/ Parish Council / 2005 Minutes / September 2005

Minutes of a meeting held at 7pm on Monday 4 September 2005
in the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall.


Present:  E Webb (Chairman), P Cllrs R Farrow, A Bishop, R Bryant, T Carter, K Cooper, D Durdan, S Holdaway, G Lucas, R Rooke and S Cooper.  Also in attendance were C Cllr Clark, Mr B Rowlinson, Nichola Jones of the Taunton Times and members of the public.


872. Chairman’s Welcome: The Chairman welcomed those present & the meeting proceeded at 7.01pm.


873.  Co-option of new Councillor: The Chairman read out a letter received from Simon Cooper stating his wish to be considered for co-option onto the Parish Council.  This co-option was proposed, seconded and approved by a vote of 10 with 1 abstention.  The paperwork having already been prepared, Mr Cooper signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office and read it out aloud to the meeting.  He signed the Public Register of Member’s Interests and the Clerk countersigned both documents.  Mr Cooper was issued with a Code of Conduct with an explanatory leaflet, but not Standing Orders or a Footpath Map, as he had stated a wish to share those held by Cllr K Cooper.  Cllr S Cooper was then welcomed onto the Council.


874.  Apologies:  Apologies were received from D Cllr G Leighton.

Public Speaking:  The Council was informed that fly tipping had occurred on a gateway near the Northend roundabout on the Llangaller road, and the Clerk was asked to report this.


875.  Creech St Michael Recreation Field:  Mr B Rowlinson said the Committee had completed a run to raise £500 for Selworthy School.  He had received a quotation of £9000 from DLO to lay a safety surface for the playground – the same surface as at Ruishton.  He would attempt to raise the money from the Football Federation and TDBC.  A councillor suggested that wood chipping may make an alternative safety surface.  The gent’s toilets had been converted into a referee’s shower.  The date of their next meeting is 13 Sept, and Cllr Carter said he would attend.  Asked if the playground is safe to use, Mr Rowlinson said he thought it was, and the bottle bank had been removed.  The Clerk was asked to ensure that Mr Rowlinson receives a copy of the newsletter.  It was agreed that the Recreation Field is much cleaner and safer than previously.  Mr Rowlinson left the meeting at 7.15pm.


876.  Correspondence requiring a decision





Aug 05


Letter from SALC asking that we appoint elected members to attend meetings.

It was decided not to appoint a specific SALC rep.

Aug 05


Notice of AGM on Saturday 1.10.05 at 12.30pm – 4pm.

No-one is able to attend.



Wessex Water

Ham Sewage Treatment Works – increase in sewage tanker traffic

To contact Wessex and find out whether a collection is to be made in Ham

Aug 05

Campaign for Sustainable Communities Bill

Letter + literature asking us to support a resolution “to end Ghost Town Britain”

It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed to support the campaign & a copy of the Resolution would be appended in the Minute Book

Aug 05

Community Council

Notice of AGM at 7pm on Tue 13 Sept 05 at North Curry Village Hall

S Holdaway is able to attend


B Parish

Suggestions for improvement of traffic calming in CSM

It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that a copy of Mr Parish’s letter should be sent to SCC for their consideration.


SCC – Ken Hobden

Statement of Involvement for Planning – Issues & Options Report

The Clerk having mislaid this letter it was decided that she would laise with the Chairman by get it completed.


877.  Minutes 863-875 and 876-879:  It was agreed by a vote of 9 with 2 abstentions that the Minutes be adopted as correct.  The Vice-Chairman signed each page of Minutes 863-875 and the Chairman signed each page of Minutes 876-879.


878.  Matters Arising from the above Minutes:   The Clerk reported: trees growing between the school and West View - there is to be a meeting at West View by the block of garages on Tuesday 5 September at 4.30pm with Messrs Winn and Weatherall of SCC – all councillors would be welcome.  

Street Lighting: in July an application for West View was sent to TDBC, who handle the whole project, including liaising with SCC.  They would carry out a survey and return to us in September/October.  TDBC have stated that their grant is 80% if they approve the project.

Parking: The landlord of the Bell had given permission for parishioners to use the pub car park, provided vehicles are not left there for extended periods.  This was announced in the Newsletter.  Speeding in Charlton Road: This was reported and I Titcombe has responded that if traffic is exceeding the 30 mph speed limit our police beat manager should deal with it.  The 'kill your speed' leaflets are no longer available and there is nothing he can offer instead.  PC Ben Hicks e-mailed that he will keep an eye on parking and speeding blackspots, and to enquire if LAT are going to go ahead with speed gun?  The Clerk was asked to invite PC Hicks to attend PC meetings.

Adsborough Traffic: An e-mail dated 12 July.from Rosie Tremain, Local Transport Plan Co-ordinator of SCC, was circulated to councillors.  It promised to carry out a formal risk assessment of the crossing movement to gain a fuller understanding of the level of risk confronting those using the bus stop.  The clerk was asked to contact her to arrange a meeting with councillors and to ensure full PC involvement.  Cllr Clarke confirmed that he had discussed the matter with Somerset Highways.  The Chairman said that the decision made in July to not revisit the question of street lighting at Dillons Road was not in accordance with Standing Orders because this council cannot make decisions for the next council and parishioners have the right to put forward a resolution six months after a decision is made.  She had spoken to SALC about this and the resolution would have to be rescinded at the October meeting.  The Clerk was asked to obtain a list of exactly what councillors could and could not do.


