/ Parish Council / 2007 Minutes / February 2007

Minutes of a meeting held at 7pm on Monday 5 February 2007
in the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall.


Present: Cllr E Webb (Chairman), Cllrs R Farrow, A Bishop, T Carter, K Cooper, S Cooper, D Durdan, R Jeanes, G Lucas & R Rooke. D Cllr Leighton, B Rowlinson and members of the public were also present.


07/16 Chairman’s Welcome: The meeting proceeded at 7pm when the Chairman welcomed those present.


07/17 Apologies. Cllr Holdaway was not present due to illness and his reasons for non-attendance were accepted. SCCllr Clark also apologised.


07/18 Creech St Michael Recreation Field Committee. B Rowlinson said that M Jeffery had been co-opted onto the Committee as Vice-Chairman. He is putting together a local football Club - Creech Rangers – who hope to use the pitch next season on alternate Sundays. A sample of the dog sign material was shown to Councillors, who agreed it was suitable; they requested that an exception be made for Guide Dogs. The sign would 4’x2’, white with red lettering, and the Clerk agreed to order it direct at a cost of no more than £50 + VAT as agreed previously. The Clerk said she had contacted SALC who saw no reason why she should not carry out work for CSMRFC if she invoices them direct. It was reported that the Bathpool Football Club Representative Member does not attend meetings, sends no apologies for non-attendance, and his team leaves rubbish after games. They have been fined £25.00, which has been paid.
7.05 R Jeanes arrived with D Cllrs Durdan and Leighton.


07/19. Correspondence requiring a decision:

Date From Subject Decision required
02.01.07 J Jones
Copy letter to Br. Waterways re state of Towpath outside his property at The Engine House
It is understood that the towpath is due to be repaired by SCC and the Clerk was asked to write to Br. Waterways & reply to Mrs Jones
15.01.07 M Stone, SCC. Localisation and Frontline Councillors - Area Working Panels This is to be brought forward to the next meeting
15.01.07 M Richards Letter re state of entrance to Langdons at Walford Cross The Clerk was asked to write to TDBC, Langdons and R. Wiseman.
19.01.07 Somerset Web Services Proposal to redesign and rewrite CSM website It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed to accept terms but payment methods must be reviewed after 6 months.
31.01.07 Neil Pincombe, Somerset Highways Letter about safety along the road at Northend, stating that “the proposal of a new footway along Northend has scored a very low value for money rating”. The Clerk was asked to write stating the PC does consider this to be a safety priority, does meet the criteria and insisting on a meeting at the site.


07/20. Minutes 1088–1101.. At 07.04(1st item) the Clerk was asked to cross out the word “encouraged” and replace it with “allowed”. It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that the Minutes be adopted as correct. The Chairman signed each page of the Minutes.


07/21. Matters Arising from the above Minutes: Cllr Rooke reported that T10/20 has now been cleared, and vegetation had been cut back on T10/23. The manhole cover in T10/23 is becoming rusty.


07/22. Accounts: Bills to be paid: It was proposed, seconded & unanimously agreed that the following amounts be paid: T Habberfield (salary) - £455.41 (incl 6.5hrs overtime), T Habberfield (expenses) - £76.45, CSMRFMC - £201.00 (for secretarial help), Post Office (telephone) - £51.97.


07/23(a) Planning:

Date Ref Application Comment
18.01.07 48/2005/072 Proposed mixed use urban extension development comprising residential employment, local centre, new primary school, A38 relief road, green spaces and playing fields at Monkton Heathfield. The Clerk reported that SCC has received the Traffic Impact Assessment which will now inform their recommendations. The Clerk was asked to reiterate the comments of 14 December in a letter to Mrs Moore. Cllr Leighton said she would find out how the sewage is to be disposed of, and by what route. The Clerk is to also make enquiries of Wessex Water.
18.01.07 - Ditto - Copy of letter dated 3.2.06 from EA to TDBC re OBJECTING to current outline application. The Clerk said the EA is still negotiating with TDBC. She was asked to write to TDBC supporting the objectives of the EA’s letter to them of 18.1.06.
23.01.07 14/2007/001 Erection of conservatory, 10 Caray Grove, CSM It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that this application be supported.
29.01.07 14/2007/003 LB Replacement of existing windows with single glazed timber windows at Llangaller Cottage, Taunton It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that this application be supported.provided Listed Building Regs are adhered to.


07/23(c) Other Planning Matter

Date Ref Matter Comment
Jan 07   South West Regional Assembly regarding the Regional Spatial Strategy An Examination in Public is due to be held in April 2007
29.01.07 14/2006/051 Erection of 1 storey extension to rear of Paddock View, North End, Creech St Michael Permission granted
10.01.07 14/2006/050 Alterations and extensions, and detached garage, Ham Cottage, Ham Road, CSM Permission granted
09.01.07 14/2006/048 Renovation of garage, workshop and store to form granny annexe at Mill Hill Cottage, Creech St Michael Permission granted
29.01.07   Copy letter from P Smith Design re proposed Development at Hyde Lane. This was a letter to TDBC chasing decisions about access to the A38 from Hyde Lane

A number of Parishioners have expressed their concern about building works at Treats Farm, Creech Heathfield, where extensive roofing works had been made to a barn and a new entrance created, without planning permission. The Enforcement Officer at TDBC states that this matter is being reported to the Planning Committee. Mrs E Webb did not take part in discussions about this matter. The Enforcement Officer is also to check on a barn at Adsborough where building work had been reported, and ask the owner for documentary evidence to support the necessity of adding a floor into the barn to stabilise the building.


