/ Parish Council / 2008 Minutes / July 2008

Minutes of a Meeting held at 7pm on Monday 7th July 2008 in the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall. 

Present:  E Webb (Chairman), R Farrow, A Bishop, A Birch, K Cooper, S Cooper, R Jeanes, R Rooke, G Lucas and Jill Loader (Clerk).  Also in attendance were members of the public. 

08/105 Eileen Webb welcomed everyone to the meeting, and read out a thank you card from Teresa Habberfield.
Public speaking time : This was agreed to be allowed at the appropriate agenda items.


08/106  Apologies:  Apologies were received from T Carter, K Durdan and D Durdan and their reason for non-attendance were accepted.

08/107  Minutes :  Some of the Councillors had not received their June minutes via the post.  It was agreed to distribute the minutes with the next meeting agenda and deliver by hand.  It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that the June Minutes be adopted as correct.  The Chairman signed each page of the minutes.

08/108 Matters arising: a)  A38 @ Adsborough -  Agreed to write to Mr Peake asking when the new lining will take place, and Bev Norman (Red Route Officer) to get a meeting set up to discuss the road problems at Adsborough.  Clerk to check emails from A Bishop on subject for contacts.  Clerk to ask T Habberfield where records of all accidents are kept.  b)  Fun day made a loss of £250.  CSM RFMC to discuss Air Ambulance donation at next meeting.  c) Fun Day near Ham Village will take place in August, near the water for a themed water event.

08/109 Creech St Michael Recreation Field Management Committee – a) Receipts/Payments Budget for next year – agreed to get more clarification from Treasurer regarding grants expected for next year.  Once clarified, the budget would be discussed at the next meeting to agree how much the PC would pay towards expenses. b)  The PC agreed the clerk could work for the Field Recreation Committee, as long as they had enough funds to pay her expenses, and the PC work would not suffer.  c)  Clerk to check with Charities Commission regarding the VAT implications on invoices received.

08/110  Local Action Team:  Nothing to report.

08/111  Correspondence:- 




Decision reached



Som. Local Initiatives Budget for Som County Councillors

a) Pass paperwork to Field Rec to help towards improving area. b)  contact Nobby Clark – SCC – to advise him of our plans



Event re power of well-being appointed councillors – 4th Sept

No one to attend at present – discuss at next meeting once revised date know


The Planning Inspectorate

Appeal decision re barn on land at Theats Farm Creech Heatfield

Informed PC - Appeal dismissed


The Planning Inspectorate

Appeal decision re 2 Worthy Cottages, Worthy Lane, CSM

Informed PC - Planning permission granted for a double garage


Jaymar Estates

Bell Inn – no news on what is going to happen to the public house to date

a) Check with Listed Buildings re keeping Grade II buildings up to standard. b) Ask Jaymar to replace broken window/cut grass to tidy area


08/112 Newsletter:  November newsletter would be the last one if no-one comes forward to become the new editor.   It was agreed to approve the following amendments discussed at the meeting: a)  minute 08/45 to read ‘ the editor would be advised that any letters containing personal views and issues that might cause controversy to residents should be checked and approved  by the Parish Council prior to publication. b)  Minute 07/94 (2 July 07 meeting) regarding the surplus the newsletter had made of £1,287.69 The newsletter received an income of £1,638 and payments of £1,343.  This gave the newsletter a profit of only £295. c)  If a new editor was found, guidelines would be set out regarding what can and can not be published, and more liaison between PC and Newsletter.


08/113  Accounts:  Bills to be paid: It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed to pay the following invoices:  Village Hall £8.00, Clerks salary £429.75, Clerks Expenses £102.82, Telephone line £20.89, E Webb expenses £40.30, A Bishop travel expenses £10, R Rooke travel expenses £4.80. b)  The Internal Audit date had been changed to 8th September.  c) The PC unanimously approved the signing of the Annual Return form together with the necessary paperwork to support the accounts. d) It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed the TDBC Maintenance Grant application for 08/09 would be:  Burial grounds £387, Playing Fields £1,900. 


