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Scrap Metal Thefts Clare Sampson 2014-09-01 13:31:47

There has been in the number of metal thefts in the past week throughout the district.  The thefts have taken place during the day where one or two males have turned up at a location asking for scrap metal but they then push their luck and try to take more than was agreed or wonder around having not been challenged looking for scrap.

If you have scrap metal dealers turn up at your business or home please be aware and keep an eye on  them. Anyone collecting scrap metal must be registered and have a licence from Somerset County Council to transport scrap metal.  Police Officers are happy to check these people out so if you see them operating in your area please call us on the 101 number.  If you suspect them of theft please use the 999 number.  It is helpful for us if you can get a number plate and description of the person 

Simon Bramley

PCSO 8531