/ Parish Council / 2006 Minutes / December 2006

Minutes of a meeting held at 7pm on Monday 4 December 2006
in the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall.


Present:  Cllr E Webb (Chairman), Cllrs R Farrow, T Carter, K Cooper, S Cooper, R Jeanes, G Lucas & R Rooke.  SC Cllr Clark, D Cllr Leighton and B Rowlinson were also present. 


1088  Chairman’s Welcome: The meeting proceeded at 7pm when the Chairman welcomed those present and wished them a happy Christmas.


Public Speaking.  Several people attended and one spoke about their concerns regarding the road at Northend, a portion of which is pinched and has no pavement.  They consider this to be dangerous, especially for children.  Mrs Webb replied that she is already pressing Somerset County Council regarding this and has demanded a traffic survey.  She is also continuing to press for the construction of pavement between Northend and Worthy Lane, promised by SCC but being delayed for financial reasons.  It was agreed that the residents would write to the Parish Council and/or Somerset Country Council direct.  Mr Hill


1089:  Apologies Apologies were received from Cllrs Bishop, Durdan and Holdaway; their reasons for non-attendance were accepted.

7.05pm   D Cllr Leighton arrived.


1090.  A38 at Adsborough:  A list of concerns from Mr Warburton was circulated and this will be discussed in January.  The Chairman said she had received a letter of apology from Jeremy Browne, MP, explaining he had been writing directly to Cllr Bishop.  There had been 3 accidents at Adsborough in recent weeks; local people had been asked to report any accidents to the Parish Council and take photographs if possible.  It appears that the police are not informing Somerset Highways about accidents. 

7.15pm.  PC Ben Hicks and CSO Lyndsey Gamblin arrived.   


1091.  Northend The Chairman reported on a meeting with Somerset Highways and Avon Constabulary at Northend, also with Cllrs Rooke and Lucas.  They are not willing to move the 30mph back but they agreed to install reflector lights and additional chevrons.  If this is not effective they will be approached again.


1092.  Creech St Michael Recreation Field CommitteeB Rowlinson reported that the Somerset Community Chest have agreed to make a grant to help with the disabled access.  He would find out whether VAT is chargeable on the work.  A Falcon display has been booked for the fun day on 10 June, and there is full programme.  Planning permission has been granted on the container and disabled access; the container permission is valid for 3 years, by which time it is hoped to add an extension to the pavilion.  The Scouts would be invited to the next closed meeting between the Committee and the Parish Council.  A map was circulated showing proposed changes to the parking and play areas at the Recreation Field.  The next Committee meeting is on 15 January.  The Probation Service has agreed to carry out maintenance regularly at the field.  Regarding the proposed BMX track, the Committee would look into the insurance costs and implications.  B Rowlinson gave the Clerk an up to date insurance schedule showing Material Damage cover of £49314 – buildings, £1000 - contents, Insured Perils of £250 each – Malicious Damage, Storm or Flood, Escape of Water, Falling Trees or Branches, Public Liability of £5m, Fidelity Guarantee of £10,000.

7.20pm.  SC Cllr Clarke arrived.


1093.  Correspondence requiring a decision: there was none


1094.  Minutes 1072–1087. It was proposed, seconded and agreed by a vote of 7 with 1 abstention that the Minutes be adopted as correct.  The Chairman signed each page of the Minutes.


1095. Matters Arising from the above MinutesThe Clerk reported that no volunteer had come forward to help with the website.  Cllrs agreed that the idea of a volunteer section in the Newsletter would be a good idea.  The Annual Parish Meeting is booked for Friday 30 March and members agreed that a theme on distraction burglary/cowboy workmen may be interesting.  The Clerk stated she has checked with Victim Support Somerset and a member of their staff lives in Creech St Michael – she is waiting to hear regarding a possible presentation.  Regard the SALC meeting, Cllrs agreed they would like the Clerk to attend.  The ditch behind West View had been cleaned but only as far as the bridge. 


1096  Accounts: Bills to be paid:  It was proposed, seconded & unanimously agreed that the Chairman’s telephone calls made on behalf of the Parish Council would be reimbursed for £40 each quarter from now on.  It was also proposed, seconded & unanimously agreed that the following amounts be paid: A Bullen (internal audit) - £137.35, Vale Labels - £283.50, T Habberfield (salary) - £419.36 (incl 2.5hrs overtime), T Habberfield (expenses) - £73.07, Zurich Insurance - £48.30 (to cover war memorial), Mrs E Webb (telephone expenses) - £40.00.  The Clerk circulated an updated Precept budget, to be voted on in December.


1097(a) Planning:








Erection of 2 storey extension to former industrial unit at unit 1, Creech Paper Mills, CSM Indus Est.

