/ Parish Council / 2005 Minutes / November 2005

Minutes of a meeting held at 7pm on Monday 7 November 2005
in the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall.


Present: E Webb (Chairman), P Cllrs R Farrow, A Bishop, R Bryant, T Carter, K Cooper, S Cooper, D Durdan, S Holdaway, G Lucas, R Rooke. Also in attendance were, D Cllr G Leighton, Nichola Jones of the Taunton Times and members of the public.


903. Chairman’s Welcome: The Chairman welcomed those present & the meeting proceeded at 7.00pm. Cllr Rooke said that he wished to thank Danny O’Sullivan, Clare Doe and Millie Bishop, Michael Tolchard, Terry and Claire Cawley & Gerry Norrice who helped with the recent daffodil planting at North End and helped make the morning a success.


904. Apologies: Apologies were received from C Cllr Clarke and B Rowlinson.


905. Correspondence requiring a decision:






P R Newman

Community Based Development based on what the Parish needs

To make no response

Oct 05

Peter Lacey, SALC

“SALC has been asked to provide a representative Councillor for TDBC”.

No-one wished to volunteer


J Toogood, Envir Health

Letter re Septic Tank – Daisy Cottage, Adsborough

To ask TDBC to do a laboratory analysis on the liquid



RSS consultation event at The Thistle Hotel, Exeter on 30 November

No-one is able to attend


Ian Clarke, TDBC

Tree Warden Scheme – Proposals for change

We are to check whether Mrs Harlow of Ryesland Way is still a tree warden


Mr K D Wood, 23 Dillons Road, CSM

Letter re mini round about at North end and problems when turning right from CSM to Ruishton due to overgrowth.

Somerset Highways are to be consulted on both points & asked to move the “roundabout ahead” sign further away to give motorists more time to slow down.


Cathy Bakewell

Invitation to Council Tax Consultation

No-one is able to attend


R Blackmore, Post Office

Letter in reply to ours re post collection at Adsborough which has been cut from twice to once per day

The Letter stated that the PO is making efficiencies on less attended post boxes.  No response is to be made at the present time.


Correspondence since issue of Agenda: Letter from TDBC to say that planning training will take place at North Curry Village Hall on 1 November. It is hoped that some councillors would be able to attend. A copy of a letter from a parishioner to Somerset Highways concerning dangers to pedestrians between North End and the A361 – lack of pavements, motorists exceeding the speed limit and requesting a pavement on at least one side of the road. The Clerk was asked to contact Somerset Highways in support of a pavement and, in the meantime, for a sign warning motorists that there is no pavement. Letter from LAT thanking the PC for their donation of £30 & extending an open invitation to councillors to attend LAT meetings, the next meeting being on Wed 30 Nov at 7pm at West Monkton Village Hall. A Transport show will be held at Taunton Rugby Club, Hyde Lane on 28 November and Cllr S Cooper would attend.


906. Minutes 888-902: The Clerk stated that Minute 892, line 1, had been altered from “The Chairman and a Parish Councillor” to “The Chairman and several Parish Councillors” and Minute 898, line 5, had been altered from “Clarke” to “Clerk These alterations were initialled by the Chairman. It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that the Minutes be adopted as correct. The Chairman signed each page of the Minutes.

7.25pm D Cllr G Leighton arrived.


907. Matters Arising from the above Minutes: A38 at Adsborough: an accident had occurred at the Adsborough turn-off on the A38 the previous week and it was understood that Rosie Tremain of SCC had witnessed it. She had contacted the Clerk stating “the issues your Council have raised at the junction are still being carefully considered by Mick Sampson and his colleagues, particularly now bearing in mind the accident which occurred last week”. A copy of a letter from a Parishioner to Mr Liddell-Grainger MP about the A38 was produced and would be copied to Councillors. It was reported that people in Ham have stated that they have not received a letter from Wessex Water as promised and the Clerk was asked to take this up with them. The Clerk had heard from Somt Highways as follows:

Parking by the post box in the centre of the village: there is already a white line across the dropped kerbs to deter parking with double yellow lines on the opposite side, changing these would make no difference as it is quite legal to park on double yellow lines to load and unload or post a letter. If an obstruction to other road users is being caused, the Police should be called. Some traffic congestion is inevitable.

Letter forwarded to them re traffic calming: traffic calming schemes need a speed reducing feature to start and finish a scheme, this [road narrowing] is at one end, the mini roundabout at North End at the other end. I am therefore unable to consider changing this unless another feature is to replace it. A keep clear/yellow box road marking could be placed across the Hyde Lane junction to help the traffic flow. Councillors considered this but did not feel such a road marking would be effective.

Overhanging branches at Thurloxton. The Clerk stated that she had exchanged correspondence with Thurloxton PC, Mr Warburton, & Somerset Highways, who have stated that branches would be cleared. The signs buried by vegetation along Hyde Lane by the school had been inspected by Somerset Highways.

Fly Tipping The Clerk had discussed this with Martin Stoyles of TDBC and also with the Environment Agency. The vehicle at Foxholes was not actually caught tipping, just going past, so this will probably not be strong enough evidence. TDBC have the powers to impose much larger fines under the cleaner neighbourhoods Act and intend to put better signs at the problem spots. M Stoyles says that they are determined to combat the problem but they have been given no mobile CCTV cameras for the problem spots, where tipping happens again and again. He said that TDBC do not have any mobile cameras at present but D Cllr Leighton stated that there was one on trial. The vegetation at the Old School House has now been cleared by the householder at no. 2. The Creech Heathfield sign had been cleared of brambles.

7.36pm D Cllr D Durdan arrived.


