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April 2010 Construction of temporary waste transfer station 2010-04-22 14:58:09


Re:  Application no.  4/14/10/0007

Proposal:  Change of use of land and construction of temporary waste transfer station

Location:  O.S. Field Ref:  4275 and 4700 (pt), Old Langaller Lane, Creech Heathfield

Points of concern to raise regarding the above application:

  1. Noise pollution: How much noise will be generated when using the site, not only by lorries entering and leaving the site, but the actual work on the dumped materials.
  2. Dust pollution:  How much dust will be generated on a daily basis.  When the wind changes direction, what effect will this have on residents close to the site?
  3. Water Cause – there is a stream running through the site – how can you ensure no pollution will enter this water.
  4. Vehicle movements:  The proposal states 40 vehicle movements a day.  How will this effect the road and traffic movement along the main road.
  5. Direction of Lorries:  How will you ensure lorries do not go through the centre of Creech St Michael, and along Hyde Lane, especially during school drop off and collection times.
  6. Working Hours:  These are stated as 7.30am till 5.30pm Monday to Saturday, with a possibility of deliveries outside these core times.  How will this affect local residents.
  7. The application states Temporary – how long are you planning on carrying out works here and is there a time limit.
  8. Understand this site is a green field site and not a brown field site as stated.

Responses to the above application should be sent to:    Deadline 30th April 2010.

Mr Bob Mills 
The Planning Control Team 
Environmental Management Group 
County Hall 
Taunton TA1 4DY

Email:  rwmills@somerset.gov.uk

April 2010 Proposed new Pharmacy in CSM 2010-04-20 14:56:52


Contact details for responding to the proposed new Pharmacy in CSM.  Deadline 5th May 2010.

Mrs Lenus Tovey 
Primary Care Pharmaceutical Contracts
Somerset Primary Care Trust
Quantock Room, Level 2
East Reach House
East Reach
Taunton TA1 3EN

Points to raise:

  • Existing Medical Centre has an existing dispensing facility.
  • It’s convenient to patients, as they can collect their prescription after seeing the doctor on site.
  • The New Medical Centre being built will continue to offer the dispensing services on site.
  • The new Medical Centre is desperately needed for all parishioners – it will be bigger and capable of taking on more patients.
  • New housing is being built so new residents will need a local surgery.
  • If the existing dispensing license is lost, there is a real possibility of losing the new medical centre, and/or a doctor and staff.
  • The existing surgery relies on the dispensing of prescriptions as a large part of its business.