/ Parish Council / 2008 Minutes / November 2008

Minutes of a Meeting held at 7pm on Monday 3rd November 2008 in the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall.


Present:  E Webb (Chairperson), R Farrow, A Bishop, K Cooper, S Cooper, R Jeanes, R Rooke, G Lucas, D Durdan and Jill Loader (Clerk).  Also in attendance were Cllr K Durdan, Mr T Coke, Dr Moyse, PCSO Lynsey Gamblin and Mr A Lehner West Country Developments and members of the public.

08/166 The Chairperson welcomed Dr Moyse and Mr Coke to the meeting.

08/167 Apologies:  A Birch - The reason why A Birch could not attend the meeting was read out via an email received from A Birch by R Farrow.  It was agreed that E Webb would contact A Birch to resolve the issues detailed in the email.
Public speaking time :  Ken Nation requested that a drop down kerb from North End to Langaller was needed by Merlyns Copse.  PC agreed to contact Highways.

08/168 Minutes from October Meeting: It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that the October minutes be adopted as correct.  The Chairperson signed each page of the minutes.  

08/169 Matters Arising:  08/152 – Sam Jones had replied regarding Foxhole Lane which was not a public footpath. It was agreed to see if this could be adopted as one.  08/158 Worthy Lane – works would be carried out after other major works had been completed elsewhere.  08/163 – The Christmas tree could be placed outside the Bell Inn again this year. 

08/170 Planning Applications Received:




Decision Reached



Erection of first floor extension to the rear of the property at 4 Sealeys Cottages, CSM

The Parish Councillors voted to support this application unanimously


08/171 – Planning Application 14/2008/032 - Erection of a two storey medical centre and associated parking at land at North End CSM -  After a long discussion hearing everyone’s point of view regarding the importance of a new medical centre but having issues with the chosen site.  Ruth Farrow proposed and Dave Durdan seconded it, to support the application.  The Parish Councillors voted 5:3 against with 1 abstention to object to the site of the new medical centre.  G Lucas supported the application, and wanted this minuted.  R Jeanes expressed an interest and did not vote.  The Parish Councillors requested a letter from the fund providers informing them if the site was not approved, then the fund would be withdrawn.   A letter was also requested confirming there were no other sites available.   Mr Lehner informed the meeting that the ‘106 agreement’ relating to the Hyde Lane Development was very close to being finalised.  He stated that if a medical centre were proposed and planned for Hyde Lane, and subject to a formal planning process, a road up to the medical centre could be provided prior to the housing development being completed.   
7.25pm – SC Cllr A Clark arrived.

08/172 -  PACT items - PCSO Lynsey Gamblin requested any issues she could take back to the PACT team for them to try and resolve.  After discussion, it was agreed that speeding in West View was an issue together with speeding along Hyde Lane after the schools have finished and the children are walking home, particularly now the nights were dark.   Lynsey Gamblin agreed to report these issues and would follow up in February 09 with an update. 

08/173 Chairman’s Report – E Webb informed the meeting what she had achieved during the last month which involved meeting PC’s and residents at Adsborough regarding the issues with crossing the A38.  Meeting with D Martin at SCC Transport Development Group to try and resolve these issues and at Mill Lane.  The clerk read out an email received from D Martin covering the points raised at the meeting with actions.  A letter from TDBC regarding accommodating housing and employment growth workshop briefing was read out.  E Webb, A Bishop and D Durdan would be attending this on 10th November.  This was followed by a note requesting PC members to attend a workshop, to discuss how the Monkton Heathfield Development will progress and what the needs are for the local residents.   E Webb S Cooper and K Cooper would be attending, on 4th and 9th December in Monkton Heathfield.


08/174 Correspondence: 




Decision Reached


Chris Golding

Donation to sponsor – Matt Golding – cricket tour

Unfortunately could not help with individual sponsorship but wished him well with the tour.  Would support any publicity.



Parish Play Area Grant Scheme

Letter had been copied to K Durdan for Rec Field


Land Registry

Voluntary First Registration of Title

Clerk to ensure the Recreation Field is registered correctly.



BT call boxes outcome

Pleased to hear that CH and call box by church are remaining



Clerks salaries & mileage allowances 08/09

Approved rate increase once approved at Government level.  Mileage rate would remain at 40p per mile.


