/ Parish Council / 2006 Minutes / March 2006

Minutes of a meeting held at 7pm on Monday 6 March 2006
in the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall.


Present: E Webb (C hairman), R Farrow (Vice-Chairman), A Bishop, T Carter, K Cooper, S Cooper, G Lucas, R Rooke, C Cllr A Clarke, D Cllr G Leighton.


956 Chairman’s Welcome: The meeting proceeded at 7pm when the Chairman welcomed those present.


957. Apologies : Apologies were received from Cllr Bryant, Durdan, Cllr Holdaway and B Rowlinson.


958. Creech St Michael Recreation Field Committee . Discussion about the Committee’s application for financial assistance was deferred until April to allow Mr Rowlinson time to compile the information the PC had requested. The next meeting of the Committee is to take place on Tuesday 28 March.


959: Correspondence : Cllr R Bryant sent a letter of resignation as a Parish Councillor, stating he had “not been able to keep in touch with the parish as much as I would have liked (due to changes in my circumstances) in order to carry out the role”. TDBC: There is to be PC Training on Planning Enforcement on 20 March. The Zion Baptist Church wrote asking if the PC could offer visiting students any tasks between 22 & 27 May - councillors are to bring their ideas to the next meeting. In the meantime enquiries would be made as to whether the children will be insured. LAMP: Community Tourism Conference on Wed 5 April at Compton Dundon. The Boundary Committee has acknowledged receipt of our response. TDBC response to Tree Warden Consultation. Parish Councils can nominate their own tree wardens. Somt Highways – copy of letter to Mr Cook, Bull Street re problems with parking & traffic in Bull Street, saying “there is little we can do in this situation. This road is a public highway and we cannot stop legitimate use of it, especially when essential maintenance needs to be carried out. As this is the only road access the Environment Agency can use, they have no alternative but to use it. The speed limit in Bull St is 30mph as it is throughout the village and there are no plans to reduce it. The “no through road” sign at the junction of Bull Street and the main road has recently been cleaned & re-positioned.” SCC – letter to say they are to carry out safety works between Bathpool & Walford Cross starting in mid-March for 2-3 weeks because they have recorded 14 accidents including 1 fatality there during the past 5 years. Councillors expressed surprise that funds were being spent on this road in view of the impending re-routing of the A38 at Bathpool and Monkton Heathfield.


960. Minutes 941-955: It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that the Minutes be adopted as correct. The Chairman signed each page of the Minutes.


961. Matters Arising from the above Minutes:Broadband: The Clerk reported that she had been unable to get Pipex Broadband, as the service is for private householders only. It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that the Clerk would work with the Chairman to obtain the best deal they can for telephone and broadband, paying by direct debit if necessary. Regarding the provision of a dropped kerb for the resident of “Wayside”, the Clerk reported that Somt Highways state “the provision of dropped kerbs associated with new developments is normally contained within planning permissions. St Michael’s Road is a Class C road and therefore pp would be required. For private houses it is for the owner to apply & meet the costs.” The Clerk was thanked for looking into this and she is to follow up to see if the original planning permission can be utilised. Somt Highways further state that this would normally apply to private houses. If a dropped kerb is required for pedestrian safety reasons then they will consider any requests.


962. Ham Fun Day : This is to be for Ham, Ham Road and Bull Street for this first year and if it is successful it will probably be enlarged to serve the whole Parish in subsequent years. The organisers had asked the Parish Council for a donation. It was agreed that the Parish Council would be happy to support the project if it were to benefit the whole Parish but felt unable to do while it is restricted to part of it.


963. Accounts:Bills to be paid: The Clerk having checked invoices as correct, it was proposed, seconded & unanimously agreed that the following amounts be paid: Clerk’s expenses-£24.40, Vale Labels-£273.50, TDBC DLO (dog bin at the Canal car park)-£345.45. The Clerk reported that the Notice of completion of Audit had been displayed on the notice board; and A Bishop had checked the accounts and bank statements up to date.


