/ Parish Council / 2005 Minutes / October 2005

Minutes of a meeting held at 7pm on Monday 3 October 2005
in the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall.


Present:  E Webb (Chairman), P Cllrs R Farrow, A Bishop, T Carter, K Cooper, S Cooper, D Durdan, S Holdaway, G Lucas, R Rooke.  Also in attendance were C Cllr Clark, D Greig of TDBC, PC Benjamin Hicks, Nichola Jones of the Taunton Times and members of the public.


888. Chairman’s Welcome: The Chairman welcomed those present & the meeting proceeded at 7.00pm.


889.  Apologies:  Apologies were received from Cllr Bryant.  No objections were raised to his reasons for non-attendance.  Apologies were also received from Cllr Leighton and Mr B Rowlinson.


890.  Correspondence requiring a decision






M Tolchard

Request for PC to provide plain notice boards

The Clerk was asked to respond that we are to obtain a quotation to provide a board at Ham


A Butt

Request for PC to consider moving bench on green area in West View.  Request for more dog waste bins.

TDBC can be asked to trim the lower branches of the tree, & and residents can move the seat around to suit.  It is impossible to site a dog bin at West View as it is near housing, but dog waste can be disposed of in ordinary waste bins, or people should take it home.


G Warburton

Straw deposited in road by lorries at Thurloxton.  A bus carrying children recently had its windows smashed by a branch, no-one was injured.

The Chairman is to meet Cllr Clarke at the site to discuss.  It was agreed that there is an obvious problem and it is vital that the lower tree branches are removed


War Mem Trust

Protecting and conserving War Memorial Heritage + info. re grant scheme

This is to be sent the Chairman of the War Memorial Trust.


SCC-Gail Lanigan

SLINKY bus launch on Tue 11 Oct at 5.30pm outside TDBC offices

The Clerk has ordered 1,200 leaflets which Cllr Holdaway is happy to get delivered with the Newsletter.


Parrett Catchment P

AGM at Langport from 10am-1pm with buffet lunch on Thur 20.10.05

Cllr Holdaway is to attend.

The Clerk read out correspondence received since posting the agenda, as follows:-


26.09.05.  Letter from M Wethrell, SCC re Boundary Trees at CSM School.  On his visit on 6 Sept, residents stated the trees were blocking light from gardens, may be undermining garages as the building is showing cracks and the adjoining ditch had dried up, the trees will continue to grow, cast sycamore seedlings, and may be dangerous if they fall during a storm.  The letter stated that an inspection had been carried out and the height of trees is 11.3m, with the nearest bungalow being 27m away.  The trees are healthy and SCC will not cut back the trees because compensatory rapid growth will mean maintenance every 2/3 yrs.  Their opinion is that the trees will not grow further.  A councillor stated that he had witnessed the measuring of the trees and they recorded the height of one of the smaller specimens.  It was agreed that the PC would review the matter in approximately one year. 

28.09.05.  Letter from N Shapland, TDBC re Community Handyman Scheme, designed to help the vulnerable and elderly residents.  Leaflets will be made available in the community and a poster will be put up.  The Clerk said that she had arranged for an article to be sent for publication in the Newsletter.


891.  Minutes 872-885:  It was pointed out that on the third line of Minute 873 it should be “8 with 1 abstention” and not “10 with 1 abstention”.  This alteration was made and initialled by the Chairman.  It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that the Minutes be adopted as correct.  The Chairman signed each page of Minutes.

7.20pm: N Jones of Taunton Times arrived.  7.25pm: C Cllr Clarke arrived.


