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Information on my Grandfather Susan Giffin 2013-07-29 16:01:54
My grandfather was the manager at the paper mill at Creech St Michael and lived in the house called 'Banchory'.  I am trying to put information together for my father  and wondered if you can supply any information you may have.
His daughter Jennifer lived with them and worked in the paper mill when she was old enough in the office.  I spent many happy holidays there as a child.  My grandfather died and the family moved back to Cardiff.
thank you
Susan Giffin (Nee Parry), Northern Ireland
Reply Ian Clarke 2014-08-21 00:42:20
I have researched my family tree extensively and have information concerning your grandfather who was Mill Manager at the Creech St Michael through my being related to your grandmother May. I visited Banchory (came with the job of Mill Manager)several times when I was a lad with my grandmother Gladys (May's Sister)and my mother and father would take us when we passing on our journey to or from a holiday in Devon and Cornwall. I also can remember the same things you mention about life in Creech, Mr West with his west country accent, the orchard, the poppy field nearby. Also May's sister Ivy often threw a madeira cake (in a tin) from the train (to land on the embankment0 when passing on her visit to her son living in St Ives. I have several pictures that you may be interested in. I look forward to hearing from you
Reply Susan 2013-08-04 23:09:45
Thank you Eric you have been most helpful.

Reply Eric Chown 2013-08-03 19:42:38
This is what I have gleaned from a search from census record of 1911.

Maldwyn Henry Parry born in 1907

Father William Henry born in 1868 was a jobbing gardner.
Mother Bertha (nee Shaylor) of Hoylake Cheshire, married in 1905

Maldwyn had sister Betay and one child of William and Bertha died. They were living in Ely, Cardiff.

As Maldwyn was working in the paper mill in the final years any records may be held in the Somerset Heritage Centre.

The local newspaper “The Somerset County Gazette” records are on micro film. Any news about the mill and your family interest may be found there.

In the interests of privacy I would prefer not to post information about more recent family members who may still be living.

The shop a the end of Mill Lane was a general store and I think for a short time was also the post-office

I hope that this may prove of help to you. If you are conversant with searching on the internet this may be a starting place. You may already have such information. If I can be of further help please let me know. There are still a few people who worked at the mill and they may see this correspondence and be able to add to your knowledge.

Kind regards
Reply Susan 2013-07-31 23:40:15
Hello Eric,

Sorry was working quite late at night!

My grandfather's name was Mr Maldwyn Henry Parry. I believe he was the manager but perhaps I am mistaken. It would have been around the 1960 - 70? I believe. He developed cancer and died in Somerset but was brought back home to Cardiff. I believe there was one other manager who replaced him and then the paper mill was closed. They lived in the house called Banchory near the Mill Lodge in Mill Lane. I know that the house has been sold privately and extended as I met the owner recently whils on holiday with my daughter and he very kindly brought me in.
When I went there as a child there was an orchard next door. A gentleman called Mr West kept his chickens in the orchard and grew vegetables along
side the fence. My grandfather was very into gardening and grew vegetables and chrysanths. His daughter Jennifer Parry went to school there.
I also remember as a child spending some time in Creech as I had been recovering from an illness and I went to school in the village there when it was just a two room school. At the end of Mill lane there was a shop which might have also been a post office?
What I really would like to obtain is some evidence/articles which might include my grandfather's name which I could pass on to my father, Douglas Parry.
Many thanks,

Reply Eric Chown 2013-07-30 18:15:41

You have given me very little firm information.

I have assumed that your grandfathers name was Parry but the limited and incomplete list of workers at the paper mill I have does not include any Parry's. Can you verify your grandfathers name and give me some approximate dates to work with.

Thank you
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Where is the Recreation Field? 2013-07-26 10:55:08
We want to visit the miniature railway - where is the recreation field?
Julia Marshall, Bridgwater
Reply Nigel 2013-07-29 15:15:14
Hi Julia,
Thanks for pointing this out. Surprisingly there isn't a page about the Recreational field on the website which we will rectify, especially as it is now very popular with the new play equipment. You can reach the Rec field down Hyde Lane (from St Michael Rd) through the new housing estate and on the right hand side just before you go over the Motorway Bridge. Near Postcode TA3 5BF.
We'll put a page together about the Rec Field in the About section.
Nigel Finch, Somerset Web Services, sponsors and designers of Creech website
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