/ Parish Council / 2007 Minutes / December 2007


Minutes of a Meeting held at 7pm on Monday 3 December 2007 in the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall.

Present: E Webb (Chairman), R Farrow, A Birch, A Bishop, T Carter, K Cooper, S Cooper, R Jeanes, G Lucas, (Parish Councillors) and T Habberfield (Clerk). Also in attendance were SCClr Clark and members of the public.

07/153 Chairman’s Welcome: The Chairman opened the meeting at 7.05pm.

07/154: Apologies: Apologies were received from Cllrs Durdan and Rooke and their reasons for non-attendance accepted. Apologies were also received from TDCllr Leighton.

07/155. MinutesOctober meeting. At 07/137 “Adrien” was amended to “Adrian”. At 07/148, the third item, “sand” was amended to “and” and on the last item was added “because of a difficult access we are concerned traffic to the estate does not increase in volume”. It was proposed, seconded and agreed by a vote of 7 with abstentions by Cllrs Carter and Farrow that the Minutes be adopted as correct. The Chairman signed each page of the Minutes.

07/156: Matters Arising. Regarding the A38 at Adsborough, a Parish Councillor attended a meeting arranged by the Local Authority regarding the A38, and an undertaking was given that the whole route is to be “signed and lined”, work having already commenced. A separate meeting may take place with Parish Councillors.

07/157. CSM Recreation Field: Paul Chandler is to resign as Chairman and Kelly Durdan is willing to join the Committee as Chairman and temporary secretary. The Clerk reported that since their last meeting Kelly has found out who runs the football teams and is reading the Lease and TME Agreement.

07/158: Local Action Team: There was nothing to report.

07/159. Correspondence requiring a decision:







Taunton Deane Area Working Panel meeting on Thur 6 Dec at Wiviliscombe.

No-one is able to attend


Mrs S M Phillips, 17 Dillons Rd, CSM

Copy of letter delivered to all the residents who signed the Petition against partial or full street lighting at Dillons Rd informing them that, at their November 07 meeting, CSM PC decided not to make a decision about street lighting at that juncture.

This correspondence is for information only.

07/160: Accounts: It was proposed, seconded & unanimously agreed that the following amounts be paid: SLCC (subscription) - £91, Clerk’s salary - £411.31, Commerce Builders - £79.90, G Willis (cleaning bus shelters)-£36, CSM Village Hall - £21, Moore Stephens (audit) - £158.62. The Clerk will be on holiday between Christmas Eve and the day after New Year’s Day. The Clerk distributed a draft Precept and it was agreed that a meeting would be held for Parish Councillors only on Monday 14 January to discuss the Precept and other financial matters.

07/161: Proposed Safe Crossings. The Clerk said that she will work up a grant application to the Taunton Deane Area Working Panel but cannot proceed until Paul de Maria of TD Highways lets her have his detailed plans and costings for the proposed crossings.

07/162. Planning Applications received: The Chairman asked Councillors to state whether they had an interest in any of the planning applications and if so, to state whether it is a prejudicial interest.







Erection of extension, Ann’s Orchard, Laburnum Terrace, CSM (amended)

It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed to support this application.



Erection of a garage (revised design) Heathfield House, Cr Heathfield

It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed to support this application.

