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Oct 2010 Birdman of Creech 2010-10-29 15:00:04

No one told Creech St Michael birdman Malcolm Evans that recession and redundancy would usually mean early retirement.

Instead, after losing his job, the 62-year-old falconer channelled his enthusiasm and passion for birds of prey into establishing a whole new business and career!


Now he has launched Bird Couriers of Somerset – one of only a handful of DEFRA-licensed bird transportation services in the UK.
In the six months since being made redundant from a lifelong career in technical sales, he has now found a new lease of life doing the very thing he loves – handling and caring for birds.
“Like many, the recession took my job, and at the age of 62 you can’t just retrain and start again,” he said.

“It wasn’t looking good. I was facing taking a job shelf-stacking or something like that, when a colleague suggested I look at the situation with birds. “There was a niche in the market and I just went for it, and I’ve already got as much business as I can handle.”
The new business is taking him all over the UK to Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, and across England, transporting rare breeds and birds worth thousands of pounds for buyers and sellers.

Deliveries have included everything from parrots and macaws to black swans, valuable falcons, and even a boa constrictor snake!
And as one of only a few top-classified Schedule 2 operators around the country he is already becoming well known in the business and drawing in lucrative contracts.

Most recently, Bridgwater food manufacturer Sharp Interpac have called him in to fly his birds once a week scaring away seagulls from the site.

“It has been quite a year in my life, after being involved in sales for so long,” he said. “When I was made redundant I wondered what the future held, but it goes to show what having a hobby and an interest can do. “Its never too late to change!”

Grandparent Malcolm is already well known locally as The Birdman of Creech, and keeps 22 birds of prey at his self-built aviaries in Arundells Way, including Barn owls, Eagle owls, Harris hawks, American Redtails, Gyr-Saker falcons from Arabia and Iceland, and Lanner Falcons from South Africa and Sicily.

And since first starting breeding, training, flying and hunting the birds in 1992 he has become a familiar figure at local fetes and events.

Now his hobby has become a full-time business and turned his passion into a career!

Oct 2010 The Lets Grow Campaign Initiative 2010-10-22 14:59:40

The Parish Council have been informed of an initiative to help those of you who wish to try and grow your own fruit and vegetables, but do not have your own garden.  It’s called The Lets Grow Campaign and the initiative is outlined on the website: www.landshare.net

People who are interested in growing their own fruit and vegetables can log onto the web site and create their own Profile.  This provides information about what you are looking for and what you wish to grow, and where you are in the Country.

Land Owners wishing to participate and giving up some of their land also register on the website.

If you are interested and feel the land owner offering his land is suitable for you, you enter into a dialogue and agree details.

Once you have agreed this area of land is acceptable, it is advisable to enter into an Agreement signed by both parties.  This can be found on the website too.

The Landshare scheme offers an opportunity for people to grow their own food, landowners to give up some of their land not being used and people to offer help for those with little experience in growing.

The Parish Council hope this scheme will become popular and many more people will be able to grow their own vegetables – please tell everyone about it to get more sponsors.

Oct 2010 Appeal received for the pharmacy licence 2010-10-20 14:59:15

The Parish Council have received a letter from the Appeal Officer regarding the decision to put FA Courie on to the Pharmaceutical List at the New Medical Centre, CSM from John Ware Ltd.

Should you wish to write to the Appeal Officer giving your views, then you must do so by30th October 2010.  Details are listed below.

Address and contact details:

Mrs Abby Davies
Appeal Officer
NHS Litigation Authority
1 Trevelyan Square
Boar Lane

Reference Details:

Re:  SHA/15909 – John Ware Ltd – application for preliminary consent prior to inclusion in the pharmaceutical list in the vicinity of Hyde Lane and SHA/15910 – FA Courie – application for preliminary  consent prior to inclusion in the pharmaceutical list at the New Creech Medical Centre, Hyde Lane, Creech St Michael, Taunton, Somerset.

Creech St Michael Parish Council 
11th October 2010