/ Parish Council / 2006 Minutes / October 2006

Minutes of a meeting held at 7pm on Monday 2 October 2006
in the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall.


Present: Cllr E Webb (Chairman), Cllrs R Farrow, T Carter, K Cooper, S Cooper, D Durdan, R Jeanes, G Lucas & R Rooke. S C Cllr Clark, D Cllr Leighton and B Rowlinson were also present.


1055 Chairman’s Welcome: The meeting proceeded at 7pm when the Chairman welcomed those present.


1056. Apologies: Apologies were received from Cllrs Bishop and Holdaway; their reasons for non-attendance were accepted.

7.03 Cllrs Durdan and Jeanes arrived.


1057. Creech St Michael Recreation Field Committee. B Rowlinson reported that TDBC has granted CSM Football Club 33% of the cost of installing a disabled access at the pavilion. The first Lotto draw has taken place. Three 3 new members have signed up, and it expected to raise £600 by the end of April 07. It was agreed that PC Members would be invited to the next RFC meeting on 30 October to discuss the play area. Cllr Durdan said a “Risky Play” Seminar would take place at Ashill on 29 November.

7.10 Cllr Leighton arrived.


1058. Correspondence requiring a decision: there was none this month. The Clerk circulated a consultation Statement of Community Involvement and asked that Councillors fill in the comments on the form so that she will be able to make a response. She requested that Councillors ensure they remember to fill in the comments.


1059. Minutes 1040–1053.. At Minute 1051 the word “Ham” had been left out after “30mph speed limit at”. This was corrected and it was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that the Minutes be adopted as correct. The Chairman signed each page of the Minutes.


1060. Matters Arising from the above Minutes: The Chairman said she had spoken to Mark Leeman of TDBC about the visit of the proposed developer of the allocated land at Hyde Lane. The Clerk was instructed to write to him with a list of the PC’s concerns, namely: flooding, increased traffic, the need for an access to the proposed new relief road, the PC’s preference for a traffic-light crossing which would be cheaper than a bridge, and would be without the problems of a slippery surface, difficulties on a windy day, and the elderly and disabled would be unable to us it. The PC’s opposition to development (beyond that agreed in the Local Plan) at Hyde Lane. A representative of Somerset Highways had telephoned Cllr Rooke, stating that there are no funds to provide dropped kerbs or to renovate the pavement at CSM between opposite the Bell Inn and the Zion Baptist Church, despite a Parishioner seeking costs from SCC after suffering a bad fall there. The Clerk had written to Cllr Clark asking that he urgently seek to get the pavement mended. Cllr Clark stated that he had contacted SCC but their response so far was that this work was not urgent. He agreed to continue to press SCC strongly. SCC had replied to our letter that the PC wishes to be fully involved with the proposed WMP (to replace the Parrett Catchment Project), and will inform us of any meetings.


1061 Accounts: Bills to be paid: It was proposed, seconded & unanimously agreed that the following amounts be paid: CSM Recreation Field Management Committee - £1,840.00 (TDBC grant), St Michaels Church – £315.00 (TDBC grant), SLCC subscription - £84.00, Clerk’s Salary - £396.84. The Internal Auditor’s report was circulated. It stated that the Council should consider: (1) the balance 20,679 on 31.3.06 was £20,679 which should be reduced. (2) reviewing standing orders and having a separate document for financial regulations. (3) Minutes should show that Sections 1 and 2 of the Annual Return has been approved by the PC; each question in Section 2 should be voted on. The Clerk circulated the first quarter accounts 1.4.06-31.6.06. These showed income of £14,752.87 and payments of £2,700 so far. The Clerk said that spending was according to budget, although no grants or S.137 grants had yet been paid.


1062(a) Planning:







1st floor extension over existing garaging to form ancillary accommodation and guest suite at Rowsells, Charlton Rd, Cr Heathfield

It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed by a vote of 9-7 that this application be supported provided that it is stipulated that the extension must remain as guest accommodation. Cllrs S Cooper & K Cooper declared an interest & did not take part in discussion or vote.



Erection of steel storage container & installation of ramps and rails for disabled access to pavilion at Recreation Field, Hyde Lane, CSM

The Council made no comment on this application.



Erection of a conservatory at 27 Tristram Drive, CSM

It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that this application be supported



Erection of en suite shower room at Grasmere, 4 Crown Lane Cr Heathfield

It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that this application be supported



Conversion of dwelling to 2 flats and provision of access and parking at 35 Tristram Drive, CSM

It was proposed, seconded and agreed by a vote of 9-7 that this application is not supported because this would be overdevelopment, increasing parking problems and causing extra traffic. Cllrs S Cooper & K Cooper declared an interest & did not take part in discussion or vote.