964(a) Planning Review:Date-30.01.06, Ref. 48/200/072. Application for mixed development at Monkton Heathfield. Cllr K Cooper and Cllr S Cooper declared an interest and did not take part in discussions concerning this application. This matter had been discussed at the February meeting and councillors had agreed to contact the chairman with their comments by 17 February. The Chairman stated that she was surprised that no-one had contacted her with their comments but nonetheless she had submitted the following response: Senior Football Ground: We are opposed to the proposed siting of the football pitch because: It deviates from the Local Plan, which shows the football pitch as being within the housing development, whereas this is outside of the development line.

Access: Users will be forced to cross the A38 relief road to gain access. Vehicular access would appear to be via Bathpool or Hyde Lane, Creech St Michael, thus increasing the need to travel, which is contrary to the Somt Local Structure Plan. Furthermore, chapter 13 in the Local Plan CMI p. 13.8 clearly states that Hyde Lane is unsatisfactory from a highway safety viewpoint. Creech St Michael already has a recreation field within a mile of this proposed new football pitch. After 30 years experience with our own recreation field it is our view that such a football pitch would be difficult to integrate into the community.

Road Alignment of the proposed A38 Relief Road: The outline plan shows the roundabout at the Bathpool end of the A38 relief road with a different alignment to that in the Local Plan adopted in November 2004. We feel that this change will result in increased traffic congestion from Bathpool to Creech Castle. Therefore it is our view that the new relief road should cross the A38 to link up with the Farrier’s Green road through to Monkton Heathfield as shown in the Local Plan.

Risk of Flooding: The development must have adequate flood attenuation with the capacity to meet any extremes of weather as experienced in the flooding of October-December 2000. Furthermore, the development must be designed so as not to exacerbate flooding in Creech St Michael, Ham, Ruishton and the Somt Levels.

Housing: With regard to the housing styles, these should be limited to 2-storey dwellings as we do not wish to see a repeat of Maidenbrook and Herons Croft, which in our view is inappropriate for a rural setting. We would like to know what percentage of the proposed new dwellings will be affordable housing, as there is an unsatisfied demand for such accommodation in our Parish.

Employment Land : We note that the proposed employment land is situated adjacent to proposed dwellinghouses. In these circumstances we would ask that sociable hours of working are stipulated, with a strict “No Sunday Working” policy.

Traffic during the Development: We would like a condition attached to the permission that construction traffic should not use the village roads through Creech St Michael and Creech Heathfield as a rat run. Creech St Michael has a 6’6” width restriction in any event which we would expect to be strictly observed.

Public Footpaths: The outline application does not make the re-routing of the public footpaths clear. We would draw your attention to the fact that footpath T10/21 was re-routed some 2 years ago but this new route is not shown on current OS maps. However, this path does in fact run through one of the new proposed roundabouts. We would like to receive a firm submission of the proposed re-routing of T10/21 including how members of the public will safely cross the new relief road to join the footpath. We note that a combined cycle/footbridge has been proposed across the new relief road into the new proposed employment area, and would enquire how walkers and cyclists are to be safely kept apart when using the bridge. We would like to see a firm outline of the proposed re-route of all the public footpaths, which should give users as rural and peaceful an experience as possible.” A copy of the above submission had been sent to Tim Burton and SCC Rights of Way Dept, who are looking at footpath T10/21 and Green Lane. It was proposed, seconded and carried by a vote of 6 with 2 abstentions that the following submission be added: “ The proposed number of residential homes and employment units will inevitably increase traffic volumes in the area, which is already congested at busy times around Creech Castle.  Creech St Michael Parish Council would like to see detailed proposals for preventing further traffic congestion and relieving existing congestion, paying particular attention to likely "trouble spots" such as the Creech Castle crossroads and entrance/exits to the proposed new housing and employment areas.”


964(b) Other Planning Matters







Replacement of asbestos roof tiles at Creech Mills

Approval granted. The Clerk was asked to write to TDBC to ensure that health & safety regulations concerning asbestos are adhered to.



Erection of 2 storey rear extension at Wortheys Farm, CSM

Approval granted



Construction of vehicular access to A361 (renewal of 14/00/036), Hamiltons, Walford Cross

Approval granted

7.30pm Somt C Cllr Clarke and PC Benjamin Hicks arrived.


