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Sep 2008 Animal Cruelty 2008-09-18 16:15:25

I would like to let the other residents of Creech know of a worrying incident involving one of our pet cats. We discovered a small lump in his throat area and could find no explanation so took him to our local Creech Vet who discovered an Air Gun Pellet. This was removed successfully yesterday (Aug 26th) thankfully.

We believe that he was shot around the second week in August but have no idea where  this happened or who was involved. We would like to warn other pet owners and ask that people are vigilant and report any incidents to the police (as we have done). Should you require any further information, please call or email me and we will be happy to help.
Thank you, Jill Osborne

Name: Jill Osborne
Telephone Number: 01823 443353 or 0771 360 1318

Email: jillpsychicpig1960@hotmail.co.uk