/ Parish Council / 2006 Minutes / November 2006


Minutes of a meeting held at 7pm on Monday 6 November 2006

in the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall.

Present: CIIr E Webb (Chairman), Cllrs R Farrow, A Bishop, T Carter, K Cooper, S Cooper, D Durdan, R Jeanes, G Lucas & R Rooke. S C Cllr Clark, D Clir Leighton and B Rowlinson were also present.


1072 Chairman's Welcome: The meeting proceeded at 7pm when the Chairman welcomed those present.


1073. Apologies: Apologies were received from Curs Carter and Holdaway; their reasons for nonattendance were accepted.


1074. Creech St Michael Recreation Field Committee. B Rowlinson asked the PC to consider funding 33.3% of the cost of installing a disable access, for which TDBC had already agreed to contribute 33.3%. A quotation for £1997.80 inc. VAT, the lowest of 3 obtained, had been provided to Councillors. The work would take place in early summer 2007. It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed to pay for one third of the cost, provided the PC is directly billed with a VAT invoice. The Community chest are to consider an additional application for a grant shortly. Mr Rowlinson had attended a LAT meeting where members agreed to help the Committee in its work, and Bill Durman agreed to join the Committee as treasurer. Mr Rowlinson is still seeking a secretary and he thanked Kim Cooper for taking notes at the last Committee meeting. The Scouts are interested in being based at the Recreation Field, and would be invited to the next Committee/PC joint meeting. Mrs Webb stated that she had been in touch with 2 of the 4 original Trustees to the Recreation Field Lease and confirmed they wished to resign when new Trustees are found. Following advice from D Greig of TDBC that obtaining a bye-law banning dogs would be difficult to police and it may be simpler to pass a resolution, it was agreed that the Clerk should write to the Committee asking them to consider passing such a resolution and placing a large sign at their entrance. Mrs Webb said that she noticed someone exercising 4 dogs at the Recreation Field. The Clerk distributed notes she had made at a joint meeting between the Committee and the PC on 23 October. Councillors agreed that since the Committee still has no vice Chairman and no secretary, it may not be prudent to proceed with the preparation of a new Lease at this stage.

7.30pm Mr Clark arrived.
Date From Subject Decision
Oct 06 SALC West Area Meeting on 7 Curs Lucas and Rooke will attend.
December at West Buckland
26 Oct TDBC - Ian Consultation on the Taunton Cllrs S Cooper, Lucas and Rooke will review the 06 Ayre Town Centre Area Action Plan document
30 Oct Countryside Letter re closure of rural Post Clerk to obtain posters and leaflets. 06 Alliance Offices
Oct Mrs Varley Copy of letter from SCC Legal Cllr Webb will contact Mrs Varley with contact details
Department stating this case of SC Cllr Clark, who will take up the matter on her does not require them to meet behalf her costs

1076. Minutes 1055-1070.. It was proposed, seconded and agreed by a vote of 7 with 1 abstention that the Minutes be adopted as correct. The Chairman signed each page of the Minutes.

1077. Matters Arising from the above Minutes: The Clerk was asked to chase TDBC regarding the cleaning of the ditch behind West View. The plaque on the seat at Ryesland Way had been found, presumably by TDBC, and re-attached to the seat with screws which did not match. The Clerk was asked to liaise with Mr Bage to get the plaque installed properly when he paints the bench. CSM School had passed on their "thank you for our letter of congratulations which had been read out at assembly. Regarding dog waste being left in bags at Arundel's Way, the Dog Warden said that waste in bags becomes a litter problem and referred the Clerk to the police, who are going to patrol the area. The Clerk reported she had written to Mark Leeman at TDBC about the Hyde Lane & M Heathfield proposed developments as instructed. He has passed the letter to Messrs Burton and Mitchinson for a reply. The Water Board had inspected the manhole cover at West View and reported there is no fault with it. The hole around it is the responsibility of Somerset Highways, and this had been reported to them. Cllr Webb said that she had contacted Mr Hunt about soil on the road near Northend. A meetings d take place with Somerset Highways and the police at Northend because during daffodil planting it was noticed that traffic sometimes had to slow down very quickly approaching the roundabout, often slamming on their brakes.


1078 Accounts: Bills to be paid: It was proposed, seconded & unanimously agreed that the following amounts be paid: Moore Stephens (Auditor) - £141.00, Deane DLO (moving football pitch at CSMRFMC) - £453.55, G Willis (clean bus shelters) - £30.00, Clerk's Salary (with £45 overtime) - £441.89, Clerk's expenses - £116.68. The external Auditor's report had been received with no problems outlined. The Clerk circulated the 2nd quarter accounts to 30.9.06; these showed income of £18,191.93 and payments of £6,126.13 so far. The Clerk said that spending was according to budget, although no grants or S.137 grants had yet been paid. A draft Precept budget was circulated, to be discussed in December. 7.50pm ClIr Leighton arrived. 1079 a Planning Date Ref Application Comment
17.10. 14/2006/ Erection of 1 storey It was proposed, seconded and agreed by a vote of 8 with 1 06 041 extension at 1 Old abstension that this application be strongly objected to because it School Cottages, CSM would spoil the character of this historically important building, which was converted into a row of small terrace cottages intended
to be small units. The work would also seriously affect the amount of light received by its neighbour. The PC's view is that the integrity of the building would be ruined by adding an extension. Because of the proposed roofline and the lack of space, such building work would set an impractical and impossible precedent for the other cottages in this row, spoiling their unity. In particular: Garage. This would spoil the look of the row of cottages and make it very difficult, if not impossible, for the residents of nos 2, and 3 to use their parking spaces. Even if the applicant always used the garage, the neighbours would find use of their parking spaces cramped. If the applicant sometimes parked in the open, neighbours would be unable to access their parking spaces at all. The parking spaces were not provided as
garage building plots, and if nos 1 and 2 built a garage there would be no access for no.3. Extension. The proposed roofline would spoil the character of the row of cottages. It would greatly detract from the character of one of the most historic and oldest buildings in the village.