965. Employment Act and Clerk’s Contract : It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that the Clerk’s salary for the year commencing 1 April 2006 will be Scale 20 of NALC’s benchmark, which is £9.019 per hour and that she will also receive a heating and electricity allowance of 10p per hour or £4.40 per month. Councillors having read the proposed New Contract and supporting literature, it was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that the new Clerk’s Contract be adopted. The Contract was dated and signed by the Chairman and the Clerk. Inspection of home office: the financial working party had already inspected the Clerk’s home office; a fireproof box was on order for the storage of important disks and papers; & a metal filling cabinet had been provided by the PC. Clerk’s annual assessment: the Chairman and those present agreed that the Clerk carried out her duties in an efficient manner & attends training on a regular basis.


966. Risk Assessment: Cllrs having been circulated a draft Risk Assessment (a copy of which is attached to the March Minutes in the Minute book) it was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that: Assets: The Church is to be approached to see if they will include the war memorial in their own insurance. Banking. The Clerk may transfer funds between the current account and the savings account with a pin number provided that the accounts and bank statements/reconciliations are checked quarterly. Legal requirements: The Clerk stated that she would from now on produce the December Minutes early to take account of the annual Christmas closure of the TDBC offices. Risk Assessment was to be placed on the Agenda in April for continued discussion.


967: Traffic Matters at Adsborough. The Chairman stated that further to the report received from SCC, and the response from Adsborough residents which had been circulated to councillors, she had met with SCC officers and a resident of Adsborough, during which meeting a response was made to SCC and suggestions put forward. A reply is awaited. A councillor put forward the suggestion of a footbridge but SCC’s response would be awaited and it was agreed that this matter must be pursued at every opportunity.

7.45pm Cllr Farrow arrived. She apologised for being late but had been detained at another meeting which had run on.


968: Matters of Report: A parishioner of 35 Ryesland Way has contacted the PC to ask if a tree outside the boundary to her house on the footpath could have its lower branches pruned to let light in. The SCC Rights of Way dept had declined to help, stating that the tree is not on the pathway. Given that both SCC & TDBC were involved in the sale of the land to SNW or Selleck Construction Ltd before its development, the Clerk was asked to write to SCC & TDBC to try to find out who owns the land on which the trees are growing and whose responsibility it is to maintain them. Following correspondence with a Parishioner at Adsborough/Thurloxton, Somt Highways have agreed to cut some lower branches from a horse chestnut tree on the little green triangle at Adsborough on the crossroads. They have also cleared some gullies near the Maypole Inn. A meeting had been arranged for 7 March between Chairman E Webb, Cllrs Rooke and Lucas & I Titcombe of Somt Highways to discuss traffic problems in Creech St Michael. Somt Highways have declined to mark the verges at Ham to prevent traffic going in the ditches during floods at Ham – they would prefer people did not attempt to drive through them. The Clerk said that she had been refused a meeting by the dog warden because of low attendance at the last meeting, and also refused the supply of any more doggy bags and been instructed not to supply any more to the veterinary surgeons. Any future supplies would have to be collected from TDBC offices. Cllr Leighton said that she had looked into this, and the supply is limited because of cost – to supply every dog owner and vet in the TD area would be prohibitive. It was unnecessary to use special bags for this purpose and perfectly feasible to recycle any bags. Following a request from a Parishioner it was agreed to request a further dog bin at Mead’s Droveway.


969: Reports from Taunton Deane Officers : SC Cllr Clarke said that SCC rates would increase by 5% this year, hopefully decreasing to a 4% rise next year and 3% the year after that. D Cllr Leighton said that she is having discussions about how fixed penalty notices are to work in the future. There is to be a Local Development Framework pre-Consultation beginning in March. This is the largest TDBC had ever undertaken, covering a wide variety of areas. Given that it is pre-consultation, interested parties would be able to put their views before the drawing-up of any documents. Workshops and exhibitions are being organised and the consultation would pass through several phases. She agreed to obtain some information regarding the over 60’s. She anticipated a forward planning meeting about the development at Monkton Heathfield before the end of March. She agreed to try to find out why TDBC had reacted unhelpfully when a councillor reported an incident of fly tipping which had been witnessed by a resident. PC B Hicks said anew full time community support officer called Lynsey Gamblin had been appointed to work with him.


970: Matters to be brought forward to the next meeting : Risk Assessment


The meeting closed at 8.17pm.