It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that no objection be made to this application




Reversion of property back to 2 dwellings at Adsborough Hill Cottages, Adsborough


It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that this application be supported but the Clerk was asked to write to the EA regarding possible sewage leakage



Erection of 1st floor extension, Orchard House, Charlton Orchards, CSM

It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that no objection be made to this application



Alterations and extensions and detached garage at Ham Cottage, Ham Road, CSM.


It was proposed, seconded and agreed by a vote of 7 with 1 abstention that no objection be made to the application.  The Clerk was asked to query whether planning permission has been obtained or is required for the aviary building in the grounds of the property.



Renovation of garage /workshop store to form granny annexe at Mill Hill Cottage, CSM

It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that this application be supported, and that the work would enhance the building.



Mrs Moore

Proposed mixed use urban extension development comprising residential employment, local centre, new primary school, A38 relief road, green spaces and playing fields at Monkton Heathfield as amended by Masterplan and phasing plan received 31.10.06

It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that the following response be submitted, with the statement that further comments may follow: (please see below


Response to above Outline Planning Application.  Our Involvement: We would respectfully ask that our Parish Council be kept fully informed and involved from now on. This has not been the case in the past, despite the fact that this development includes part of our Parish and will impact significantly upon us. Risk of Flooding: We understand that an extensive study has been carried out, and we would like to see full details of this, because we are still concerned that flooding will occur.  Would you please let us know if any reservoirs are being created to take water after heavy rain, and what will happen if these reservoirs overflow. We are particularly concerned that an area of Hyde Lane near the rugby ground continue to flood regularly, as it does at present.  As the plan stands at present, this narrow road is intended to be the main exit/entrance for traffic from the Creech Castle area. Can you please confirm to us that flooding at Creech St Michael, Ruishton, Ham and the Somerset Level will not be exacerbated as a result of this development. We are also writing to the Environment Agency about this. Housing: With regard to housing styles, we would like these to be limited to 2-storey dwellings as we do not wish to see a repeat of Maidenbrook and Herons Croft, which in our view is inappropriate for a semi-rural setting. Employment Land: We note that the proposed employment land is situated adjacent to proposed dwelling houses. In these circumstances we would ask that sociable hours of working are stipulated, with a strict “No Sunday Working” policy. Traffic during the Development: We would like a condition attached to the permission that construction traffic should not use the village roads through Creech St Michael and Creech Heathfield. Creech St Michael has a 6’6” width restriction in any event which we would expect to be strictly observed. We are also writing to Somerset County Council in this regard. Signage: We are concerned that additional traffic will rat-run through Creech St Michael (and Ruishton) and would like appropriate signage and traffic calming on the Llangaller exit from the proposed new roundabout for the diverted A38, to strongly discourage such rat-running.  We would also like appropriate signs placed on the main road at Ruishton to discourage traffic rat-running through to the new development via Ruishton and Creech St Michael.  We are also writing to Somerset County Council in this regard. Affordable Housing. We support the provision of affordable housing and would like to see it dispersed throughout the development. Hyde Lane Link to the proposed new A38 Relief Road: We strongly believe there should be a link from Hyde Lane onto the A38 diversion where the proposed access is at present to the playing fields shown on the master plan to the south of the new road, because we do not believe that the narrow, winding and flooding-prone Hyde Lane exit/entrance towards Creech Castle, over a canal bridge, would suffice.  However, we would stipulate that this link should have appropriate signage and traffic calming to prevent rat running and heavy vehicles. Footbridge: We understand from PPS that the proposed footbridge will be disabled-person friendly, with a design including ramps.  We are concerned that some disabled people will be unable to use this bridge because inevitably there will be slopes to negotiate, and there will not be a road crossing provided as an alternative for such people.  Would you please provide evidence that this footbridge will be suitable for all disabled people. Public Footpaths: The outline application does not make the re-routing of the public footpaths clear.  We would draw your attention to the fact that footpath T10/21 was re-routed some 2 years ago but this new route is not shown on current OS maps. However, this path does in fact run through one of the new proposed roundabouts. We would like to receive a firm submission of the proposed re-routing of T10/21 including how members of the public will safely cross the new relief road to join the footpath.  We note that a combined cycle/footbridge has been proposed across the new relief road into the new proposed employment area, and would enquire how walkers and cyclists are to be safely kept apart when using the bridge.  We are also contacting Somerset County Council in this regard. Dangerous Traffic areas near the Development: We are concerned the following areas are surveyed and problems addressed: Adsborough. This development and that proposed between North Petherton and Bridgwater has highlighted our concern for the safety of pedestrians at Adsborough attempting to cross the busy A38. We are increasingly concerned that these pedestrians must be provided with a safe crossing. Northend, Creech St Michael. This road between Creech St Michael village centre and the Northend roundabout has a narrow and dangerous pinch point which has no pavement.  Parishioners are increasingly complaining about the dangers from traffic, especially for children.

