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Meals At Home Service

Brief History

The WRVS's Meals on Wheels Service is coming to an end in Somerset because in most parts of the county the WRVS cannot recruit enough volunteers to deliver the increasing number of meals needed each week by disabled and elderly people - there are people wanting hot meals at home who cannot get them from the WRVS.


The County Council has worked with the WRVS at national and county level for 3 years to try to support them to make the big increase in the number of meals that are needed. Unfortunately the WRVS are struggling both in Somerset and in several other parts of England to recruit enough volunteers to their Meals Service.


The County Council has worked with Wiltshire Farm Foods and Somerset Direct (a County Council run advice/Information service based in Taunton) to develop a new Meals at Home Service. Now elderly and disabled people who use it can have a hot meal every day at the time of day they want to eat. There is a wide traditional menu costing only £2.65 for a main course and dessert. Special diets and ethnic and religious needs are catered for.


People who use Wiltshire Farm Foods will be helped to order their frozen meals every fortnight. If they do not have suitable equipment, people who order five or more meals a week can be loaned, free of charge, a specially designed tabletop freezer and a microwave or steamer to reheat the meals for as long as they use the service.