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May 2008 Road resurfacing in Creech St Michael 2008-05-18 16:14:59


The following roads in your parish will be surface-dressed during the current season. The timing as to when each individual road is likely to be treated is intended as an approximate guide and is dependant on the weather and other factors.

Locations: Approx. Timing of Treatment:
Cooks Lane Early June
West View Early June
Paddock Close Early June
Alexander Close Early June
West View Early June
Homefield Close Early June
North End Early June
Ham Road Early June
Vicarage Lane Mid July

Surface dressing is a low cost method of maintenance and is used to waterproof road surfaces that are showing deterioration, prior to the development of potholes or failure of the road structure.  The treatment, which also restores skid resistance of the road, has been used extensively for many years in this country and abroad on all types of roads, from minor estate roads to motorways.

Until the dressing has stabilised, it is essential that the traffic speeds be kept down.  Unfortunately, despite warning signs, some vehicles drive too fast causing flying chippings, which not only damage the dressing but other vehicles as well.  Tight turning, wheel spin or heavy braking can also cause damage to new dressings.

Yours sincerely

David Peake
Highway Service Manager – Taunton Deane Area