8.20pm  B Rowlinson left.


1097(b) Other Planning Matters







Reconstruction of flood defence wall, Ham Wharf House, White Street, Ham

Permission granted



Reconstruction of flood defence wall, Ham Wharf House, White Street, Ham

Permission granted



Demolition of existing lean to extension and erection of replacement lean to extension at 30 Queens Down, CSM

Permission granted



Installation of metal chimney into existing fireplace and chimney and erection of external ventilation flue at Court Barton, Bull Street, CSM

Permission granted

The Enforcement Dept, TDBC reported the following ongoing complaints:  Daisy Cottage, Adsborough – possible unauthorised catering business; Barn on Land to East of Adsborough – ceiling being constructed in barn permitted for agricultural use; 30 Queens Down, CSM – extension being built not in accordance with plans; Crown Inn, Cr Heathfield – unauthorised works to listed building; Scrap Heap, Walford Cross – extra vehicle sited in field; Daisy Cottage, Adsborough, possible additional student staying; Hill House, CSM – additional entrance create with large gates; Rock House, Adsborough – conservatory erected is different to approved plans. 

A Councillor said there was some concern about an application for a miscanthus processing building at Higher Durston and that a large number of employees would be required.  The Chairman said she would make enquiries.


1098:  Footpaths.  Cllr Rooke reported that the Monkton Heathfield Development plan (above) contained no accurate route for the footpath to link up with the footbridge.  The Clerk stated that she had not yet received an invoice for footpath strimming.  The Contractor will be contacted to see if he has yet done work already agreed at Merlyn’s Copse.  Cllr Rooke agreed to complete a document from SCC to update information on footpaths.


1099:  Matters of Report:.  Mr Hill was in attendance at the meeting, and he reported that the residents association had now disbanded due to lack of interest and he and his neighbour would be unable to keep the pump and hoses for much longer.  He had contacted the Environment Agency who had agreed to service the pump free of charge.  The Clerk said that she would approach the landlord of the Bell Inn to see if it they would agree to store the pump.  It was agreed that it would be necessary to find a place in the village centre for storage.  D Lindsell of Engine Farm Cottage, Charlton is very concerned about the state and safety of the towpath by his property because it is dangerous and he fears there will be an accident there.  He is going to write to British Waterways with a copy to us; he may also speak to D Cllr Durdan.  LAT reported that they had agreed to buy their own survey camera.  The Clerk was asked to report the following: land opposite Broomhaye, Ham is very overgrown.  The 30mph sign at Ham Road and the Llangaller width restriction sign have fallen over.  A portion of the metal fencing by the motorway bridge is missing.  The Willows on the riverbank had broken branches after the storm.  Following a meeting between the Chairman and the new proprietors of CSM Post Office, it was agreed to send a press release to the local press that the Post Office cannot process the payment of bills of all utility providers as it has done in the past, and advising people to discuss this with their Post Office.


1100:  Reports from Taunton Deane Officers:  SC Cllr Clark said the SALC meeting would deal with The White Paper, Code of Conduct and the possible Unitary Authority for Somerset.  Regarding the parishioner who had injured her self on the pavement, he had contacted the insurance and highways depts.  SCC agreed that the pavement was not in good condition but the hole in question was smaller than 20mm and therefore not large enough for intervention.  D Cllr Leighton said she is due to attend a meeting regarding the Hyde Lane residential site.  The developers want to build on the additional land but this would be a departure from the Local Plan.  There would have to be proof of need for more affordable housing and it is possible that a fresh survey may be carried out.  Any changes in plans for the road would also be departure from the Local Plan.  SCC is expected to make a planning application very soon for the park and ride at Cambria Farm.  The application will be made to the planning dept of SCC with TDBC as one of the consultees.  A presentation will take place at Ruishton on 6 December.  With regard to the proposed Unitary Authority for Somerset, SCC has lodged a proposal to Government to create a large unitary Council absorbing the work of the County Council and 5 District Councils.  Cllr Leighton said that she would oppose this because it would create a body too large to be effective, reducing the efficiency of services and the exchange of information between the Council and people.  Councillors would have to cover much larger areas and spread themselves too thinly.


1101:  Matters to be brought forward to the next meeting:  Precept Budget, CSM Recreation Field, A38 at Adsborough, Footpaths, possible listing of Old School Cottages.


The meeting closed at 8.43pm.