/ Parish Council / 2005 Minutes / July 2005

Minutes of a meeting held at 7pm on Monday 4 July 2005
in the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall.


Present:  R Farrow (Vice-chairman), P Cllrs, A Bishop, R Bryant, T Carter, K Cooper, S Holdaway, G Lucas & R Rooke.  Also in attendance were C Cllr Clark, Nichola Jones of the Taunton Times and members of the public


863.  Chairman’s Welcome:  The Chairman welcomed those present and the meeting proceeded at 7.01pm. 


864.  Apologies:  Apologies were received from the Chairman (due to an operation), D Durdan (on holiday) and L May, who had verbally handed in her resignation that day to the Clerk, saying that she was had a re-occurrence of a previous illness, and she promised to put this in writing.  The reasons for non-attendance were accepted.  Apologies were also received from R Rowlinson.


865.  Correspondence requiring a decision







Clean Neighbourhoods & Environment Act 2005 – Parish Councils will have powers to issue fines

Given the dog fouling, fly tipping and letter problems in the Parish, it was agreed that the Newsletter would carry an announcement giving brief details.

May 05


Newer councillor training.  Fee is £20 per council – no limit on numbers. 

No-one is able to attend

7.15pm  D Cllr G Leighton arrived.


866.  Minutes 850-862.  The Clerk was asked to make the following alterations: the name R Bryant be removed as present, Mrs J Edis be inserted as present, it was agreed by a vote of 5 with 2 abstentions that these Minutes be adopted as correct.  The Vice-chairman signed each page of the Minutes.


867.  Matters Arising from the above Minutes:   The Local Action Team is waiting to see if they can be merged with the West Monkton group.  The Clerk stated that the police had informed her that they were powerless to do much regarding parking problems, due to the fact that we had in the past refused a traffic warden, but no-one present could remember this happening.  She was asked to find out if Creech St Michael could have a traffic warden.  PC Hicks had been asked to make checks on the problem parking areas of outside the school and Laburnham Terrace. 


868Street Lighting.  .  The results of the street lighting survey for West View were 24 for, and 21 against; for Dillons Road 8 for and 15 against.  A letter from Jeremy Brown was read out asking what the criteria would be for installing street lighting at Dillons Road.  Many residents had stated “not outside of my house”.  It was proposed seconded and unanimously agreed that the PC would not seek to install street lighting at Dillons Road on the basis that a vote of over 50% was not achieved, and that this matter would not be revisited for five years.  It was proposed seconded and carried with a vote of 4-3 that the possibility of installing street lighting at West View should be explored on the basis that a vote of over 50% had been achieved.  The Clerk was asked to write to the authorities for a quotation and estimate of what grants would be allowed.  The Clerk was asked to reply to Mr Jeremy Brown, MP.


869:  Accounts:  It was proposed, seconded & unanimously agreed that the following amounts be paid:  Clerk’s wages - £351.56; insurance - £371.58; BT - £75.21; Village Hall rent: £54.00.  The Clerk said that the last quarter accounts had been checked by A Bishop, but she had been unable to do the end of year accounts for members because of illness and these would be presented in September, as would the last month’s expenses, for the same reason.


870(a) Planning Applications received:







Erection of detached garage at Flightline, Adsborough

A decision had already been made to grant permission



Erection of ground & first floor extensions & erection of pitched roof over garage at Honeymead, CSM

It was proposed, seconded & unanimously agreed to support this application


871(b) Other Planning Matters







Erection of 1 storey extension at 23 Tristram Drive, CSM

Permission granted



Erection of timber framed conservatory, Rockhouse, Adsborough

Permission granted

It was reported that the TDBC Enforcement Officer was looking at the possibility that planning conditions had been breached at Land at North End, CSM (14/2004/027).


872.  Speeding in Charlton Road:  It had been reported to Council that traffic is exceeding the speed limit and this is putting children at risk.  The Clerk was asked to contact Somerset Highways to request a suitable warning sign.


873  Matters of Report:  A request had been made for leaflets showing all the CSM walks and efforts would be made by the PC to produce a booklet which would fit into the Newsletter.  A suggestion had been received that the route of the Old Chard Canal be made into an official walk but no progress can be made until it is known whether or not this land is to be acquired by the Somerset Canals Development Trust.  The Clerk stated that she had inspected the footbridge on the footpath behind Down House and, being alarmed at its weak condition, had contacted SCC urgently, who were in the process of replacing the rotten sleepers.  The Clerk reported that she had made an urgent request to Somerset Highways for the verge & hedge to cut in Hyde Lane because the school children were having to walk in the road.  She had stopped the contractor at Ruishton and he ascertained that Hyde Lane had been put on the list for cutting but she asked if he could do the job that day.  After making a number of telephone calls he received permission to carry out the work that day and, checking later, she noted that it had been.  A problem with parking causing congestion was reported in West View and a note would put in the Newsletter.  John Hardy had agreed to inspect the site at Llangaller where people are living in vans, but it was reported that they were not there at the present time.  The bollards at Hyde Lane Cottages had been fitted.  It was reported that congestion was occurring outside of CSM shop/post office; the clerk was asked to contact the landlord of the Bell to see if people could park there short-term during non-pub hours, and to arrange for a note in the Newsletter asking people not to park directly outside of the shop.  A cllr who had attended the annual meeting with TDBC gave the Clerk a list of contacts of people to contact during an emergency.  Regarding fund raising at CSM Recreation Field, a cllr reported that she had attended an opening of a building in a village with a population of 1500, and the community had raised £125,000 including £30,000 from a quarry company and £30,000 raised by the village itself.  She felt sure that Axbridge Council would give details of how the fundraising was achieved.  SCC had inspected the bridge at Ham and found it safe apart from a missing rail, which would be rectified.  The Clerk was asked to report that large trees on the eastern boundary of CSM school were blocking out light and causing concern to residents, especially those owners of a garage block which they think is being undermined. 


874  Reports from County & Taunton Deane Officers

D Cllr Leighton reported that training would be offered to councillors in September on the L.D.P.  A statement of involvement will be available 2-3 weeks time.  Regarding the traveller site at North Curry the result of the enquiry is expected from the ODPM in September.  TDBC would continue to monitor the site.


875:  Matters to be brought forward to the September meeting:  Walks leaflet, street lighting at West View, and resignation of Cllr May.


The meeting closed at 8.10pm.