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RECREATION PARK - PARISH COUNCIL STATEMENT Clare Sampson 2017-05-17 22:28:38

The Parish Council have exciting plans at Creech St Michael Recreation Park for a new pavilion and a need to improve parking, indoor and outdoor sporting facilities and new and more varied play areas. The Parish Council would like to start these projects as soon as practical, with funding already available in full or in part from the enforced financial contributions towards play, leisure and sport from the house builders of recent developments within Creech St Michael.

It is hoped that in time, negotiations will allow the Parish Council to purchase affordable additional land for recreation purposes in the parish. In the meantime, the Parish Council is mindful that a balance of leisure, play, sporting and recreational facilities is needed for all ages and interests at the Park on the land available.

There is currently a model railway (run periodically for the public) by Taunton Model Engineers (TME) at the Park, the park is owned by Creech St Michael Parish Council.

In order to make best use of all of the land available at the park, earlier this year the Parish Council offered a new and revised lease to TME. The lease continues to provide an area of land to run a model railway at Creech Park with a modest rent increase. The lease also enables some land currently in use for the current railway track layout to be used for new alternative leisure facilities.