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PC Vacancy Adrian Birch 2018-12-06 14:02:10

Self-harming Adrian Birch 2018-12-06 13:57:32

The Director of Public Health, has used her annual report to highlight rising levels of self-harm in Somerset. Hospital admissions for self-harming show increasing numbers, particularly for girls and young women aged 10-24, with a peak around the age of 15. These are mostly one-off rather than repeat admissions but Somerset levels are higher than both the regional and national averages. The survey carried out this spring, found 28 per cent of girls and 19 per cent of boys reporting that they sometimes hurt themselves in some way when they felt stressed or worried. The report highlights the need for open and honest conversations with young people and promotion of more positive responses to stressful situations. Lots of useful information, for children, parents and carers is available on the Somerset Children & Young People Health & Wellbeing website https://www.cypsomersethealth.org/sh or by visiting www.kooth.com