879:  Accounts. The Clerk that she had received the TDBC grants and these were the same as last year, ie £315 for the church, £1,840 for the Recreation Field and £700 for footpaths.  David Greig had put in a note saying that he may having something left for the Recreation Field play area & the Clerk was asked to convey this information to B Rowlinson.  It was proposed, seconded & unanimously agreed that the following amounts be paid: Clerk’s wages - £351.56; A Pipe (maintenance of footpaths & Merlins Copse) - £530.00; TDBC grant for Recreation Field: £1,840; TDBC grant for church - £315.  The Clerk said that Clerk’s wages (£351.56), Recreation Field electricity work (£384.75), & Vale Labels (£255.25) had been paid since the last meeting.  The Clerk circulated draft accounts for the year ended 31.3.05 which had not yet been checked by the internal or external auditors.  These accounts show an income of £18,159.59, spending of £11,336.21, and a bank balance of £14,710.38.  She had been unable to present the quarterly accounts tonight because the bank were now sending out statements quarterly instead of monthly and she was awaiting the latest statement.


880(a) Planning Applications received:







Demolition of Bungalow & erection of 1 dwelling at Sundown, Curvalion Rd, CSM

It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that the PC would make no comment



Erection of rear porch at The Well House, Vicarage Lane, CSM

It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that this application be supported



Erection of extensions either side of bungalow at Hill Cottage, CSM

It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that the application be supported provided that the entrance is widened and splayed to improve visibility for pedestrians and drivers



Erection of 1 storey extension at 1 Kendall Close, C Heathfield

E Webb declared an interest and left the room.  It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that this application be supported



Erection of agricultural storage building at Durmans Farm,Charlton, CSM

It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that the PC would make no comment


880(b) Other Planning Matters







Proposal re erection of dwelling on land to south of Trehoot, North End, CSM

TDBC’s recommendation is that permission be granted



Notification of amendment extending property to the south-east elevation




Notification of amendment increasing width of conservatory




Erection of ground & 1st floor extensions & erection of pitched roof over garage at Honeymead, CSM

Permission granted

Discussion followed in which doubts were expressed with regard to how much notice TDBC takes of the planning opinions of the PC.  It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that a letter is written to Tim Burton of TDBC to request that a meeting be held between CSM PC and the chief planners for a full discussion.


881:  Footpaths and Merlins Copse.  Two councillors had inspected the footpaths with a view to producing leaflets and it was their opinion that there is no point publicising the walks unless the dog fouling problem could be tackled.  It was especially acute along the canals.  The dog warden no longer came to the village to check for dog fouling, as had happened in the past.  It was proposed, seconded and agreed by a vote of 9 with 1 abstention that the Council would write in strong terms to TDBC asking them to survey the area with a view to coming up with a proposal to tackle the problem.  The contractor was to be asked to provide a quotation to carry out twice yearly tree surgery work at Merlins Copse with an aim of getting it done within 3 years.  The gate to Merlins Copse was off its hinges because the hanging post and some adjoining rails require replacing, and the Clerk was asked to report this.

8.20pm. Cllr Durdan arrived.


882:  L.A.T.  LAT put forward a request for £30 to cover initial expenses associated with hiring the hall every other month.  It was proposed, seconded and agreed by a vote of 7 with 4 abstentions that LAT would receive a grant of £30 when they have opened a bank account.  They are to write to PC Ben Hicks with regard to the speed gun and its costs.  LAT members confirmed that it might be possible to arrange an article about LAT for the Newsletter and a webpage for the CSM website, complete with Minutes.  Jane Williams’ contact details were to be given to the Clerk.


883  Matters of Report:  The Clerk reported that: Bus Services - First Bus had confirmed that the service from Creech Heathfield to Stoke St Gregory has been taken over by Cooks Coaches, and she had provided councillors with a copy of the new timetable.  Newsletter:  Jan Edis would like contributions for the Newsletter by the beginning of October 

Seat at shrub island opposite Zion Baptist Church – a lady wrote in about the rubbish generated from the seat, a letter from Brian Gibbs at DLO said that he had inspected the site & an alternative would be to move the existing post-mounted bin from near the telephone kiosk to nearer the seat (although he didn’t think this bin would be ideal) or secondly for the parish to provide a new freestanding bin and move the post-mounted bin somewhere else in Creech. The Clerk was asked to obtain quotes for this.  A councillor said that she and her family had trimmed back this island themselves, because they could wait no longer for TDBC to do it, although TDBC had done some work on the bed at Northend.  She wondered if the PC would consider employing someone to keep the village neat and tidy, as the authorities were cutting back & the village looks shabby.  The Clerk was asked to write to householders at the Old School House and Dillons House because of overgrowing vegetation.  One of the traffic bollards at the end of Hyde Lane had been knocked over, and a request was to be made to Somerset Highways to replace it in a curve, rather than a corner.  The pothole by the junction at Adsborough had been reported, and TDBC had been chased to get the liquid leakage into the road at Adsborough analysed.  Mrs Sweeting having given her written permission, the Clerk was asked to contact SCC requesting that the stile on her land be replaced with a metal gate.  The 30mph speed limit sign outside the school was buried in the hedge.  Complaints had been received that the new bus times left people in Taunton for too long, and the Clerk was asked to write requesting both a 12.15 and 1.15pm service from Taunton to Creech Heathfield.


884  Reports from County & Taunton Deane Officers:  S Cllr Clark said that he recently had a meeting with a Parishioner about problems of parking and traffic in Bull Street.  Traffic was going down Bull Street looking for the canal car park and he suggested that a large sign at the entrance to Vicarage Lane directing vehicles to the canal car park would be beneficial, and if the gate between Bull Street and the canal could be altered a bigger turning circle for traffic would be created in Bull Street.


885:  Matters to be brought forward to the September meeting:  Street lighting, Clerk’s risk assessment and quarterly accounts, Merlins Copse.


The meeting closed at 8.50pm.