892.  Matters Arising from the above Minutes:  The Chairman and several Parish Councillors had met M Samson and R Tremain of SCC to discuss the problems associated with the A38 at Adsborough, and the clerk was asked to contact them to see if there was news.  D Greig said that he noted from our Minutes that the PC wished to have a meeting with the Chief Planners as they felt aggrieved that their views regarding applications were not being taken into consideration.  The problem is that PCs often put forward considerations which are not part of planning criteria.  However, several appropriate meetings are being organised for Parish Councils when such matters will be addressed.  The Chief Planning Officer will be delighted to hear the views of the PC, and guidance can be given regarding what criteria PCs should use when assessing applications.  PC Hicks was unable to say when a speed gun may be available.  The Clerk reported that: further to a request to Somt Highways for a “no through road” sign at Worthy Lane this will be provided in due course, but they would be unable to provide a 20mph sign because of the nature of the road.  The dumped waste at Old Llangaller Rd and Worthy Lane had been cleared up.  A resident from Foxholes had caught a white pick-up van fly tipping on CCTV and TDBC Enforcement had been informed of this.  It may be possible for TDBC to provide the PC with a still photograph for the CCTV video.  TDBC had been chased 3 times since the last meeting to test the liquid running into Adsborough Lane.  Jon Pallett, parking services Manager at TDBC said that a parking attendant visits Creech about once a week, and as there is a problem with parking in the village at present they would step up patrols.  The dog warden stated that she is patrolling the area & has taken leaflets into the veterinary surgery.  A meeting had been set up to discuss the problem of dog fouling at 2pm on Wed 5 October outside of 7 West View, CSM and all Parish Councillors were invited.


893.  Street Lighting - Minutes 868 and 878:  The Chairman stated that, as pointed out at the September meeting, the decision not to bring the matter of street lighting at Dillons Road back into consideration for five years should be reconsidered.  She had sought advice from SALC and there were two problems (1) decisions of this council could not be imposed on the next council; and (2) the Council’s Standing Orders state that decisions may be reconsidered after 6 months if a resident makes a request in writing.  It was proposed, seconded and agreed by a vote of 8 votes to 2 to retain the resolution not to seek street lighting at Dillons Road (Min 868), but to rescind the decision not to revisit the matter for five years.


894:  Refurbishment of Notice Boards:  Four quotations for the refurbishment of the notice boards had been received in the amounts of £240 (to rub down and paint only), £390, £530 and £868.  One councillor stated that he knew the applicant whose price was £390 and his reputation for workmanship was good.  It was agreed that it was not necessary for the councillor to declare an interest as he would not benefit financially by the contractor receiving the work and the contractor was not a personal friend.  It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that the quotation for £390 would be accepted. 


895:  Accounts.  It was proposed, seconded & unanimously agreed that the following amounts be paid: Clerk’s wages - £351.56; CSM Parish Church - £630.00; BT - £86.06; Clerk’s expenses - £61.15.  The Clerk circulated accounts for the first quarter - 1.4.05-30.6.05 and stated that spending was in line with the budget.  Only £100 had been budgeted for the notice boards but the renovations could be paid for from contingency.  The Clerk stated that she was about to display the notice regarding electors’ rights, get the accounts internally audited, and make the annual audit return.  The Clerk said that she was having a problem with the bank which had begun sending out statements quarterly instead of monthly.  She was forced to wait to September to receive a statement in order to get the first quarter accounts (to 30 June) done and was therefore unable to present up to date accounts.  A request to the bank to have the statement dates altered had been refused, although we could order extra statements at a cost of £5 each.  SALC had offered to take the matter up and the Clerk was instructed to ask them to do so.  If the bank still refused to co-operate consideration would be given to changing the PC’s bank. 

Risk Assessment:  the Clerk stated that in her opinion there were no additional insurance risks this year.  Councillors approved the purchase of a fire proof box for approx £25 to store back-up disks for the computer.  She brought up the risk of her illness and councillors stated that in the event of either short-term or long-term illness, they would appoint a Clerk to take her place. 


896(a) Planning Applications received:







Erection of dwelling to rear of 1 Paddock Close, CSM

It was proposed, seconded and agreed by 9 votes with 1 abstention that the council objects to this application on the grounds of overdevelopment, with the vehicular access too close to junction with West View & Paddock Close, & the dwelling would not be in line with other houses.



Installation of 2 windows on rear elevation of Old Ham Wharf Farm, Ham, CSM

Cllr Durdan declared an interest and left the room.  It was proposed, seconded and agreed by a vote of 9 with 1 abstention that this application be supported provided that Listed Building regs are adhered to.


896(b) Other Planning Matters







Site at Ham Farm, Ham, CSM – R Jeanes

Cllr Durdan declared an interest and left the room.  The PC having supported the original application, it was proposed, seconded and agreed by a vote of 9 with 1 abstention that a letter is sent in support of this appeal.



