/ Parish Council / 2006 Minutes / September 2006

Minutes of a meeting held at 7pm on Monday 4 September
in the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall.


Present: Cllr E Webb (Chairman), Cllrs R Farrow, A Bishop, T Carter, K Cooper, S Cooper, D Durdan, S Holdaway, R Jeanes, G Lucas & R Rooke. S C Cllr Clark, J Edis, D Greig, D Cllr G Leighton and B Rowlinson were also present.


1040. Chairman’s Welcome: The meeting proceeded at 7pm when the Chairman welcomed those present.


1041. Apologies: No apologies were received.

7.03 R Farrow arrived.


1042. Proposed Hyde Lane Development. Mr Smith of Peter Smith Design Service Ltd apologised that Mr Lehner had been unable to attend. He explained that following agreement of the Local Plan he was consulting local interested groups before any plans were drawn up on the development of the allocated land in Hyde Lane. It was hoped to also develop the unallocated field next to it. It would include maximum affordable housing, which TDBC are eager to support. There would be no vehicular access between the sharp corner at Hyde Lane and the new A38, although the PC suggested it might be feasible to have vehicular access via the proposed new industrial area at Monkton Heathfield. A road is to be constructed from the new development to Brittens Ash via the canal bridge, although doubts were expressed that the strength of the bridge is insufficient. The PC stressed that careful consideration must be given to access to avoid CSM receiving an additional traffic load. It was stressed that some roads would become impassable during times of flood.

8.10pm. Cll Leighton arrived.

The number of dwellings would be 35 for the allocated site, or around 70 if the unallocated field is used. The PC stated that a referendum had been carried out and the village did not want large developments. They are therefore opposed to the use of the unallocated site because this would become a larger development than the village could absorb. It was made clear the PC were opposed to dwellings with more than 2 stories. Hedges – it was a requirement to retain the hedges along Hyde Lane near the school, and this would be closed to traffic apart from pedestrians and cyclists. It was suggested that these hedges should be kept low for safety reasons. Access must be given to contractors and farmers. Any traffic from CSM would progress into the new housing estate. The PC summed up by stating: they strongly oppose the use of the unallocated field; were in favour of affordable housing and 2 storey dwellings; careful consideration must be given to access to avoid additional traffic through CSM; they prefer a safe crossing of the new A38 relief road, rather than a bridge. It was agreed that Mr Smith would meet with Councillors to inspect the site.

8.20pm Cllr Clarke arrived.

Cllr Leighton said that the percentage of affordable housing would be 35%. She stated it was important to get a Traffic Impact Assessment, to liaise with the MH Consortium and to consider a bridge crossing for cyclists and walkers. TDBC have concerns about the suitability of the canal bridge. In the LP the existing Hyde Lane was to be traffic calmed. It is important to prevent HGVs accessing the new housing estate to get to CSM. Mr Smith confirmed that flooding attenuation and sub under drainage systems would be built into the development

8.25pm P Smith left. Mr D Greig said that it is important Councillors do not come to any conclusion before the application goes in and that Councillors bear in mind the Code of Conduct with regard to their interests.


1043. Creech St Michael Recreation Field Committee. B Rowlinson said the next meeting will be on 25 September. He was progressing with the Lotto, signing up Langdons and Hopkins, with another 4 likely to sign. The Fun Day would be on 10 June 1907. The Playing Field Association would take place shortly. He asked for a special meeting with the PC to decide the way forward with the play area.

8.40pm Cllr Durdan arrived.

It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that a new Lease be drawn up, with the Parish Council paying for the documents and their own legal bill, and that 4 new Custodian Trustees would be selected by the Committee for the Lease.

It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that the Chairman and the Clerk would research Solicitors with a view to appointing a new firm.


1044. Correspondence requiring a decision: Date From Subject Decision required 31.07.06 TDBC Annual Meeting with Parishes. Subject- rural policing with Chief Superintendent John Snell on Wed 4 Oct at North Curry Village Hall at 7pm E Webb, R Jeanes & Clerk would attend, also LAT members K Cooper and R Rooke
Aug 06 SALC SALC AGM on Sat 30 Sep at 10.30am at North Curry Village Hall . Restricted Rights of Way, Local Government White Paper, Code of Conduct review, Policy & Open Forum G Lucas & R Rooke would attend. G Lucas will consider becoming the Council’s SALC rep eventually.
22.08.06 Community Council AGM on Tue 19 Sep at 7.30pm at Broadway Village Hall Non-one is able to attend?
19.08.06 St Michael’s Church Letter from Revd Manning + a copy of a letter from Ecclesiastical Insurance It was proposed, seconded & agreed by 10 votes with 1 abstention that war memorial be insured at a cost of £60.00.
27.07.06 SCC Steps for a Single Water Management Partnership Council wishes full involvement.
Aug 06 Taunton Citizens Advice Bureau Invitation to AGM on Tue 12 Sept at 12 noon at The Priory, Canon Street, Taunton No-one is able to attend

