Brief History

In the early 1900s, there were three separate Charities in Creech St Michael, namely Jane Dowlin’s Charity, John Wheadon’s Charity and “Unknown donor”. These were united on 16th February 1909 under an order of the Board of Charity Commissioners to become Creech St Michael United Charities.

The trustees at the time were: The Reverend W J Shillito, MA, Ex Officio as vicar for the time being of the Ecclesiastical Parish of Creech St Michael and Messrs William Bobbett and William H Kelland the Representative Trustees appointed by the Parish Council.

In 1909 the schedule of property of the “United Charity” was: Dowlin’s (£223 1s 7d) and Wheadon’s (£275 3s 1d), totalling £498 4s 8d, plus a rent charge of 20/- per annum: known as the “charity of an Unknown Donor and issuing from lands at Charlton Road. Miss Bess Day owner.” The lands on which the rent charge was were sold to Mr Charles Brookes at Michaelmas 1910.

In this year the dividend or interest was paid quarterly by the bank amounting to £3 2s 3d per quarter. The money was distributed in coal. 195 people in Creech received coal during 1909/1910. Coal continued to be distributed until 1967 when due to the high price of coal the trustees felt unable to distribute 1 cwt of coal to all those who they considered were in need of it, and decided to give 7s 6d to each person on the list and to review the situation the following year. This was the last of the coal deliveries and money continues to be distributed to this day.

The Charity is administered jointly by the Church, the Vicar still being ex officio chairman of the Charity, and representatives of the Parish Council.

Dowlin’s Charity
Jane Dowlin Died April 6th 1850, having bequeathed to trustees the sum of £300. 3pc Consols (for which £275.3.1 was paid), the annual income arising from which was to be paid among such poor persons of the parish of Creech St Michael as shall not be in receipt of parochial relief and in such proportions as the trustees shall think proper.

Wheadon’s Charity
John Wheadon in his will dated August 18th, 1862 directed his Executors to purchase in the names of the Vicar and Churchwardens, for the time being of the parish of Creech St Michael £250 3pc Consols (for which £225.15.0 was paid). For the Vicar and Churchwardens on the 24th December of every year, to divide the dividends amongst the poor of Creech St Michael in such proportions as the Vicar and Churchwardens, or the majority of them, shall think proper.

– Churchwardens, 1886