Freedom of Information

The Freedom of Information Publication Scheme was originally adopted on 2rd March 2009, minute 09/223.   The revised scheme was adopted at our meeting on 1st February 2010.




How achieved

To proactively publish or make available information held by CSM PC and falls within the classifications below:

Information on website:
•Minutes from PC meetings
•Minutes from Annual Parish Council Meeting
•Parish Magazine

Available from website or Parish Clerk

 1.  Who we are and what we do

Information on website:
•Names of Parish Councillors
•Name and contact details of Parish Clerk
•Names of SCC and TDBC Councillors

Also available from Parish Clerk and Parish Magazine

2.  What we spend and how we spend it

•Monthly expenditure recorded in minutes
•Annual precept details from clerk
•Annual precept recorded in minutes
•Annual Return Form and Report by Auditor

Available from Parish Clerk and/or Website

3.  What our priorities are and how we are doing

Creech St Michael Parish Council’s priorities are to represent the interests of the community to the best of our ability in the areas where we have any responsibility.

The existing Parish Plan outlines thoughts and wishes of the community – copy available from Clerk.

4.  How we make decisions

All decisions are taken at Parish Council Meetings which are open to the public.
Proposals may be developed by committees, or the Clerk and individual members.

5.  Our Policies and Procedures

Standing Orders are adopted and reviewed 5 yearly.  The Code of Conduct produced by the Standards Board of England is also adopted by the Parish Council.  All members must abide by these publications.

Copies available from Clerk

6.  Lists and Registers

The Parish Clerk keeps a copy of the Register of Electors, asset register and Register of Members Interests.

7.  The Service we Offer

The Parish Council operate as a facilitator, commentator and representation of the following:

Consider concerns raised by residents and councillors about:
•Highways including maintenance, drainage, signage and speed control
•Environment including anti flood works, litter, dumping, seating
•Footpaths, bridleways and rights of way
•Recreation Field Management
•Bus service/bus shelters
•Crime prevention
•Planning applications

Also ensure these are considered by the relevant service provider or enforcement authority

To proactively publish or make available information in line with the statements contained within this scheme
The clerk regularly reviews that the website is up to date.

The clerk regularly passes information to the Parish Magazine Editor to keep residents up to date with minutes.  The Parish Magazine is published quarterly.

The Parish Magazine is delivered by hand by volunteers.

To produce a schedule of fees charged for access to information

Where information is made available via the website there is no charge.

Where information requested is required to be photocopied, a charge of 10p per sheet is made.   Postage is charged at actual cost.

To make this publication scheme available to the public

A notice is placed on each notice board stating those wishing to view any documents to contact the clerk or see the website.

The Freedom of Information Publication Scheme is available on the website.