07/24. Proposed Unitary Authority for Somerset. TheClerk circulated a document from SCC putting forward its case for Unitary Authority. She reported that she had written to SCC expressing the Parish Council’s opposition to the scheme. She also circulated a document from TDBC putting forward the District Council’s alternative to a SCC Unitary Authority


07/25. Park and Ride at Cambria Farm. D Cllr Durdan reported that Ruishton Parish Council had attended a meeting regarding the Park and Ride, lead by Cathy Bakewell, but that Ruishton Parish Council did not feel their points of view were being taken into consideration. The Chairman and Clerk attended the public meeting at Ruishton and reported that SCC were to pursue construction at Cambria Farm, close to the M5 Junction and opposite the Blackbrook Inn, which they prefer over another short listed site further through Henlade towards Ilminster. The meeting was attended to capacity with Ruishton & Thornfalcon Parish Council and members of the public worried that the result will be more congestion through Henlade. The Chairman stated that the site seems too close to the M5 junction. The Clerk stated that she had e-mailed SCC them several times asking for information, although they had offered to do a presentation at CSM. The Clerk was asked to write to SCC that Creech St Michael Parish Council has strong reservations about the site at the present time.
8.30pm. D Cllr Leighton left.


07/26. Annual Risk Assessment and Asset Register Updates. It was agreed that these matters had been dealt with thoroughly in 2006, but the Clerk was asked to enquire who owns the bus shelters, who is responsible for their upkeep, and who is responsible for insuring them.


07/27. Matters of Report. The Clerk reported (1) she had contacted Councillors (obtaining approval from 10) regarding the Community Council producing an Affordable Housing Survey, to go out with the Newsletter. The Clerk will contact distributors to ensure they are happy to deliver the additional envelope, arranging extra help if necessary. (2) the EA had replied to concerns raised by their flood relief document, as follows: (a) EA will place badger netting in the new and raised flood banks in the vicinity of Brickyard Farm; (b) EA are aware of the state of the wall and the proposed improvements include repairs and raising the height of the wall. (3) G Warburton had emailed that he is disappointed Councillors did not support the re-routing idea [through Thurloxton] because there is a half mile walk from Green Dragon/Coombe areas to the bus stop, and if everyone presses for re-routing the A38 speed problem is more likely to be resolved. The Clerk was asked to (a) contact the Beat Officer and J Browne MP regarding recent accidents at Adsborough (b) remind D Gage to refurbish the seat opposite the Zion Chapel. (3) contact the Dog Warden because they appear to have reduced their service and no dog-foulers had been caught. The problem of dog fouling has become severe at Meads Drove and a resident had expected a dogbin to be installed there. Dog fouling was also reported in gateways at Charlton and in Worthy Lane (4) invite the beat officer and PCSO to the next PC meeting. It was reported that: (1) the lock on the notice board opposite the shop is faulty and Cllr Rooke will inspect this. (2) a freestanding notice board has been offered to the PC by Boggins, and Cllr Durdan agreed to store it for the time being. (3) the flood defence work in Ham has been scaled down due to lack of funds, but work is due to start in June. One new resident had expressed concern because he purchased his property believing the complete flood relief works would be carried out. (4) a TDBC kitchen waste collection lorry regularly stops at Vicarage Lawns for 30 mins with its engine running. (5) a TMEX lorry had churned up the land at the Recreation Field (6) the temporary caravan at Cr Heathfield is still in use, although the owners are expected to remove it soon. TDBC quoted £48 + VAT to remove grafitti from the bus shelter at Hyde Lane, but Cllr Rooke said he would do the work. Cllrs agreed that the Probation Service may agree to carry out such work in the future The Clerk was asked to request that (1) the hedge at Ham between Duck House and Chapland Hay be cut back (2) the skip at the pre-school be removed (3) TDBC implement a policy to remove black bag fly tipping as part of their refuse collection, on the grounds that this would be cheaper than sending a lorry out (4) the RFC retain the play equipment for the time being, until it can be replaced.


07/28. Reports from Taunton Deane Officers DCllr Leighton said that all five District Councils opposed the SCC Unitary Authority scheme. The SCC Localisation scheme is tied in with this, and comprises local area agreements with clusters of PCs. SCC propose to save £25 million through Unitary Authority, but similar initiatives to those TDBC is implementing during the past five years would have saved £19million. Additional savings can be made through ISAS (back office joint initiatives). The Highways Agency is to have a public consultation in the spring of 2007 on the 358/303 duelling; the money available will depend on Stonehenge. D Cllr Durdan said he had attended an EA meeting that day where various schemes had been discussed regarding the future of the river and flood plains, and it was possible that changes may be made to the river.


07/29. Matters to be brought forward to the next meeting: CSM Recreation Field, Footpaths, Cambria Farm, Clerk’s salary and expenses and staff assessment, Website. The meeting closed at 8.52pm. The next meeting will take place on 5 March.