28.07.06 PPS – Charles St George Letter repeating invitation to give PC a presentation re. M Heathfield Consortium This was felt unnecessary.
Aug 06 G Warburton Letters & documents re proposal that some buses are re-routed through Thurloxton. Clerk to write to Mr Warburton stating that the PC has no powers to implement.


1045. Minutes 1023-1034 and 1035–1039. It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that the Minutes be adopted as correct. The Chairman signed each page of the Minutes.

8.15pm Cllr Bishop left.


1046. Matters Arising from the above Minutes: There no matters arising.


1047 Accounts: Bills to be paid: It was proposed, seconded & unanimously agreed that the following amounts be paid: Clerk’s expenses - £91.37, Clerk’s Salary - £396.84, Vale Labels (Newsletter) – £253.50. The Chairman reported that she had been thanked by the PCC for the burial ground grant. The Clerk reported that the internal audit had been carried out and the accounts were satisfactory but the surplus of £20,679 was excessive and must be reduced.


1048(a) Planning:
Date Ref Application Comment 07.08.06 14/2006/028 Erection of conservatory at Banchory, Mill Lane, Creech St Michael It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that this application be supported
09.08.06 14/2006/034LB Formation of 3 new windows & replacement of 1 window, replacement of existing door & frame, replacement & repair of existing lean-to roof at the Manor House, Langaller It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that this application be supported provided Listed Building regs are adhered to
04.08.06 14/2006/032 Change of use from offices to a dwelling at Greenbriars, Walford Cross It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that this application be supported
15.08.06 14.2006/031 Change of use from offices to a dwelling Hillcrest, Walford Cross It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that this application be supported


1048(b) Other Planning Matters
Date Ref Matter Comment
16.08.06 14/2006/027 Erection of 1 storey extension including conservatories & new roof at Lashpool Bungalow, Charlton, Creech St Michael Permission granted
11.08.06 14/2006/019 Erection of 2 storey extension at Tone House, Ham, CSM Permission granted
It was noted that the house in Francis Close which was the recent subject of a successful appeal for planning permission had now gone up for sale.


1049: Traffic Matters at Adsborough. Jeremy Browne, MP, had met Cllrs Webb and Bishop at Adsborough. He would be contacting SCC and write to us when he receives a response.


1050. Newsletter: Jan Edis reported that demand for advertising was strong and in order to accommodate more advertisements she would try to convert some of the advertisers to one-sixth page displays. No increase in advertising rates would be applied this year. The Chairman thanked Jan for all her hard work which had ensured a successful Newsletter which was paying its way. It was agreed that her Honorarium would be index-linked from now onwards.


1051: Matters of Report. Traffic has been seen to exceed the speed limit at Adsborough on the 3 lane section, and concern had been expressed that a 60mph speed limit for Hyde Lane is too high given that children regularly use it. It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that 1,000 King Alfred daffodil bulbs would be purchased for £50 for planting on Sat 7 and Sun 8 Oct. The Clerk would advertise for volunteer helpers. Vehicles had been seen exceeding the 30mph limit at . The Clerk was asked to report that: dropped kerbs are still required at West View because it was a safety hazard; pavement between the Bell Inn and the Zion Chapel is dangerous – especially a hole in the pavement opposite the Spar shop where a bollard has been removed, and a parishioner had tripped on uneven pavement opposite the Bell Inn resulting in hospital treatment and costs – she has written to SCC claiming these costs.


1052: Reports from Taunton Deane Officers: D Cllr Leighton reported nothing had yet been decided about the site and access for a proposed park and ride at Cambria Farm. SCC will determine the outcome of the application. A Traffic impact assessment is being carried out regarding the proposed Monkton Heathfield development. The site would be developed in 4 phases, the new relief road being part of phase 1.


1053: Matters to be brought forward to the next meeting: Internal Auditor’s Report, CSM Recreation Field, A38 at Adsborough.

The meeting closed at 8.47m.