17.10. 14/2006/ Demolition of existing It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that this
06 042 lean-to extension and application be supported erection of replacement lean to extension at 30 Queens Down, CSM

17.10. 14/2006/ Reconstruction of flood It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that this 06 045 defence wall at Ham application be supported Wharf House, White St, Ham
27.10. 14/2006/ Installation of metal It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that this 06 046LB chimney into existing application be supported provided List Building regs are adhered fireplace and chimney to. and erection of external ventilation flue at Court Barton, Bull St, CSM
26.10. 14/2006/ Erection of 1st floor side It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that this 06 047 extension & new application be supported conservatory to rear of 18 Homefield Close, CSM

8.20pm B Rowlinson left.


1079 b Other Planning Matters Date Ref Matter Comment
12.10. 14/2006/ Erection of a conservatory at 27 Tristram Approval granted 06 037 Drive CSM'
13.10. 14/2006/ 15t floor extension over existing garaging 06 036 to form ancillary accommodation & guest
suite at Rowsells, Charlton Rd, C Heathfield

17.10. 14/2006/ Erection of en suite shower room, Approval granted
06 039 Grasmere, 4 Crown Lane, Cr Heathfield
093.1 14/2003/ Letter from Parishioner re. Barn on land to The Clerk was asked to write to TDBC enquiring
1.06 021 east of Adsborough Farm re installation of how they propose to enforce planning a floor conditions.
The Chairman and Clerk met Mr Smith of Peter Smith Development on 26 October along with his colleague. The Chairman said that the PC would like an access road onto the new A38 relief road near Hyde Lane Cottages - this would link Hyde Lane with the new roundabout. They will back this up and talk to TDBC. It was stressed that the PC is against any further development in Hyde Lane other than that already agreed in the Local Plan. It was noted that the road from Hyde Lane Cottages over the canal bridge through to Brittens Ash is very narrow and winding. There was discussed about the PC's concern that extra traffic will be created through the village. They said that there would be traffic calming throughout the development and traffic will be slowed down by various means well before they reach the housing. Hyde Lane is likely to be cut off in its present form with a new road going through the development; this means that the main Recreation Field access is likely to be through the new development. They will discuss matters with TDBC and how they can benefit the Parish and the Recreation Field in their planning, and put together proposals which they will send to us in the near future.


1080: A38 At Adsborough. The police say that a recent accident was the result of a vehicle aquaplaning and losing control, and was nothing to do with the junction; the driver was taken to hospital but not badly hurt. The Clerk did not receive a letter from 3 Browne MP about Adsborough, although she did receive an e-mail saying that SCC, in response to a letter from 3 Browne MP, had written directly to Cllr Bishop. Clir Bishop said she had received a letter about improved signage of junctions northbound and southbound on the A38 hill at Adsborough. These signs are satisfactory, but it was hoped that the sign showing the Adsborough )unction to traffic coming from Taunton would be moved further towards Walford Cross (it had been re-erected in the same place as before). The Clerk was asked to write firmly to 3 Browne that the Council is disappointed at his response. The Chairman reported that Somerset Highways and the police did not wish to carry out a traffic safety assessment at Adsborough.


1085: Matters of Report:. Brambles are growing across the road at Laburnham Terrace and the Clerk was asked to report this. Regarding the footbridge at Ham, this may require replacing and this is to be discussed at the December meeting.


1086: Reports from Taunton Deane Officers: SC Clir Clark said SCC is pushing ahead with its plan for renewable energy and are looking at wind farms, energy from waste, bio fuel, and solar energy. They are considering encouraging the public to use less energy via insulation, low energy light bulbs and cavity wall insulation, although this would put rates up. The Government White Paper expected in November may involve Parish Councils having more responsibilities. D Cllr Leighton said a public pre-consultation on the Cambrian Farm Park and Ride starts on 6 December. It is important to keep an eye on what Is going on, as it will affect this Parish. It will probably go ahead around 2010, as there has been no decision so far on the A358 duelling. TDBC is working on energy conservation in conjunction with British Gas, and free energy efficient light bulbs are still available


1087: Matters to be brought forward to the next meeting: Precept Budget, CSM Recreation Field, A38 at Adsborough, Footpaths, possible listing of Old School Cottages.

The meeting closed at 8.35pm.