/ Parish Council / 2007 Minutes / May 2007


Minutes of the Meeting held at 7pm on Monday 4 June 2007 in the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall.

Present: E Webb (Chairman), R Farrow (Vice-Chairman), A Bishop, T Carter, K Cooper, S Cooper, D Durdan,

R Jeanes, J Jurgenson, G Lucas & R Rooke (Parish Councillors). Also in attendance were TDCllr Leighton and members of the public. The Clerk opened the meeting at 7.05pm.

07/59: Election of the Chairman: It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that E Webb be elected Chairman.

07/60: Election of the Vice-Chairman: It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that R Farrow should be Vice-Chairman.

The Chairman and Parish Councillors signed and swore their Declaration of Acceptance of Office forms, which were countersigned by the Clerk. Members were given a copy of the New Code of Conduct and a Register of Financial Interests to complete and bring to the next meeting.

07/61: Apologies: Apologies were received from SCCllr Clark and B Rowlinson.

07/62: Chairman’s Welcome: The Chairman thanked Councillors for electing her Chairman again, and said she would do her very best for the PC and the Parish. She said that the Government White Paper means it is important that Councillors work hard during the next months, particularly with regard to the Unitary Authority proposal, and the SCC Taunton Deane Area Working Panel. Councillors were asked to familiarise themselves with the new Code of Conduct, which would be formally adopted at the next meeting. She drew their attention the Code which calls for Councillors to treat others with respect whilst representing the Council. Unfortunately, a verbal complaint from a member of the public had been received that this respect was not shown at one of the PC meetings, and Members must remember to always treat others with courtesy and professionalism whatever their personal feelings may be. Councillors asked for details of this complaint and the Clerk said that a member of the public had approached her to say that when TDCllr Leighton arrived injured after a fall at the March meeting and had to be taken to hospital, some Councillors had stated that she must have been drinking. Councillors said that any comments had been meant jokingly and no offence was meant. The Council extended an apology to Gwyneth, who stated that she had not been aware of any comments, and she was happy to accept their apology.

07/63: Appointment of representatives and working party members: It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that the following officers be elected: Planning Working Party: E Webb, A Bishop, T Carter.Local Development Framework and related matters: E Webb, A Bishop, T Carter; SCC Taunton Deane Area Working Panel and Gov White Paper matters: D Durdan, A Bishop, K Cooper, R Farrow; SCC’s Unitary Authority Proposal: A Bishop, R Rooke Highway Development; Highway related matters: R Farrow, G Lucas; SALC: G Lucas, R Rooke Footpaths/Rights of Way: R Rooke, G Lucas: Recreation Field Reps: T Carter, S Cooper: LAT. S Cooper, K Cooper; Tree Warden/Hedgerow Stewards: R Jeanes, J Jurgenson; Fly Tipping/Posting: R Rooke; Environment Agency/Flooding/Wessex Water/Other Environmental Matters: D Durdan, R Jeanes, J Jurgenson; Grievance Panel: A Bishop, T Carter, E Webb. Village Hall: E Webb. United Charities: E Webb.

07/64: Correspondence requiring a decision:





May 07


Councillor training: Burrowbridge either Tue 26 June or Tue 4 September, 7-10pm.

Training is not required


C Bakewell, Leader of SCC

Invitation to discuss SCC’s Unitary Proposals: 6.30 for 7pm: 17.5-Puriton Village Hall, 21 May-Kingsmead School, Wiv, 22 May-Bath & West Showgr, Sh Mallet, 29 May- Marston Magna Village Hall.

A Bishop, T Carter & R Rooke will attend


R Mitchinson, TDBC

Local Development Framework – Joint Issues & Options Document. LDF is a collection of documents that will replace each Local Plan and guide how each local authority area will change over next 20 years.

Document to be circulated to Councillors


E Colgan, Som Partn NHS

NHS Foundation Trust Application – Consultation document. Consultation document – Somerset Partnership NHS and Social Care Trust is applying to become an NHS Foundation Trust by Jan 2008

Document to be circulated to Councillors


H Loxton

Email re dumping by residents in Worthy Lane (copy enclosed for Councillors). Mr Loxton had cleaned out the ditch as requested but would like PC to ask residents not to dump lawn mowings & rubbish on ditch bank as this builds up & prevents drainage and lawn mowing liquid will pollute ditch water.

Clerk to write to Worthy Lane residents asking them not to tip, & reply to Mr Loxton, also stating that Cllr Carter has not tipped on his land


M Hill, SCC

Copy letter to J Browne MP re safety A38 at Adsborough

SCC stated that they could take no further action at present


K Fletcher

Letter re problems of anti-social by students staying at 2 Adsborough Cottages, Adsborough

Clerk to write to Bridgwater College, Chief Fire Officer & TDBC.

May 07


Meeting on 7 June 07 at Stoke St Gregory Village Hall, 7.30pm

R Rooke to attend with Clerk


Vicki May, SCC

SCC’S TAUNTON DEANE AREA WORKING PANEL – meeting on 22 May, 7-9pm at Albemarle Centre, Taunton focusing on Community Safety Issues

A Bishop & S Cooper will attend

7.30pm J Jurgenson arrived, stating that he thought the meeting started at 7.30pm, and he would attend at 7pm in future. He swore and signed his Declaration of Acceptance of Office and the Clerk countersigned.

07/65: Minutes 07/45-07/58. It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that the Minutes be adopted as correct. The Chairman signed each page of the Minutes.

