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ROW Survey Adrian Birch 2021-01-21 12:17:52

Creech Parish Council is committed to the improvement of footpaths, known as Public Rights of Way (PRoW) within its boundaries. Over the coming years it is the aim to replace all worn out existing wooden gates and stiles with metal ones.

In each financial year up to four gates or stiles may be replaced, with Somerset County Council contributing to the costs involved.

The Parish Council welcomes suggestions for which should be replaced in the new financial year starting in April. This will also give an indication of which paths are the most popular with walkers.

To nominate gates or stiles please specify precisely where it is located. This can also be more accurately done by using the reference numbers found on the Explore Somerset online map -


If unfamiliar with the map it can initially look confusing. Simply type Creech St Michael into the search box in the upper left of the screen. PRoW’s within the Parish are shown with the prefix T10/. Specific paths are each given a number; the Bridgwater and Taunton Canal towpath, for example, is designated T10/25. Magnify the map size using the + and - buttons. Icons showing gates, stiles and bridges should appear. Highlight the gate or stile you wish to nominate and it should come up with a reference number.

Please send the location and - if you use the map - the path T10/ number and specific gate/stile reference to clerk@creechstmichael.net.

All nominations will be assessed. Any replacement decisions will be subject to agreement with landowners and relevant authorities.

Parish Council chair Steve Greenhalgh said “Footpaths are a real asset for the community but do need to be regularly maintained. Worn out and broken stiles can be dangerous and limit access. It can also lead to walkers wandering off the path to find an easier route. So maintaining and replacing them is important. But please remember that we do only have a limited budget.”