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Summer Fayre at Creech St Michael Primary School 30th June 2012-06-28 21:08:54

Article submitted by Eric Chown, Web Publicity

This Saturday 30th June 2012 the school PTFA is presenting its annual Summer Fayre.

The programme starts in the school playing field at 11.30 and will finish around 2.30pm.

This year the fayre will have an Olympic theme with lots of activities including a parade, country dancing, Tae-kwondo and Zumba (an exercise regime based on South America dance) demonstrations.

There will also be a raffle, refreshments and a large portion of enjoyment for all.

All we need is good weather - fingers crossed.

Model railway public running dates in Creech 2012-06-28 10:58:15

Article submitted by Eric Chown, Web Publicity

Taunton Model Engineers (TME) run their model railway in Creech St Michael Playing Field, TA3 5QJ on the following public running days for 2012.

They started in April and the remaining dates for 2012 are:

Sunday 8 July

Sunday 22 July

Sunday 12 August

Monday 27 August

Sunday 9 September

Sunday 23 September

Sunday 14 October

Sunday 28 October

The railway runs from 2 pm onwards and dependent upon weather and safety conditions.

Santa Special Charity Trains running on 23 December from 12 noon to 3pm.

TME also have public running days in Vivary Park Taunton, more details can be found on their website www.tauntontme.org.uk

Film shoot in Creech weekend of 30th June 2012-06-21 12:56:46

Article submitted by Nick Clark, film producer

We will be shooting a scene from our teaser film called "The Baltic Triangle" in Creech over the weekend of the 30th June outside the old red telephone box.

The scene will involve an actor being kidnapped from the box either in a van or car by two hooded thugs.

We will be in and out of the village within 45 minutes.

We are letting you know, so that no one thinks anything nasty is happening.

Volunteers requested in Creech for the British Red Cross 2012-06-21 09:21:14

Article submitted by Eric Chown, Web Publicity, on behalf of the British Red Cross

The British Red Cross are looking for volunteers in Creech St Michael to join their Medical Equipment or Home from Hospital teams. For more information call 01823 273707.

[caption id="attachment_1241" align="aligncenter" width="509" caption="Volunteers requested from Creech for British Red Cross"][/caption]

New Editor required for Parish Magazine 2012-06-20 15:16:42

Article submitted by Eric Chown, Web Publicity

The Parish Council is looking to recruit a new volunteer Magazine Editor.

The Parish Magazine is published quarterly and would provide an opportunity for a community minded individual or group of individuals interested in ensuring that everyone in the villages are aware of the opportunities and events that are happening locally.

For more information on what is involved please contact Liz at magazine-editor@creechstmichael.net or call 07872 011197 after 7pm.

Two Parish Magazine volunteer distributors required 2012-06-20 14:57:40

Article submitted by Eric Chown, Web Publicity

The Parish Council and Magazine Editor are seeking a volunteer to distribute the magazine in Ham and for someone to distribute to the Mill Lane trading estate businesses quarterly.

Do you have you a few minutes to help every three months?

If you can help or would like more information please call the Parish Clerk, Steve Altria, on 01823 666295 or email clerk@creechstmichael.net

Land for new allotments offered for Creech 2012-06-20 11:28:44

Article submitted by Eric Chown, Web Publicity

Creech St. Michael Parish Council are delighted to have been offered a piece of land large

enough for approximately 20 allotments.

A year has gone by since everyone first registered their interest and we would now like to

update this list.

Anyone still or newly interested is asked to let us know by contacting the Parish Clerk.

Only people within the Creech St. Michael Parish boundary are initially eligible to apply.

As it is anticipated that the numbers will exceed the plots available, a ballot system will have to operate.

If you are interested please email Steve Altria, the Parish Council Clerk,

on clerk@creechstmichael.net

Merlyns Copse wildlife centre volunteers needed 2012-06-20 11:10:01

Article submitted by Eric Chown, Web Publicity

Creech St. Michael Parish Council have approached the Somerset Wildlife Trust to help

make Merlyn's Copse into a wildlife centre.