1062(b) Other Planning Matters







Erection of 1 storey extension to industrial building at Creech Mill, CSM

Permission granted



Conversion of barn to dwelling at Durmans Farm, Charlton, CSM

Permission refused



Erection of conservatory at Banchory, Mill Lane, CSM

Permission granted



Copy of letter from TDBC to R Smyth, County Hardwoods, Creech Paper Mills

Letter states that Enforcement Notice has been withdrawn because dust extraction plant has been removed



Erection of 1 storey extension to rear & side & erection of porch to front of 12 Heathfield Close, Cr Heathfield

Permission granted



Letter from J Browne MP in reply to our copy of response to regional assembly




Formation of 3 new windows & replacement of 1 window, replacement of existing door & frame, replacement & repair of existing lean to roof at The Manor House, Llangaller

Permission granted



Letter from Tim Burton, TDBC in reply to letter from PC.  Outline planning application for mixed use development at Monkton Heathfield.  Lane at Hyde Lane, CSM

Consultation event was run by Consortium, not TDBC.  He is surprised we were not invited.  Hyde Lane is beyond the defined limits of the village but the need for affordable housing would be a consideration if an application is submitted.



Installation of ensuite within existing bedroom at Court Barton, Bull St, CSM

Permission granted



Erection of detached garage & store with hobby room above at Lashpool Bungalow, Cr Heathfield as amended by letter and plan received 18.9

Permission granted


1063: Traffic Matters at Adsborough. No reply having been received from J Browne, MP, the Clerk was asked to write a chasing letter.


1064. Fly-Tipping: It was agreed that Cllr Rooke would become the representative responsible for co-ordinating fly tipping and a notice would be placed in the Newsletter. It is understood that TDBC will soon be completing the gates near the motorway bridge. It was reported that a “cowboy” gardener had been at work in the village.


1065. Village Website: The Clerk reported that D Dukes was providing an excellent and prompt service, pasting up Agendas, Minutes and other items very quickly and keeping the website up to date. However, she had found she could not find time to do her bit – which was to proof read pages and suggest improvements. It was decided to ask for a volunteer via the Newsletter.


1066. Appointment of a Solicitor: The Clerk circulated research she had carried out regarding 4 solicitors. It was decided by a vote of 9-1 to stay with the PC’s existing firm, given that another solicitor has been appointed who will deal with the PC.


1067. Replacement of missing Plaque on the Ryesland Way Seat: Two quotations had been received to supply 6x4” metal plaque “In Memory of Cliff Gore”, one for £17.65 & one for £39.48. It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that the £17.65 plaque be ordered .


1068: Matters of Report. The Clerk was asked to report that: (1) the ditch between West View and Dunkins needs cleaning; (2) subsidence around a manhole cover opposite 99 West View. (3) An accident approaching the Northend roundabout had recently resulted in a car crashing into the ditch; several parishioners had asked for the 30mph to be made more prominent and moved further away from the roundabout. Cllr Leighton suggested approaching TDBC and the MH Consortium to ask them to review the speed limit and signage because a new roundabout would be constructed when the A38 relief road is built. (4) Dog waste is being left in bags at Arundells Way; (5) Vegetation was impeding visibility outside the Old Wharf Farm at Ham. (6) Earth was being eroded into the road at Mr Hunt’s property at Northend. Vegetation at Ryesland Way is growing over the pavement. The Boundary Commission has recommended that the existing Ruishton, & Creech & Neroche wards are retained. A copy letter to Wessex Water had been received about sewage smells, but it was thought likely this was caused by spreading of treated sewage on farmland at Ham. A Councillor stated that it is possible for Parish Councillors to become Custodial Trustees on the new CSM RFMC lease provided they declare interests appropriately, although one Councillor expressed his concerns about the responsibilities this would involve. No Parish Councillor had come forward to become a Trustee. It was suggested that the Newsletter be used to request volunteer Trustees to come forward. TDBC are running a Young Enterprise Programme aimed firstly at the most deprived. The daffodil bulbs not having yet been delivered, the planting would now take place on 14 and 15th October. A team of CSM Primary schoolchildren had won the first prize shield at a recent inter school sports event at Blackbrook, and the Clerk was asked to write a letter of congratulations. A Speedwatch practice will take place on Saturday 7 October at 5pm, meeting in the car park, and the Clerk was asked to seek further volunteers via the Newsletter. Cllr Lucas reported that he attended the SALC AGM where the Chairman of North Curry PC opened the meeting; 16 gypsies currently remain at Oxen Lane and 75 are living amicably in the village; there are 7 traveller sites in Somerset. Locally there is currently affordable housing to rent and 3 available to buy. A government White Paper regarding Parish Councils is expected shortly; it may suggest merging small Parish Councils of less than 500 voters. Cllr Leighton said the application to evict the travellers at North Curry is ongoing but the court date will not be for 3-6 months. Cllr Lucas said that he would attend SALC meetings when he is able. Contractors are moving the pre-school at CSM School.


1069: Reports from Taunton Deane Officers: There were no reports.


1070: Matters to be brought forward to the next meeting: Precept Budget, CSM Recreation Field, A38 at Adsborough.

The meeting closed at 8.40m.