908: Accounts. Appointment of New Internal Auditor: Mr C Brown had resigned due to lack of time, and D Greig had recommended T Bullen as a replacement. He has extensive experience of Local Authority accounting and internally audits a number of Parish Councils in the district. He would carry out the work at the Clerk’s home and has estimated that he will require approximately 5 hours for the first audit (subsequent years requiring less) at a fee of £28.10 per hr. His travelling is charged at 45p per mile. It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that Mr Bullen be appointed provided that travelling time is charged for at 45p per mile only.

Bills to be paid: It was proposed, seconded & unanimously agreed that the following amounts be paid: Clerk’s wages - £351.56; G Willis (bus shelter cleaning) - £30.00; Clerk’s expenses - £80.11; SLCC (New Clerk’s Manual) - £35.00.

Precept: The Clerk distributed a draft Precept budget to give Councillors time to think about budgeting for next year, which would be finalised in January. At this stage her suggested budget was: Newsletter - £200, Burial Grounds - £650, Hall Hire - £115, Donations and Grants - £2140, Sub-contracting - £1650, Corporate Management - £7,000, Contingency - £1130, Street Lighting - £1,000 – S. 137 grants - £200, Noticeboards - £50, Misc. - £1125. Total £15260 to be reduced by £2200 from surplus = a Precept of £13,060. Councillors would consider this for a vote to take place at the January meeting.

Computer: the Clerk stated that a more powerful computer would be beneficial, with larger memory and storage, as she is having problems with the existing laptop regarding sticking typing keys and the machine is slow. It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that the Council would purchase a new computer provided that a budget of £1,200 is not exceeded. The existing laptop would then be sent away to be health checked under its warranty.


909(a) Planning Applications received:







Erection of 1 storey rear extension at Tor View, Adsborough

It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that this application be supported.



Erection of a bungalow at 3 Francis Close, Cr Heathfield

It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that this application be opposed for the following reasons: (1) Overdevelopment: when this development was originally built the number of dwellings applied for was scaled down by the planners to allow each bungalow sufficient space. It was felt that this situation has not changed.  (2) The entrance/exit is narrow and leads out onto a blind bend in a narrow road. (3) The development would not be consistent with other dwellings in its vicinity. (4) Such a development would put additional pressure on the turning space shared by residents in Francis Close. As the road is narrow it is very important to keep it clear and an additional bungalow may result in vehicles parked in the road and blocking of access to the turning circle; the rear entrance to a house on the main Creech Heathfield road could also be blocked with parked vehicles.



Erection of 2 storey rear extension at Wortheys Farm,Wortheys Lane

It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that this application be supported and that the work would improve the property.



Erection of non-illuminated cross at Zion Baptist Church, CSM

It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that this application be supported.


909(b) Other Planning Matters







Works to the flood defense walls at Ham

Permission granted



Installation of windows at Old Ham Wharf Farm, Ham

Permission granted


910: Street Lighting at West View: The Clerk had heard from J Herrington of TDBC that day, stating that after a meeting with Cllrs Leighton and Durdan a decision had been reached to defer the scheme because: (1) The majority in favour is only 51% (23/22) if the comments of house no 63 are taken into account [not outside of my house] & he would be happier if at least two thirds of the residents were in favour. (2) It is not perceived that the estate has a problem with crime that could be attributed to lack of street lighting. (3) SCC’s Highway Lighting Manager also has reservations about the scheme. (4) If the scheme went ahead adverse publicity could arise due to the closeness of the poll.” D Cllr Leighton said that planning the lights on both sides of the street would be difficult because some residents did not want lights outside their homes, and there are concerns that such a scheme may result in hostility both for TDBC and the PC. It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that this scheme would be deferred for the time being.


911: Report of meeting with dog warden: The dog warden had been asked if we could expect a bin by the school as discussed, and at Merlins Copse, with a larger one at the canal. This was a negative at the moment. Asked if we could have a larger bin at the canal if we pay, the reply was yes, and it would continue to be emptied free of charge twice weekly. The bin currently in use is 45 litres. TDBC would be able to order a Glasdon Retriever 60 (capacity 60 litres) at a cost of £210.01 + VAT. It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that a RED Glasdon Retriever be ordered to replace the bin in question at the Canal. D Cllr Leighton advised that we enquire if our request for dog bins has been placed on the TDBC priority list.


912: Annual Parish Meeting: It was decided that the theme of the meeting will be Quality of Life for Pensioners of the Parish. Help the Aged will be asked to give a presentation, and D Cllr G Leighton suggested we request a TDBC representative to talk about the Handyman and Home Aid Schemes, and sheltered housing.


913: Newsletter: It was decided that the small advertisements would be £4 each from now on with no discount, and the editor could, at her discretion, contact advertisers to see if they will accept a smaller advertisement and have six per page for some pages.


914: Matters of Report: A Councillor stated that the notice board was obstructed by a chain in the village centre. The notice board at Ham is to be moved forward at the request of the landowner and a quotation is to be sought for extend space by putting an additional board between its legs. The electricity sub station has open trenches, exposed cables and barriers which are ineffective and the Clerk was asked to report this urgently. The LAT are to have a table top sale on Sat 3 December at CSM Village Hall. There is scaffolding at the Recreation Field which requires to be removed and the Clerk was asked to request this.


916: Reports from Taunton Deane Officers.: D Cllr G Leighton said that documents regarding (i) the Statement of Community Involvement, and (ii) a letter regarding changes to the Tree Warden Scheme had been sent to Parish Councils.


917: Matters to be brought forward to the next meeting: Mince pies and a drink are to be provided after the December meeting.

The meeting closed at 8.34pm.