/ Parish Council / 2007 Minutes / March 2007


Minutes of a meeting held at 7pm on Monday 5 March 2007

in the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall

Present: Cllr E Webb (Chairman), Cllrs R Farrow, A Bishop, T Carter, K Cooper, S Cooper, D Durdan, S Holdaway, R Jeanes, G Lucas & R Rooke. SCCllr Clark, D Cllr Leighton, B Rowlinson and members of the public were also present.

07/31 Chairman’s Welcome: The meeting proceeded at 7pm when the Chairman welcomed those present.

Public Speaking: A Parishioner asked the PC to look into potholes at the footpath which connects Laburnham Terrace and the canal towpath.

07/32 Apologies. There were no apologies. 7.07 D Durdan arrived.

07/33 Creech St Michael Recreation Field Committee. B Rowlinson said that new windows had been installed at the pavilion. He had sent out 30 corporate letters seeking sponsorship of the fun day/football festival on 10 June and there had been a good response. A Bennett of Ruishton Scouts had told him that if they come to Hyde Lane they would require a building roughly double the size of the present structure. In this respect, the Clerk asked Councillors for a response to a request from Mr Bennett that the Parish Council grant the Scouts a 50 year Lease and that he was not prepared to take part in any further discussion unless such an undertaking was given. It was agreed that a letter be sent saying that the PC is prepared to negotiate but cannot at this stage promise a 50 year Lease.

7.15pm DCllr Leighton arrived.

The meeting was suspended at 7.20pm because DCllr Leighton required medical attention. D Durdan took her to hospital. 7.25pm The meeting continued.

07/34. Correspondence requiring a decision:




Decision required



Strategic Planning, Transportation and  Economic Development Review at 6.15pm on Thur 8 March at The Deane House – to include Park & Ride discussion

D Durdan would attend

Jan 02


SALC Meeting on Thur 8 March at 7.30pm at Wiviliscombe Community Centre

R Rooke & G Lucas would attend

Feb 07


Community Chest Application pack – small grant scheme to support groups and organizations

The Clerk will file this for future reference

Feb 07

Local Works

Letter asking us to contact MP

The PC will support this



Maps and info.re. Park and Ride at Cambria Farm

This is being circulated for comments


M Marshall

Invitation to attend Ruishton PC on Wed 7 March for presentation re Henlade By-pass

E Webb, R Rooke and G Lucas would attend



Forum at 7pm on 6 March at The Deane House to canvass opinion re. SCC’s proposal to apply for Unitary Authority

R Rook and G Lucas would attend



A303/A358 Public Consultation & Exhibition dates, 7-9.30pm. Holiday Inn, Blackbrook on 2&3 March. Ashill Village Hall – 23 March. Ruishton Village Hall on 24 March.

This is open for members of the general public


SCC Area Working Panel

Meeting on 27 March 7-9pm at Otterford Hall, Bishopswood.

T Habberfield will collect R Rooke

07/35. Minutes 07/16-07/29.. At 07.23c the Clerk was asked replace “Treats Farm” with “Theats Farm” and at 07.27 4th line from end to replace “Chapland Hay” with Shepherds Hay”. It was proposed, seconded and agreed by a vote of 10 with 1 abstention that the Minutes be adopted as correct. The Chairman signed each page of the Minutes.

07/36. Matters Arising from the above Minutes: I Jarvis of British Waterways had replied to our letter regarding potholes that the conveyance of the two properties along the canal towpath imposed a financial obligation on the property owners to contribute to the cost of maintaining the path, and he is waiting to hear that each will meet one third of the costs.  Mr Stone at SCC is standing by waiting to undertake the work.  If they do not hear from the property owners, BW will have to take appropriate safety measures which may result in closure of part of the towpath. The Clerk was asked to contact P Stone requesting that the remainder of the towpath can be repaired.  The Parishioner who wrote to SCC asking for the bus shelter to be moved has received a reply saying that they are prepared to carry out a feasibility study and safety audit provided they received a request from the PC, and it was agreed that such a letter would be written. Cllr Rooke said he had succeeded in removing graffiti from the Hyde Lane bus shelter. The pre-school have still not had their skip removed, and the Clerk was asked to write to the contractor. The Clerk reported that the Dog Wardens will carry out extra patrols during evenings and weekends as the weather improves, and Cllr Clark was asked to take up the matter of dog fouling with SCC. A complaint had been received that horses are using the canal towpath, and further enquiries are to be made with SCC. The Clerk was asked to write again to Somerset Highways regarding the narrow road at Northend. Two Councillors counted the traffic coming through Northend on Mon 25 February from 7.45pm to 10.45 and recorded 1,319 vehicles.

