pocock, was a M Fogarty born in Templemore Ireland. 16 year old orphan when she came to Stoke, St G. brought in by my G.G.G. Grandfather, be being about 40!. He was a sailor, boatman and a labourer, with suggested links to his father being a smuggler out of Williton.
My Great Great Grandfather was born in Stoke on 3/3/1822, his father, John ,Margaret' s "husband" died on 25/12/1824.
Robert, their second son was born on 31/1/1825.
She had 3 further sons according to British Ancestary, being Edward, William and Henry.
At some stage Margaret was asked to leave Stoke as an illegal immigrant, however I suspect other reasons!! It was then she moved to Creech.

John, my gg grandfather, Robert and Edward all joined the army, Gunner John the artillery based in Taunton. Gunner John came to Australia to defend Sydney from the Russians during the Crimean War. Hence my heritage and interest.
Robert and Edward both also joined and I suspect Robert went to the Crimea as he is listed as a Chelsea Pensioner.
During this period the three boys changed their name to POKE, reverting to Pocock on leaving the army. Nowbody in Aust. knows but suspect it may have been to avoid "bastardry" as in those days those men were put in the front row, and as I am sure you know, hence the saying"Shoot the Bastards".

I have booked into the Rose and Crown in Stoke from 17/5/ to 22/5 to have a look arround.
Then the Castle Hotel Taunton on 22/5 out 23/5. I hope to catch th #28 to Williton and see if there are any army records in Taunton.

Eric, anything you can do to fill in the blanks would be most appreciuated, and of course I would expect to compensate you.

Please confirm this email as I am not computer literate and a grandaughter found your response on my phone when taking her to school


Tony Pocock.
Reply Eric Chown 2013-03-04 18:01:35
A nice warm 4 in Taunton today.
I have looked through the limited documents at my disposal and can only find three references to Pocock's in Creech. On August 18th 1835 Margaret (no husband) gave birth to George, and on Aug 6th 1837 Elizabeth Dyer (no parents listed) died at 39 weeks old. The two entries only suggest that Pocock's were in the village at that time. On the 1851 census Mary Pocock is listed as a widow aged 50 from Ireland with two sons Henry (20) and George 15.
The lists I have are very limited but the Somerset Heritage Centre may have a copy of the Bishop's Transcripts 1606 - 1837 for Creech written and compiled by Adrian J Webb ISBN 1-873931-40-9 . I intend to look at this book myself in the near future.
There are 23 Pocock's listed in the local telephone book but none in Creech or the close villages.
I hope this helps but you may already have this information. Happy hunting and keep searching. . .
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