/ Parish Council / 2006 Minutes / June 2006

Minutes of a meeting held at 7pm on Monday 5 June 2006
in the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall.


Present: E Webb (C hairman), R Farrow (Vice-Chairman), A Bishop, T Carter, K Cooper, S Cooper, D Durdan, S Holdaway, G Lucas, R Rooke, C Cllr A Clarke, D Cllr G Leighton.


1009. Chairman’s Welcome : The meeting proceeded at 7pm when the Chairman welcomed those present.


1010. Apologies : Apologies were received from Cllr Jeanes. His reason for non-attendance was accepted. Apologies were also received from D Cllr Leighton.

7.04pm Cllr Durdan arrived.


1011. Creech St Michael Recreation Field Committee . A date had been set for a meeting with the Committee on Monday 12 June. The Clerk was asked to seek an alternative date as several Parish Councillors could not attend on 12 th. The Clerk was asked to write to the Committee to check if they are displaying a Gas Boiler Safety Certificate, as required by law. Cllr Leighton stated that the Lease between the PC and the RFC runs until 2010 with an automatic right of renewal and that the sub-let to TMR had been approved by the PC. The Clerk confirmed that she had a copy of the agreement with TMR in her possession.


1012: Correspondence :






Somt Highways

Creech Railway Bridge – possible installation of 18t, no exemptions, weight limit

It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that the installation of an 18t restriction be supported.

An email had been received from Emily Ruthven of TDBC has been employed by Age Concern as a Project Officer. She would like to make herself known to Parish Councillors, and the Clerk was asked to keep in touch with her.

7.15pm Cllr Bishop arrived.


1013. Minutes 1003-1006 for the planning meeting held on 22 May. It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that the Minutes be adopted as correct. The Chairman signed each page of the Minutes.


1014. Matters Arising from the above Minutes: There were no matters arising.


1015. Accounts:Bills to be paid: It was proposed, seconded & unanimously agreed that the following amounts be paid: Clerk’s expenses - £82.44, Clerk’s Salary - £496.84, Post Office Telephone - £33.85 (made out to the Clerk who had paid the bill direct and showed her cheque stub).


1016 Planning:







Erection of conservatory on side elevation of Merdeka, Creech Heathfield

It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that this application be supported.


1017: Traffic Matters at Adsborough. It was reported that the white lines had been renewed at the top junction although SCC have agreed to improve these markings. This would not be done until the road is resurfaced. The Clerk confirmed that she had written to J Browne MP and Sonia Davidson-Grant. She had received an acknowledgement from S Davidson-Grant promising a fuller reply later. She had not heard from J Browne yet.


1018. Risk Assessment/Asset Register: The Clerk reported that the Asset Register was as per the draft previous supplied, except: an up to date insurance schedule had been received from TME which shows adequate insurance, and a copy of the sub-let agreement had also been received from TME. The war memorial which is situated in the Churchyard is not insured at present but an insurance quotation is awaited. The Clerk is still awaiting a reply to her letters to the Recreation Field Treasurer asking for an up to date insurance schedule and her queries regarding the insurance schedule. Council have made a resolution for the transfer of funds between the current a/c and the savings a/c via telephone with a pin no. The internal auditor advises that this is appropriate and low risk provided the accounts are checked by a non-signatory each quarter. The Clerk would add this to the financial regulations when they are reviewed.


1019 : LAT Update: The police had provided the school with a consignment of policewoman puppets to educate the children about police work. A bogus caller initiative is to be made involving the police and Parish Councils. LAT have received money for the speed camera and some uniforms, and they have a list of roads they will cover. A fund-raising cycle ride is to take place on 16 July between CSM and Huntworth. The police are hoping to open an office within the village hall at Ruishton, and PC Hicks is keeping an eye on traffic congestion within Creech St Michael.


1020: Matters of Report: A retrospective planning application has to be made regarding Hill House, St Michaels Road, as work had begun without pp. The new residents at Dillons House had cut the weeping willow. A memorial nameplate for Mr Gores had been stolen from the seat at Ryesland Way. The Clerk was asked to obtain a quotation for repainting the seat. The Clerk was asked to report: (1) brambles and grass requires cutting around Hook Bridge, Ham. (2) a big dip had appeared in the road by Rocketts Cottages which filled with water after rain (3) vegetation requires cutting at Cheats Corner because it is dangerous. Fly posting is still common and it was suggested that a plain noticeboard between Hyde Lane and West View might be useful. The Clerk was asked to send a notice to the Newsletter and the Gazette that fly posting is illegal. A good deal of congestion had been caused at St Michaels Road and Dillons Road by traffic associated with building work at Hill House. The Zion Chapel students had cleaned road signs and painted the recreation pavilion, and the Clerk was asked to write a “thank you”.


1021: Reports from Taunton Deane Officers : SC Cllr Clarke said that SCC had sold Wyvern Waste to Virador for £32M; they are considering where to channel the money. The ISIS programme is to be improved to make it easier for people to communicate with local authorities and services. He said that he is not happy with SCC’s policy of doing no improvements on stretches of dangerous road because no-one has been killed there. D Cllr Leighton reported that as part of its annual priorities and council tax consultation. TDBC had sent a questionnaire to a random 5,000 households, with emphasis on hard to reach groups such as pensioners and youth. It was likely to be six months before the Monkton Heathfield application comes to committee, due to ongoing negotiations.


1022: Matters to be brought forward to the next meeting : CSM Recreation Field, A38 at Adsborough.


The meeting closed at 8.17pm.