07/66: Matters arising from the above Minutes: Adsborough: Somerset Highways are to be contacted to see if traffic-slowing electric signs can be installed; there is often a police vehicle at Adsborough but in full view, which means that traffic is slower when the police are in attendance; E Webb will meet J Browne MP & police shortly to discuss A38 dangers. Work had started on maintenance at Merlyns Copse, although the grass where the daffodils are will be cut later. Mr Loxton confirmed that he has left a 3m strip for the footpath when planting miscanthus. The new village website would be launched on Sat May 26th 9 to 11 at the Village Hall, with the launch at 10am. Expenses would be paid by Somerset Web Services. Jan Edis had written thanking us very much for the beautiful bouquet of flowers and the Chairman’s words of praise for her at the APM. Taunton Deane Highways are to surface dress at Creech Heathfield Road in mid August. This information would go into the website and Newsletter. Mrs Stribling of 35 Ryesland Way, CSM wrote to say that the trees that were overhanging her garden from the footpath have been trimmed back & she thanked the PC for their advice. A lady living next to the childrens’ play area near the village hall rang me to say that older children had destroyed the fence between the playground and her house. TDBC are repairing the fence. She said that these older children now frequent the playground and are very intimidating– it is affecting her family’s quality of life. The police and PCSO had visited and this information had been passed to LAT.

07/66: Accounts: It was proposed, seconded & unanimously agreed that the following amounts be paid: Post Office (telephone) - £105.24. This bill was much larger than normal because during a recent broadband breakdown which took 3 weeks to resolve, the Clerk was forced to ring a premium rate line to chase. She is writing a letter of complaint and hoping to reclaim some of the costs. D Bage (to refurbish seat) - £80.00. Members said that the job metal parts of the seat had not been painted. The Clerk said that the noticeboard at Ham which had been refurbished last year had rotten wood, which should have been replaced during the work, and she would write to D Bage about this. Clerk’s wages - £427.70.

07/67. Planning Applications received:-





It was agreed that R Jeanes and J Jurgenson would be informed immediately regarding Tree Preservation Orders.

07/67(b) Other Planning Matters







Change of use of agricultural land to domestic cartilage, erection of 1.5 storey 2 bay garage with attached store. Formation of new vehicular access & turning area & enclosure of existing vehicular access at Heathfield House, Cr Heathfield

Approval granted



Erection of 1 storey extension and detached garage, Woods Orchard, Crown Lane, Cr Heathfield as amended by letter dated 3 April 2007

Approval granted



Internal & external alterations at Greenlands Barn, Ham Wharf Farm, Ham

Approval granted



Alterations & erection of extensions & detached garage at Rosemary Cottage, Ham Road, CSM

Approval granted



To fell on lime tree included in TDB (CSM 1) Tree Preservation Order (1980) at 45 Tristram Drive, CSM

Approval refused

07/68. Park and Ride at Cambria Farm. Following the submission of a response to SCC, including detailed questions from Cllr Farrow, a long letter had been received stating that the PCs concerns are to be researched.

07/69. Matters raised by Police Community Support Officer (a) Graffiti removal. The PCSO had approached the PC to say they have a team who will remove graffiti but require a small amount of money for cleaning materials. It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that the PC would provide up to £100 for materials. (2) BBQ for 14-17 year olds. The PCSO is to approach the Recreation Field Committee to say that they would like to run a BBQ for youngsters, supervised by the police, in the summer and take the opportunity to find out what facilities the young people would like in their community.

07/70. To receive County & District Councillors’ Reports. TDCllr Durdan said that TDBC are to run a forum regarding the SCC Unitary Bid Proposal during the first week of June.

07/71. Matters of Report: A pipe culvert running beneath Worthy Lane has collapsed forming a large hole. This was thought to have been caused by refuse lorries and heavy vehicles. TDCllr Leighton said she would ask the Drainage Broad to get an engineer to carry out an inspection. The dropped kerbs requested from Somerset Highways had not been provided and the Clerk was asked to request these again. A pothole had re-appeared on the bridge near the abattoir, and a gulley on the road by the abattoir was blocked. Cllrs Durdan & Jeanes attended a Ham meeting to discuss flooding and the EA were in attendance. There was less cash than anticipated and the project had been scaled down. It is hoped the work would be carried out before the winter. The new neighbourhood watch co-ordinator for Ham is now Mrs Ann Hewish, Ham Croft, Ham (01823 442129). After heavy rain the road throughout Adsborough was flooded because all the drains were blocked. On the dual carriageway outside of Walford House the road was covered in water. The following signs at Adsborough are obscured by vegetation: one at the north end of Adsborough; one between Adsborough and Boomy Lane, one at the top of Boomy Lane; also the Bridgwater/Taunton sign. A white van had been dumped in St Michael Road for 2 weeks. People continue to park opposite the school, and it was agreed to ask SCC to provide yellow lines from Rocketts Cottages to the right-hand bend. Somerset Highways had still not responded about the dangerous road at Northend, and the PC would continue to press for a response. The Recreation Field Children’s’ play area renovation is almost complete and an inspection booked. It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed to provide £100 towards expenses for the Parish Fun Day at Ham on 16 June towards providing toilets and re-usable signs. A complaint had been received from a resident that a bonfire is regularly lit by a contractor close to Rocketts Cottages (on private land). A car lot in CSM has parked vehicles on the grass, damaging it, and they may be encroaching the pavement, but it is thought the grass is private land.

07/72: Matters to be brought forward to the next meeting: LAT, Code of Conduct.

The meeting closed at 9.04pm.