/ Parish Council / 2007 Minutes / October 2007


Minutes of a Meeting held at 7pm on Monday 1 October 2007 in the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall.


Present:  E Webb (Chairman), R Farrow (Vice-Chairman), A Bishop, T Carter, K Cooper, S Cooper, D Durdan, R Jeanes, G Lucas, R Rooke (Parish Councillors) and T Habberfield (Parish Clerk).  Also in attendance were SCCllr Clark, TDCllr Leighton and members of the public. 


07/119:  Chairman’s Welcome:  The Chairman opened the meeting at 7pm. 


07/120:  Apologies:  There were no apologies.  7.05pm.  Cllrs K Cooper and S Cooper arrived.


07/121:  CSM Recreation Field:  The Chairman reported that Brian Rowlinson had a successful operation and is recovering.  The Clerk reported that the Committee would be pleased for the PC to host a public meeting about problems at the Recreation Field and the hall has been booked for Friday 23 November from 7-9pm.  From now on Recreation Field Committee meetings are to be held on the last Monday of the month; when there is a bank holiday there will be no meeting that month. 

07/122Local Action Team:  It was reported that the paintball project, designed to reward youngsters for good behaviour and recently trialled at Hestercombe, is going well.  Cllrs Rooke, K Cooper and S Cooper have volunteered to be marshals.


07/123:  Correspondence requiring a decision:






Taunton Deane Local Strategic Partnership

Introduction of Community Partnerships-meetings on 9 Oct at CSM Village Hall at 2pm & 1 Nov at 6.30pm at CSM School

Cllrs Rooke and Lucas will attend


SCC-Ryan Bunch, Transport Planner

HGV Pinch Points – request for a list of roads unsuitable for HGVs

(1) Adsborough Lane (2) bridge over River Tone, CSM (3) railway bridge, CSM (4) between Bell Inn and Hyde Lane junct, CSM (5) Northend/St Michael Rd (no pavement).


07/124:  Minutes – September meeting.  07/108 “fowling” was correct to “fouling”.  07/111 line 6 “cited” was corrected to “sited”.  It was proposed, seconded and agreed by a vote of 9 with 1 abstention that the Minutes be adopted as correct.  The Chairman signed each page of the Minutes.
7.30pm  SCCllr Clark arrived.

07/125:  Matters Arising. It was reported that the footpath from Northend to the M5 has brambles.  Enquiries are to be made to clarify the proposed safe crossings at West View and elsewhere in the village.  TD Highways will re-inspect the bus stops to see if the dropped kerbs can be raised.  A dog bin has been installed near CSM School, close to the preschool just over the footpath stile, and enquiries are to be made with regards to its safety near children and housing.  The Clerk reported that she is researching street lighting and will report on this at the next meeting, and regarding the letter from Mr Hart on the subject of Dillons street lighting, she had spoken to David Greig, the Parish Liaison Officer of Taunton Deane Borough Council, and was advised that the Parish Council had done nothing out of order.  She would be replying to Mr Hart during the week and Mr Greig will be pleased to answer any further queries. 

The village shop is being converted to a new Spar and there will be a grand opening soon.  It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that Commerce Builders be instructed to move the Ham notice board to outside the barriers, which could cause a public hazard.  The Clerk reported that she had complained to Taunton Deane Highways regarding their services and the outcome has been quite positive – emails are now acknowledged and she has had several telephone conversations with members of their staff.  It was agreed that matters reported to them should include a Parish Councillor’s tel. no. to improve communication.  They said they would not re-cut Hyde Lane because they consider growth has now died back.


07/126:  Accounts:  It was also proposed, seconded & unanimously agreed that the following amounts be paid:  Clerk’s salary - £481.52, Recreation Field Committee (TDBC grant) - £1,840.00, Clerk’s expenses - £194.54 (including purchase of a printer).CSM Parish Church - £315 (TDBC burial ground grant).


07/127:  Proposed East of Taunton Park and Ride.  The Clerk had collected data from them but this was the same material which had been seen before.  Cllr Clark reported that the Park & Ride may be used as a training area for speeding drivers.  Richard Needs and his colleagues will be presenting at Ruishton Parish Council the following Wednesday and it was agreed some councillors will attend.  DCllr Leighton said a planning application may be made by November, and she was very concerned at the projected figures for increased traffic, and its effects upon local village routes.  The Clerk was asked to request that the presentation is brought to CSM.  DCllr Durdan said he was concerned about the knock-on effects to the community when accidents happen near the proposed Park and Ride.