12.11.07. 14/2007/061 and 62. Outline planning for mixed use urban development comprising 900 dwellings, B1 business, local centre, primary school, playing fields and open space, A38 relief road at Monkton Heathfield. The PC’s response was as follows: Our Involvement: We note that the planning applications state that the proposed development is at Monkton Heathfield and is “sited in an adjoining parish”. However, land in the Creech St Michael Parish forms part of the development and therefore we must insist that in the future we are addressed and treated as primary stakeholders. Traffic during the Development: we would like a condition attached to the permission that construction traffic should not use the village roads through Creech St Michael and Creech Heathfield in order to access the development. Hyde Lane is considered to be a “safe route” to school, and many schoolchildren use it to get to Heathfield School, Monkton Heathfield and Creech St Michael Primary School. For this reason we would also like a condition that construction traffic cannot access Hyde Lane between the hours of 8.30am and 4.30pm during school days during the development. Creech St Michael has a 6’6” width restriction in any event which we would expect to be strictly observed. Traffic after the Development: It is vitally important to prevent rat-running through Creech St Michael and Creech Heathfield, and we would like every effort to be made, through design, signage, traffic calming, etc, to prevent this from happening. Access to the new A38 Relief Road: the proposed Hyde Lane Development will allow a safe pedestrian path for children and others between Creech St Michael Primary School as far as the Motorway Bridge, Hyde Lane, thus strengthening Hyde Lane as a “safe route for children”. We still feel strongly that it is very important that a link is made from Hyde Lane to one of the proposed new roundabouts on the new A38 Relief Road. Although we appreciate that traffic will come in from the A38 as well as out, the proposed Hyde Lane Development will could mean 120 additional vehicles in Hyde Lane (adjacent to the A38) which, for both environmental and safety reasons, should be able to access the A38 without either going back into Creech St Michael (creating extra traffic past the school and extra congestion in Creech St Michael centre) or attempting to negotiate the narrow and impractical portion of Hyde Lane which passes over a narrow canal bridge and past the rugby club. Employment Land: We note that the proposed employment land is situated adjacent to proposed dwelling houses. In these circumstances we would ask that sociable hours of working are stipulated, with a strict “No Sunday Working” policy. Enclosed with the PC’s response TDBC was a copy of a letter of 5.12.2006 from the development Consortium, following a meeting with the Parish Council and Local Authority, in which the Parish Council’s concerns were addressed as follows: Signage on Langaller Lane: The Parish are concerned about additional traffic rat-running through Creech St Michael and would like appropriate signage placed on the new roundabout for the diverted A38 saying, “Creech St Michael and Langaller only”. The Consortium agreed to raise this point with the County Council as part of the general discussions on signage. Construction traffic: The Parish Council is keen to avoid construction traffic using Creech St Michael. We explained that this issue would be covered by a construction site management plan that will need to be agreed at a later stage with the planning authorities and that there would be appropriate restrictions on the movement of HGVs in the construction contracts. The Consortium will flag this issue up with both the County and Borough Councils. Hyde Lane link: The Parish Council believes that there should be a link from Hyde Lane onto the new A38 diversion where the proposed access is at present to the playing fields shown on the masterplan to the south of the new road. The Parish Council expressed concern over the narrow lane to Bathpool, which was said to be prone to flooding. The Consortium agreed to discuss this point with both the Borough and County Councils. At grade pedestrian crossing: The Parish believe that an at-grade traffic light controlled pedestrian crossing of the new A38 diversion would be preferable to a footbridge as this will be more suitable for some disabled people. We agreed to raise this issue with the Borough Council, which has specified a footbridge in the Monkton Heathfield Development guidelines. Pedestrian pinch point: There is an existing ‘pinch point’ in North End in Creech St Michael where there is no pavement and where parents are currently struggling when walking their children to school. The Parish Council believes that a further single lane priority traffic calming feature at this point should be installed which would provide a pavement along one side of the road. The Consortium agreed to mention this point to the County Council. Pedestrian crossing at Adsborough: The Council is worried about the safety of pedestrians crossing the A38 north of the site at Adsborough with the increase in traffic caused by this development. The Consortium will also mention this point with the County Council. For the record, we also noted the Parish Council’s comments about the following: The development name, ‘Monkton Heathfield’, doesn’t reference Creech St Michael. Part of the site is within Creech St Michael Parish and the Parish feels that the main impact of the development will be on Creech St Michael itself. The Consortium’s response to this point is that it is simply following the Borough Council’s description and the local plan allocation of the site. The Parish Council believe that the southern roundabout where the proposed A38 diversion meets the existing A38 has been sited too far to the south of the Milton Hill junction. The Consortium’s response to this is that its landscape consultants have advised that this location is preferable in visual impact terms while its highways consultants feel that this location will not make any material difference to the operation of this junction. The Parish Council believes that the hours of working of the proposed employment units should be restricted to outside normal working hours and at weekends. This is something that the Consortium believes the Parish should raise with the Borough Council at reserved matters application stage. The Parish Council believes that there should be no 3-storey buildings on the site. The Consortium’s response is that there will need to be some 3-storey buildings because of government density requirements for new housing development. The exact location and number of 3-storey buildings will be decided at reserved matters application stage and the Parish will have a further opportunity to comment at this point in time. There is no 4-storey housing proposed on the site. The Parish Council would like to see affordable housing dispersed throughout the site and the Consortium confirmed that this would indeed be the case although again, the precise location and layout of housing would be dealt with by reserved matters applications.”

There was discussion about where the Hyde Lane link to the proposed new A38 link road should be – whether a safer route to the schools would be maintained by linking into the next roundabout along, which would be through the proposed B1 business employment area..