08/114  Planning Applications received:-    







Erection of a unit of ancillary accommodation comprising a 1 bedroom bungalow and erection of replacement garage at Fairview Farm, Worthy Lane, CSM

The Councillors voted to support this application by a vote of 5 – 4.  



Installation of tube solar panels on garage, Dillons, North End, CSM

Planning already approved – not discussed at meeting



Erection of conservatory, 29 Ryesland Way, CSM

The councillors supported this application unanimously.



Appeal outcome re Mr Leighfield 2 Worthy Cottages – for a double garage – permission granted

Already discussed in correspondence 08/111.



Variation of condition 08 of 14/2005/008 erection of 2 dwellings and garages at Mallow, CSM

Agreed that once the building works commence, the trees should be fenced off.


08/114b  Other  Planning Matters







Demolition of out building and erection of detached garage and store with hobby room above, Lashpool Bungalow, Charlton Road, CH

Permission granted



Change of use of field to garden area north of Penang, Adsborough

Permission granted



Installation of tube solar panels on garage, Dillions, North End, CSM

Permission granted


08/115  Ham Road Update – Various matters were listed for improvement to Ham Road from K Martin, Somerset Highways, letter dated 10th June 2008.  PC would check on progress.

08/116  Clerk’s Holiday / Meeting date change -  It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed to move the September meeting from 1st to 8th September in order to allow for the Clerk’s holiday from 30th August to 6th September 2008.

08/117 Risk Assessment- It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed to adopt the Risk Assessment document which had been updated in time for the internal auditor. 

08/118  Standing Orders and Financial Regulations – It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed to adopt the updated Standing Orders and Financial Regulations.  Old Standing Orders should be given to the clerk.

08/119  Flood Defence Project – It was agreed to have the presentation on Monday, 28th July at 7pm in the Village Hall, to discuss the flood defence scheme for Bull Street and Mill Lane.  Agreed to invite the two resident’s associations to the meeting – maximum of 6 representatives.   The Environmental Agency, Jacobs and May Gurney would be presenting the scheme details.

08/120 County & District Councillors’ Reports.  Nothing to report from SCC.   It was agreed to write to N Clarke to ask why he hasn’t been attending the meetings and hope he will attend the September meeting.   It was agreed that County and District Councillors should issue a small report regarding any concerns they had to the clerk prior to the meeting, if they were unable to attend. 

08/121 Matters of Report. ?T10/23 ? broken drain cover by school/footpath, Adsborough Hill Bus Stop ? overgrown hedges over bus stop, Hyde Lane ? pot holes in road after school and before bend, Ham Road 30mph sign had graffiti on it, Ham Bridge ? due to have a flat bridge installed by end of July, Noticeboard in West View/Arundells Drive to stop fly posting on lamp posts- Clerk to get permission from Planning first,? Footpaths T10/14 & T10/14a ? need to clarify their position ? contact Sam Jones,? Over hangs from pavements ? Cox?s Hill ? 3 bungalows in cul-de-sac outside St Chads North End,? Felt the village was a mess ? think about improving the entrance and exits to village ? flowers perhaps, Allotements ? no land available in village ? could possibly have some allocated once Llangaller and Monkton Heathfield development is finished.? Waiting to hear from TDBC.? Fly tipping ? fridge in Hyde Lane needs removing.? Poor verge and hedge cutting by council ? need a better solution.? Matters of report to be actioned after Planning on next month?s agenda, as it is an important item.? Clerk to chase up meeting with Mr Copp regarding relief road.? Clerk to obtain more copies of Sustainable Communities Act for Councillors to read and discuss at next meeting..

 08/122 Matters to be carried forward to the next Parish Council Meeting.  Hedge and verge cutting issues around village, another solution is required.
The meeting closed at 9.19pm.  The next two parish council meetings will take place on Monday, 4th August (planning only), and Monday, 8th September 2008.