07/128:  Planning Applications received:  The Chairman asked Councillors to state whether they had an interest in any of the planning applications and if so, was it a prejudicial interest?







Erection of exten., Anns Orchard, Laburnum Terr., CSM

It was proposed, seconded and agreed by a vote of 9 with 1 abstention by E Webb that this application be supported.



Erection of 1st fl. exten. & conservatory, 83 West View, CSM

It was proposed, seconded and agreed by a vote of 9 with 1 abstention by R Rooke that this application be supported


07/128(b) Other Planning Matters







Letter rec’d from TDBC to say “the proposal constitutes development permitted under Article 3 of the Town & Country Planning (General Permitted Development) Order, 1995 and the permission of the Local Planning Authority is therefore not necessary.

Clerk was asked to write to T Burton asking why it was not identified earlier that pp was not required.



Erection of 1 storey extension at Summerhayes Hse, Curvalion Rd, CSM

Approval granted



Repair and raise canal lock wall & construct 24m of new flood defence wall on new alignment at Ham Wharf House, White St. Ham

Approval granted



Repair and raise canal lock wall & construct 24m of new flood defence wall on new alignment at Ham Wharf House, White St. Ham

Approval granted



Erection of a chalet bungalow and attached garage with new drive off at Francis Close, Cr Heathfield

Approval granted


07/129:  Footpaths and Pavements:  A letter was received from the Ramblers associated regarding the Path Prioritisation System for Somerset suggested that we mark all footpaths as top priority (which the PC had already done).  Complaints are continuing with regard to the raised footpath at Coxes Hill.  The bank is crumbling and vegetation and brambles grow into the pavement.  The Clerk was instructed to contact TD Highways.

07/130:  Adsborough and A38.  . It was reported that 2 Adsborough Hill Cottages will no longer be rented by Bridgwater College and The Clerk had received a message from Adsborough Neighbourhood Watch ”I have to thank the Parish Council for their support; in particular Eileen Webb who attended our n/w meeting last and of course gave me and Ann moral support and wise counsel.  Thanks also to you for writing to the College”. 

07/131:  To receive County & District Councillors’ Reports.  Cllr Clarke said that ISIS would improve services in Somerset and save money.  SCC’s pension scheme had been assessed as the best performing in the country.  His personal option for the Park and Ride was still Option no. 5 at Thornfalcon.  DCllr Leighton said that police are recruiting for PCSOs and asked for feedback, to which Councillors replied that they are very pleased with Lynsey Gamblin and could think of no improvements.  DCllr Leighton said there is a likely to be Royal Mail industrial action from 4 October.  She had attended a TD Area Working Panel in October but there were only 3 people present.  Agenda items included Wellington Restorative Justice and the implementation of renewable energy.  The TD Scrutiny Panel structure is changing – there would now be 2 main panels – the “Overview and Scrutiny Board” and “Performance and Strategy Panel”, with sub groups overseeing services, town centre partnerships, land, housing, council tax, local income tax, major planning applications etc.  There would also be a “Task and Finish Review” set up to find solutions to problems.   


07/132:  Matters of Report: A letter of congratulations is to be sent to Somerset Web Services following the CSM Parish website winning 1st prize for the medium-size Parish Council.  Problems were reported following the extension of the “no parking” zigzag outside of CSM School.  It was reported that CSM schoolchildren had recently taken a letter home stating that small children had recently been propositioned by a stranger outside of schools in Taunton.  There has been progress regarding Phase 2 of Ham flood defences, a start date having been agreed of October-November 2007, and with Humphrey Temperley expected to launch it.  It was reported that a second CSM War Memorial exists, and it is in the Zion Baptist Church grounds. 

There are problems of parking at West View, with some vehicles causing congestion or blocking entrances.  A notice about parking appropriately will be placed in the Newsletter, especially as Traffic Wardens have booked vehicles recently in CSM Regarding the problems of the kerb heights at the bus stops, TDBC had installed dropped kerbs when constructing the bus stops in anticipation of buses with low steps, which were never introduced on the route.  Negotiations are taking place to raise these kerbs.  The Clerk was asked to report the following to the appropriate authorities: there regular bonfires adjacent to a vegetable patch at Hyde Lane.  The Coxes Hill raised pavement still has brambles etc growing into it; the footbridge at Ham is very dilapidated and may required replacing; a tree behind 19 West View had grown tall and may be a hazard.


07/133:  Matters to be brought forward to the next meeting:  Dillons Road street lighting.
The meeting closed at 8.55pm.  The next 2 meetings are to be held on Mon 12 November and Mon 3 December.