To make this possible we are seeking volunteers of all ages to help with this project.

Anyone with experience or interest in making this area more attractive please contact the

Parish Clerk on clerk@creechstmichael.net with their details.

Local crime news 2012-06-13 09:56:01

Article submitted by Eric Chown, Web Publicity

The parish council were advised by the police that there has been a series of incidents locally; Taunton, North Curry and Henlade where thieves have stolen catalytic convertors (part of the exhaust system) from vehicles.

The catalytic convertors contain a variety of rare metals and have a high value as scrap. This seems to be an increasing trend related to vehicle crime.

Vehicles particularly at risk are those with a large ground clearance such as 4 x 4's and people carriers.

The incidents all happened overnight so the police are advising everyone to look at where vehicles are kept, using your garage space if possible.  If not park on your drive or outside your own home and in a well-lit area.

These items can be marked for security so consult your own garage or car accessory store. The AA website http://www.theaa.com/motoring_advice/security/index.html also has some information on keeping your vehicle safe and secure.

If you have information about any crime, phone the police on 101 or you can call anonymously to the independent charity CRIMESTOPPERS 0800 555 111.

For general information about Neighbourhood Watch nationally see the www.ourwatch.org.uk website.

Agenda for Parish Council Meeting 11th June 2012-06-07 18:09:24

Announcement from Creech St Michael Parish Council

The Agenda for the June 2012 Creech Parish Council meeting is now available online.

Steve Altria

Clerk to Creech St Michael Parish Council

Development proposals affecting Creech St Michael 2012-06-06 12:49:31

Open letter from Cllr M. Edwards, Taunton Deane Borough Council

Submitted by Steve Altria, Clerk to Creech St Michael Parish Council


Dear Resident,

The Parish Council have asked the Borough Council to update the local communities around West Monkton, Bathpool and Creech St Michael as to what is happening with regard to the development proposals around the local area, since there appears to be a lot of rumours and concerns circulating.

The Borough Council will seek to update the local communities on a regular basis as details emerge. For now, I think it would be useful to recap the history of planning proposals in the area

Historic Background

In 1995 Taunton Deane Borough Council published an ‘Issues and Options’ Report looking at a range of options to accommodate the future growth of the Borough up to 2010. Following a series of consultation events, land at Monkton Heathfield was progressed through the Local Plan, together with other large sites in Wellington and Norton Fitzwarren.

Following the Inquiry into the Local Plan the Inspector recommended the need for additional housing at Monkton Heathfield, either through allocating land around Hartnells Farm or through re-phasing the timing of development within the existing land allocation. The Council opted for the latter, although accepted that both proposals were acceptable in principle.

Following adoption of the Local Plan in 2004 the Council produced a Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG) in consultation with the local community and where practical, the proposed developers, to assist implementation of the scheme. This included areas such as design and timing of provision of infrastructure (eg roads and schools).

[caption id="attachment_1207" align="aligncenter" width="237" caption="Proposed Development Plan (click to enlarge)"][/caption]

Existing Planning Approvals

In 2005, Redrow/Persimmon submitted an outline application for a mixed use development for around 900 homes, 14 hectares of employment, local shops, a primary school and recreational facilities around the land between the A3259 and the motorway. The application was allowed on appeal by the Secretary of State  in 2008, the Council having resisted the scheme as it proposed locating the (eastern) relief road further south in the green wedge and closer to the canal than shown in the Local Plan.

The legal agreement between the developers and County Highway Authority required the completion of the eastern relief road before occupation of any of the dwellings and completion of the western relief road before occupation of the 651st dwelling. The consortium is currently in discussion with Somerset County Council in order to occupy more dwellings before the eastern relief road has to be completed. Any decision on this will be a technical one based on the highway impact and we will try to keep you informed in our regular update.

