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Oct 2007 Anti-social behaviour on Creech Recreational Field 2007-10-18 16:13:04

At 7pm on Friday 23 November 2007
Creech St Michael Village Hall

To discuss problems of anti-social behaviour at Creech St Michael Recreation Field

Problems of Anti-Social Behaviour at Creech St Michael Recreation Field

Recently the Recreation Field Committee has reported:-

1.  Vandalism. This problem has been ongoing for several years but recently some guttering was torn down and 4 stout posts which had been concreted in by the Recreation Field Working Party were broken.  As you know the play area has recently been refurbished by local volunteers.

2.  Partying. The Recreation Field has become a venue for all night drinking sessions, with some people setting up camp there.  Word is getting around and this is happening more and more frequently and with increasing numbers.  Broken glass and litter has regularly been left strewn around and there are obvious environmental and health & safety problems associated with this – especially in connection with the children’s play area.

3.  Dog mess on the playing field and in the children’s play area, despite the Committee passing a resolution banning dogs at the Field for health and safety reasons.  Several “no dogs” signs have already been erected but are being ignored by some.

If you would like to fight for your Recreation Field, and have ideas of how to combat the problems, you are invited to a

In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact Teresa Habberfield, Parish Clerk, to put forward any ideas.

Be the Ears and Eyes for your Parish:

If you are driving past the Recreation Field and notice anything suspicious or anti-social please do not put yourself in any danger by trying to tackle the situation yourself, but contact the Police or PCSO Lynsey Gamblin on 01823 363287 and 78784 at the prompt.