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Genealogy On Blackmore Mary Derby 2014-04-21 16:39:18
Could you tell me if there is a local genealogy group that I may contact and ask for assistance in locating any information on my ancestors from Creech St. Michael.
I reside in the United States and searching through various websites leaves me with many more questions than answers.
To give a quick summary I am a descendant of John ( born abt 1804 in Creech St. Michael, I was told) and Elizabeth Blackmore.
I descend through a son named James who married in West Monkton but his son John (born 1854 in West Monkton) married a Creech St. Michael resident, Emma Gillard and they resided in Creech St. Michael.
John and Emma had a daughter Elsie (born 1880 in Creech St. Michael), my grandmother. My great-grandfather John worked in the local paper mill.
I would appreciate any help anyone can give me. I am trying to locate information especially on John and Elizabeth.

Thank you so much.

Reply Mary 2014-05-20 23:19:39
Thank you for your response. I am finding differences in dates and that had me concerned until I read your reply.

It is difficult and frustrating to search from across the pond and appreciate any guidance sent me.

I believe I am the Mary from Florida as I have been searching for some time.

Reply Eric Chown 2014-05-07 17:16:00

It is almost always the case that in searching for your ancestors you will always have far more questions than answers.

The records made at the time were only as accurate as the person writing it down and the family recall. Baptisms were not always made close to the birth date. They were then stored and subject to the vagaries of time and place this meant that the records importance was often overlooked or misplaced making the tracing of a family very difficult.

I do have access to various records which mention the Blackmores and I will ask that the webmaster send them to you securely as a separate email. But here is a link to download them also.

The records are from three sources;

My copy of "The Parish Registers and Bishops Transcripts 1606 1837" Adrian J Webb. Reprinted by Somerset and Dorset Family History Society.

UK Census 1841 for St Michael Creech

UK Census 1851 for Creech St Michael

All this information is from sources and I acknowledge their copyright. This is the sum total of my information and perhaps you will be able to build on it.

The website did have an earlier enquiry from Mary of FL.


Eric R J Chown
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