In 2010 detailed applications (referred to as reserved matters applications) were submitted by Redrow/Persimmon Consortium and approved for 327 dwellings (within the original boundary of the outline application) and the first phase (southern end) of the eastern relief road, 56 dwellings on the former Hatcheries in the original position for the junction of the eastern relief road with the A38 (Strongvox) and 136 dwellings at Aginghills (David Wilson).

All of these applications were within the lands allocated for development in the Local Plan.

Future Proposals

Consideration of future growth options in the Borough for the period 2010-2028 began in 2004 with a public meeting in St Andrews Hall and consultants studies in 2004 (Terence O’Rourke) and 2005 (Baker Associates). Both documents were subject to consultation and both identified the Monkton Heathfield area as the most preferable for future growth, closely followed by Comeytrowe. The Baker Study (2005) was used to inform the Regional Spatial Strategy for the South West which went on to identify a broad location for growth around the Monkton Heathfield area, which was then ‘examined’ by an independent Inspector in 2007, hearing arguments for and against the proposals and policies in the Plan. Whilst the RSS was never adopted, due to a change in government, the studies formed part of the evidence base for the Borough Councils Core Strategy.

The Borough Council published a Core Strategy consultation document in January 2010, including a consultation event in West Monkton Village Hall. This ‘strategic’ Plan included proposals for around 4,500-5,000 new homes, around 20 hectares of employment, a district centre, schools and recreational space. During 2011 Council Officers and the Leader of the Council (John Williams) attended 2 public and 2 Parish Council meetings in West Monkton Village Hall, paving the way for a formal period for representations on the Plan in the summer of 2011. A further meeting was held with Creech St Michael Parish Council in December 2011.

A Government appointed Planning Inspector heard representations on all aspects of the Core Strategy in February 2012. His report has yet to be received but the indications are that he is likely to find the growth proposals for this part of Taunton acceptable.

The attached Plan diagrammatically shows the areas proposed for development over the period to 2028. This area encompasses land in both West Monkton and Creech Parish Council areas.

What is currently proposed?

There are 2 elements to this:

  1. The existing planning permissions establish:

  • That the development will commence at the south of the site with a roundabout forming the junction of the eastern relief road (ERR) with the A38 (works in progress on site).
  • It is now proposed that only the first section of the eastern relief road will be built up to and including the second roundabout (shown on the ERR detailed plans), sufficient to allow access to start development at the south of the site. Whilst this matter has been agreed in principle by the Highway Authority, who accepted that there was capacity to occupy 300 dwellings off the existing A38 without the need for the ERR, the legal agreement between SCC and the developer is still in the process of being amended.
  • The A38 is to be bus gated and closed off to through traffic when the ERR is completed. A second access into the site will be opened from the A38 at that time.
  • Hyde Lane will be closed to motorised vehicular traffic but left open for cycles, horse and pedestrians
  • Phase 1 will include in the region of 327 dwellings with public open space and drainage attenuation feature at Brittons Ash and the provision of a children’s play area
  • 35% affordable housing will be provided within phase 1
  • The southern employment area (to the east of the Hatcheries) will be fully serviced and available for development.
  • Underground foul sewage storage tanks will be provided in the green wedge to the south of the site.

Please note : there have been a series of re-plans for the phase 1 site. The applications have varied the position and type of dwellings, the crossing of Hyde Lane and the new local main road and the number of dwellings within the area. These are developer led and the Planning Authority has a duty to be reasonable in their consideration of such applications.

Later phases (reserved matters applications) will provide:-

  • Housing (including 35% affordable)
  • 2 Playing pitches (by the occupation of no more than 500 dwellings)
  • Northern employment area (serviced site to be provided prior to occupation of 600 dwellings)
  • Extension to secondary school playing field (provided no later than the occupation of 400 dwellings)
  • Primary school incorporating village hall facilities (provided no later than the occupation of 400 dwellings)
  • Local Centre (marketing to commence upon occupation of 301st dwelling and to continue until dwellings are complete)
  • Dyers Brook corridor (to be provided following occupation of 600 dwellings)
  • Additional children’s play areas and public open space (provision timed with development).