07/37. Accounts: Bills to be paid: It was proposed, seconded & unanimously agreed that the following amounts be paid: Durston Tree Surgeons (strimming footpaths/maintaining Merlyn’s Copse) - £810.00, Vale Labels - £288.50, SALC sub - £463.57, T Habberfield (salary) - £396.84, Cosigns (“no dogs” sign for Recreation Field) - £58.75.

07/38. T Habberfield Salary/Expenses Review; Staff Assessment. T Habberfield left the room. It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that her heating allowance be increased from £4.40 to £4.55 per month, and that she receive her yearly increment to SCP21 which is £9.348 per hour, but the national wage agreement has not yet been settled and this will be brought to Council later in the year. The Clerk was assessed as hardworking and efficient.

07/39(a) Planning:






Demolition of existing garage & erection of single one and a half storey dwelling at Trehoot, North End, CSM.

Although TDBC had already recommended approval, it was resolved that this application be opposed because the entrance/exit is adjacent to a road hump, and that a letter of complaint be written to T Burton that the Official Notice was not displayed in front of building, but to one side, and the name of the property was described as “The Hoot” (rather than Trehoot) on paperwork.



Replacement of existing conservatory with 1 storey extension at 41 West View, Creech St Michael.

It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that this application be supported.



Installation of 3 wall mounted air-conditioning units to rear of premises at Central Londis Store, CSM.

It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that this application be supported.

07/39(b) Other Planning Matters. Theats Farm, Creech Heathfield. Extensive roofing works had been made to a barn, a caravan installed, and a new entrance created, without planning permission. A notice from TDBC Enforcement Dept stating that, retrospective planning application having not been received, prosecution of the owner is to take place.

07/40 Website/Newsletter. A Draft Agreement had been received from Somerset Web Services which specified that SWS would deal with all aspects of administration of the new website, including payments, sending the PC 5% of advertising revenue each month. SWW would also be non profit making, sending any profits made to the PC once a year It was agreed by a vote of 10 (the 11th not voting) to accept the agreement. It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that Jan Edis, Stan and Betty Holdaway and Dave Duke should be presented with flowers or a bottle at the APM. It was reported that people in Dillons Road had not received their Newsletter.

07/41. Annual Risk Assessment and Asset Register updates. J Herrington, TDBC, had written that the 3 bus shelters were all provided  jointly by TDBC and the Parish Council with TDBC contributing 85% of the cost. The shelters are the property of the Parish Council and it is their responsibility  to insure,with ongoing maintenance and minor repairs being carried out by TDBC. They had not provided new glass at Adsborough because “the glass was not badly disfigured enough to replaced at TDBC's cost”. The cost of providing and installing an enclosed shelter, such as Adsborough, is approx £5600 and £5000 for a cantilever type such as Hyde Lane and Laburnum. A quotation from Zurich had been obtained for £160.52 with £100 excess for each loss. It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed to accept this quotation.

07/42. To Receive County & District Councillors’ Reports. Cllr Clark stated that the Council Tax increase would be 3.9% this year. There would be a fund to help people insulate their homes. Regarding the Park and Ride, the alternative site at the other side of Henlade had been rejected by SCC because it is considered too far from Taunton, although Exeter and Plymouth have schemes further out of town, and people should be encouraged to use it with cheap prices. The A358 dualling and Henlade By-pass, if agreed, will not commence until 2014, and funds available depend on what is spent at Stonehenge. He felt it important the PC attends the Area Working Panel meeting so that rural PC’s can form together to ensure they receive funds fairly. DCllr Durdan said someone in Taunton had been prosecuted for dog fouling. There are 54 dog bins in the Borough.

07/43. Matters of Report. It was reported that the drain is still blocked outside Dillons House and water is lying by the speed bump. It had been reported that Bollards had been moved from Llangaller and left at the bottom of Dillons Road – this had been reported but action taken yet. The Clerk was asked to chase up the contractor who had been asked to renovate the Riseland Way seat. LAT are purchasing their own speed camera. EA had put back the second phase of their flooding work at Ham. A “Z” sign at Ham is lying on top of the hedge. Regarding current flooding at Ham, villagers were concerned that their pump would not be powerful enough to cope so the EA are arranging for a larger one to be delivered from Bridgwater. A Regatta/Fun Day will be held at Ham on 16 June, with the help of LAT. Cllr Rooke said he had reported that the footpath is overgrown at T10/23. The owner of a field at T10/12 had contacted him to say he is fencing off the footpath to prevent dogs running, and he would remind him to cut the hedges. LAT had decided to support a Parish Fun Day/Regatta at Ham on 16 June and this would mean they would be less involved in the fun day/football festival at the Recreation Field a week earlier because the time available there was insufficient. .

07/44. Matters to be brought forward to the next meeting: CSM Recreation Field, Footpaths, Cambria Farm, Website. The meeting closed at 9.00pm. The next meeting will take place on 2 April.