07/162(b) Other Planning Matters







Erecting of building to provide 8 additional cattery pens following demolition of storage building at Greystones Cattery, Ham Road, CSM as amended by letter dated 28.9.07

Permission granted



Installation of metal flue, Elderberry Cottage, rear of North End Farm, CSM

Permission granted



Erection of home office/store, greenhouse & timber shed at North End Farm, North End, CSM as amplified by additional details received 24.9.07

Permission granted



Email from TDBC Enforcement Officer re Erection of garage at 1 Old School Cottages, CSM. Planning Officer says change of use does not apply as it would all be within the red lined area on the original planning application and therefore domestic cartilage. Therefore anything connected of a residential nature would be allowed under permitted development.


Glenista”, Cr Heathfield

Caravan being occupied whilst the bungalow is being refurbished will be there until next spring – they have been held up by the electrician and plumber. There is no kitchen or bathroom at the moment but he is hopeful things will be ready for the spring.

Mr Smith representing West of England Developments - the proposed Hyde Lane development company, thanked the PC for arranging the meetings in December; they felt that given the significant size of the development it was well received. He has submitted the application to TDBC and it is unchanged from that submitted at the meetings.

07/163: Footpaths and Pavements. An answer is still being awaited as to who is responsible for a rusting manhole cover in the T10/23 footpath. SCC is to carry out an inspection of T10/12 where a landowner has put up a barbed wire fence across his field - this is apparently causing problems.  There is also a broken stile reported on the same footpath.

SCCllr Clark arrived at 7.30pm.

07/164: Adsborough:. A letter had been received from an Adsborough Resident asking for the PC’s support in obtaining a 50mph speed limit on the A38 from Walford Cross right through Adsborough. It was agreed that this was the Parish Council’s policy and continued pressure must be applied; the MP has again been approached for his support. An Adsborough parishioner has asked for feedback regarding the Thurloxton bus stop which he feels is dangerously situated and open to the elements. SCC has already agreed the bus stop requires attention and correspondence will be brought to the January meeting. The “no entry" sign has now been corrected. The Neighbourhood Watch Meeting reported that (1) scams employed locally are people posing as gas, water officials and “security advisors” telephoning or calling. There are people posing as official Quality of Life Surveyors. Have nothing to do with them and keep them outside. (2) Local crimes include lead stripped from Ruishton school roof, drain covers stolen and attempted burglary at West Newton.

07/165: Bus Shelter Cleaning: First Bus Co complained through TDBC that the bus shelter at Adsborough is not clean, and the contractor stated that the Perspex will not clean up like glass. An inspection of the bus shelter had shown that it is in a bad state at present, but it was some weeks since it was cleaned. In order to ascertain how often cleaning is required, it was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed to ask the Contractor to clean the bus shelter at Adsborough as soon as possible so that it can be inspected immediately afterwards and then a few weeks later.

07/166: Annual Parish Meeting – a subject of health and safety was put forward and this is to be discussed in January.

07/167. To receive County & District Councillors’ Reports: SCCllr Clark said that the TD Area Panel may be scrapped and that the Park and Ride application Committee is likely to meet in February.

07/168. Matters of Report: The landlord of The Bell public house has kindly given permission for recycling bins to be located in his car park, and the local authority is to be approached regarding this. The Clerk was asked to enquire whether a safe crossing can be made for children and others adjacent to the CSM shop. Phase II of Flood Relief works at Ham has begun. The 30mph speed limit sign by CSM bridge has been knocked over. The Clerk reported that: The trees at West View have been inspected by TDBC and are considered safe – the cracks in the trunk being caused by rapid growth. If people adjoining are concerned about overhanging large branches then TDBC will be happy to attend a meeting. Buses. Following an incident at Creech where pensioners and others were left standing at a bus stop in the morning because the bus was full, a complaint to First Bus and John Perrett of SCC was made. An Adsborough resident had several similar incidents, with his wife being left at a bus stop and getting chilled waiting for the next one. A strong letter was written that this is serious as people are missing important appointments and in the winter the consequences could be detrimental to health. SCC is holding talks with First Bus about the situation. TD Highways have been asked for a meeting about the 30mph road markings at North End and the Creech Heathfield road.

07/169: Matters to be brought forward to the next meeting: Footpaths and pavements, bus shelters, annual Parish Meeting, Adsborough.

The meeting closed at 8.30 pm. The next meeting is to be held on Mon 7 January.