  1. The Core Strategy Proposals.

The Core Strategy sites are under option with two different parties:-

1)    Redrow and Persimmon Homes act as a consortium and have options on most of the land around Monkton Heathfield.

The Core Strategy site extends the Local Plan allocated site for which outline planning permission has been granted. Both developers have agreed that, in principle, the undeveloped part of the allocated site can be reconsidered as part of the larger core strategy site. This could mean that facilities such as the  Local Centre could be relocated and transformed into a larger district centre or that the alignment of the eastern relief road could be varied in order to serve the larger site. These matters will all be considered during the public consultation process mentioned below.

2)    Strategic Land Partnerships have options on the land west of Greenway and around Hartnells Farm.

As you may also be aware, the Council has to demonstrate that it has a 5 year supply of housing land available for development, otherwise developers may seek to gain planning permission on sites that would otherwise be considered unsuitable. In order to alleviate the land supply problems in Taunton the Borough Council Executive agreed in 18th January 2012 that the sites West of Greenway and Hartnells Farm could in principle be suitable for development in the short, rather than medium or later stages of the Core Strategy. This does not however mean that they necessarily will be developed in the short term as developers, like all businesses will react to market conditions. However, developers have recently met the Council to discuss the likely issues that would need to be resolved to enable any early planning application for development around Hartnells Farm and the West of Greenway.

Progressing Proposals

It is important to note that both of the above parties want to work with the Council and local communities in order to ensure that any future development is attractive; a place where people want to live, work and spend their leisure time.

Whilst the masterplan provides a broad indication of where housing, jobs and shops etc will be located, there are still details which the community can strongly influence. For example, should the main traffic route still pass along the existing A38 or should the proposed eastern relief road seek to remove a large element of this traffic? Likewise, where should the schools and sports pitches be located? What type of play equipment should be provided? How should the overall design of the buildings and streets be tackled? This is going to be your opportunity to be involved in the shaping of the future development and your input is desperately important.

The Parish Council have brought it to the District’s attention that the local community may at times have felt  that their views, as put forward in the 2004 Supplementary Planning Guidance, were ignored by the Council and developers. It is important to recognise that such documents are for guidance only and not ‘tablets of stone’. Core principles identified in the guidance have been adhered to. Thus for example, The local community wish for a new eastern relief road and a western relief road, the new primary school to be located behind Brittons Ash and retention of the existing cricket pitch have all been included in the current planning approvals.

Developers, Council or local communities may not see all their wishes come to fruition. Work on a Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) for the wider Core Strategy allocation must be a collaborative exercise and a balance struck between differing views. Over the coming months the Council and developers want to hold a series of consultation events to discuss the emerging options and proposals with the local communities of Monkton Heathfield, Bathpool and Creech St Michael. As these ideas take shape they will be incorporated into an SPD to be adopted around spring 2013, which will guide the future development of the area.

We look forward to meeting you over the coming year.

Cllr M. Edwards

Portfolio Holder

Planning and Transportation

Creech St Michael Crime Figures April 2012 2012-06-01 13:36:14

Article submitted by Nigel Finch

Crime figures for April 2012 within a radius of 1 mile from the centre of Creech (TA3 5DP):







Anti-Social Behaviour










Vehicle Crime





Violent Crime





Public Disorder & Weapons










Criminal Damage & Arson





Other Theft










Other Crime










[caption id="attachment_1203" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="April 2012 Crime Figures (click to enlarge)"][/caption]

Note: To protect privacy, crimes are mapped to an anonymous point on or near the road where they occurred.

Visit crime figures for Creech for more information

This information is reproduced from information in the public domain and published on www.police.uk