Erection of dwelling on land to south of Trehoot, North End, CSM

Permission granted



Erection of porch at the Well House, Vicarage Lane, CSM

Permission granted



Erection of extensions either side of bungalow at Hill Cottage, CSM

Permission granted



Erection of 1 storey extension at 1 Kendall Close, Cr Heathfield

Permission granted


897:  Merlins Copse.  It was proposed, seconded and agreed by a vote of 8 with 1 against and 1 abstention to accept a quotation from Durston Tree Surgeons to carry out remedial works at Merlin’s Copse this winter in the sum of £250.  It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that a bulb planting scheme be implemented at Merlin’s Copse on the Northend grass verge this autumn.  A day was to be set, the press invited, and planting volunteers sought.  An approach was to be made to a local garden centre for a discount on the cost of the bulbs.


898:  Ham Road/Wessex Water:  The Chairman stated that 4 extra tankers per day will be going to Ham works, and all residents will receive a detailed letter.  The start date will be 3 October, operating from 9am to 4pm Mon-Fri.  Contact details of waste management companies had been given to Ham residents to have their septic tanks emptied at a reduced rate.  A councillor reported that residents had complained they require more detail.  The Clerk stated that she had received a copy letter sent to Wessex from a resident about the poor state of Ham road.  She had written to both Somerset Highways and Wessex, with a copy to the resident, about the road and asked how they intended to resolve the matter.  Cllr Clarke agreed to speak to Somerset Highways.  It was agreed that the extra tanker traffic required watching to see if the new regime goes smoothly.  A bad odour had been reported at Ham and the Wessex representative investigated it, reporting that too few chemicals had been added at Bridgwater.  Cllr Holdaway apologised for a remark he had made at the previous PC meeting and said he was sorry that he had caused offence.


899:  Recreation Field:  There was nothing to report on the Recreation Field – Mr Rowlinson had stated he will attend next month.


900:  Matters of Report:  The sign at Creech Heathfield is overgrown by brambles, and a great many signs in Hyde Lane near the school had become overgrown.  Regarding the island at the top of Coxes Hill – an emergency paramedic and an ambulance could not get through recently because cars had nowhere to pull in to give them a passage through.  A further request was made for double yellow lines opposite the veterinary surgeons.  The new fortnightly TDBC waste collection regime was discussed, and concern was expressed that dog waste in normal bins would only be collected fortnightly.  However, dog waste bags are available free from TDBC offices and it is possible to get scented bags.  It was pointed out that the new waste and recycling collection scheme had come from central government and was going countrywide.  Complaints had been received about dog fouling at Meads Droveway, and another complaint that someone was leaving dog waste in bags on doorsteps.  A footpath at Ham had become badly overgrown and a footbridge required mending.  The Chairman had met with Jeremy Brown, MP, and his attention brought to safety problems on the A38 at Adsborough and to the speed limit at Hyde Lane, which is 60mph.  This road had been put forward by the authorities as a safe road for walkers and cycle riders, but parents may be unaware that traffic may be legally travelling at 60mph.

Cllr Clarke agreed to press Somerset Highways on this matter, the problem being that there had been no fatal accident yet on the A38 at Adsborough or in Hyde Lane.  N Jones of the Taunton Times agreed that these matters would be highlighted in the newspaper and she would arrange for a photographer to attend next week.  A copy of a petition had been received from the villagers of Adsborough to reinstate twice-daily mail collections, which had been reduced to once daily.  This was only in Adsborough, and twice-daily collections were still being carried out on the other side of the A38.  The Clerk was asked to write to the Royal Mail in support of the petition.  Brick blocks had come loose on a speed hump in Kingdom Mead.  The vegetation had still not been cut at Old School Cottages, and the Clerk was asked to write a 7 day letter and investigate how to enforce the matter.  The shrub bed by the Zion chapel had now been tidied by TDBC. 


901:  Reports from County, Taunton Deane Officers and Police Beat OfficerSSC Cllr Clark said that regarding a meeting with a Parishioner about problems of parking and traffic in Bull Street, he was making progress regarding getting the appropriate signage put up.  It was pointed out that the Environment Agency parked their vehicles in Bull Street.

D. Cllr Durdan reported that only six replies had been received to the community consultation on transport, CSM being one of them.  The Government had sent a message of thanks for a very good job.

  PC Benjamin Hicks apologised for not being present in the Parish as often as he would like, but his area is very large – stretching from Stoke St Gregory to Pitminster to Cheddon Road, and he is the only beat officer without the help of a Community Support Officer.  He is due to be allocated one next year, and hoped eventually to have two or three, so that there will be a solid presence in the villages.  Recently there had been a spate of rural bu