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Sept 2010 Sewage works improvements at Ham 2010-09-20 14:58:44

Sewage works improvements at Ham

Wessex Water is investing more than £20m to make improvements to Taunton (Ham) sewage treatment works.

The investment will be completed under 3 phases of work.

Phase 1
The work, which is planned to start with immediate effect, involves the replacement of two existing combined heat and power generator sets with two larger more efficient units which will make a contribution to Wessex Water’s continued investment to green energy production at the site.

Phase 2
The work includes further improving the quality of waste water that is currently treated before being safely returned to the environment.

These improvements, which will be confined within the site boundary, will allow for population growth in Taunton and surrounding area.

As part of the work Wessex Water plans to build a new access road so vehicles travelling to and from the sewage works can more easily access the A358.

It is proposed that the construction work will take place once the new road has been built. Once construction work has been completed the road will be used by tankers for normal operation of the site avoiding the villages of Ruishton and Creech St Michael.

Phase 3
In order to maximise the green energy production from the sewage treatment works, the biogas production facility will be increased. As with Phases 1 and 2 these improvements will be confined within the site boundary.

Wessex Water will liaise with local authorities to ensure that the improvements at the works are in accordance with local planning requirements. 

Various environmental surveys have been undertaken to ensure that the impact of the improvements will be kept to a minimum.

Ruishton Parish Council, Creech St Michael Parish Council, Somerset District Council and Somerset County Council have been consulted about the proposed work, which we anticipate should be completed in its entirety by Spring 2015.

If you have any questions about Wessex Water’s scheme please call David Jones, programme manager, on 01225 526000 or 07771 854451. Alternatively Garry Orford, project manager, on 01225 526000 or 07768508023.