Somerset Highways

A38 Bridgwater – Adsborough Hill speed restriction

Clerk to find out what work they will be doing as the letter does not detail the actual works.  A Clark to check as well.


08/175  Accounts:  Bills to be paid: It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed to pay the following invoices:  Village Hall £24.00, Clerks salary £429.75, Clerks Expenses £92.10, Telephone line £19.16, A Bishop – travel £11.60, J. Edis – Newsletter expenses £145.00, CPRE Subscription £28.00, EDF Energy for Recreation Field £207.29, Glasdon – bench £802.53. 

08/176  Precept 09/10 -  The clerk presented a draft precept budget for 09/10 for consideration.  After discussion it was agreed that the clerk, E Webb and D Durdan would get together to discuss the budget and outline the queries raised, to be able to present a final version at the next meeting.

08/177  Other Planning Matters







Change of use of agricultural field to provide external storage and formation of hardstanding at 10 Castle Nursery, CSM

Permission granted



Infill extension to form a therapy suite at CSM Primary School, CSM

Permission granted


08/178  Matters of Report: a)  Ham Footbridge T10/05 – a letter from Rights of Way stated the contract to replace the footbridge had been awarded.  It was agreed to inform Rachel Pearce that people were still walking across the bridge in spite of it being closed and surely there was a health and safety issue.  b)  Drains on A38 at Adsborough were silted up and causing floods.  A Clark to take this up with Highways.  c)  Try to find out a date for when Worthy Lane works would commence.  d)  Ham flood defence Phase II works were completed, but pump did not work when required.  Understood TDBC would take over responsibility of this area from EA soon.  e)  In Charlton along the river were large pot holes.  Understood SCC were responsible for repairs but these were not satisfactory.  Clerk to find out the name of the local/national Sustrams representative who could possibly get the pot holes looked at again.  f)  West View still required drop down kerbs along the pavements.  g)  Raised pavements at the bus stops in Hyde Lane were still required, h) Manhole cover by the school had not been replaced in spite of being informed it would be.   i)  SCC to be contacted regarding the water from the drains flooding the cellar of the Bell Inn.  j)  Hedge in North End still required cutting back.   k)  Mr Lockey at Merdeta wanted Highways to resolve the issue of the large puddle that remains outside his house.  It was understood the works were being planned for sometime in the new year.  

08/179  Footpaths:  All footpaths had been trimmed and sorted. 

08/180  CSM Village Tidy Up – S Cooper/R Farrow to report at next meeting their suggestions on how to tidy up the village and get residents involved.

08/181 Maintenance Contract – A Pipe It was agreed to the quote to fell and prune trees at Merlin’s Copse for £750 and for strimming and clearing work at a cost of £165 per cut, where 3 cuts were probably required.  R Rooke expressed an interest and did not vote.

08/182 Newsletter:  The clerk had received the final expenses invoice from J Edis which was approved.  J Edis would attend the December meeting to receive her leaving present.  £100 was being given as garden vouchers and £100 in a cheque for her to spend on something for herself.  It was hoped the new editor would attend the December meeting.  Clerk to contact the new editor. 

08/183 District Councillors Report –  A Clark reported that SCC Major Transport Schemes: Regional Funding Allocation had approved the Taunton Thirdway and Northern Inner Distributor Road at a cost of around £30m. The Thirdway is a new street linking Wellington Road to the West of the town, with Bridge Street to the north of the town centre.  It provides a new crossing of the river tone and enables further pedestrian enhancement to the town.  The scheme includes cycle lanes along its length. The NIDR is a new east-west street linking with Staplegrove Road to the north west of the town.   It was also hoped that SCC would get access to their money held in the Icelandic bank.  TDBC Cllrs Report - D Durdan reported that the SCC Major Transport Schemes included improvements to the junction on the A38 and A358 corridors with a scheme called the North-East Taunton urban-growth infrastructure at a cost of around £22m. The project comprises grade separation of the current at-grade traffic signal junction at the junction of the A38 and A358 corridors in Taunton The scheme would involve the provision of a four lane grade separate junction to take the A358 over the top of the existing A38. The A358 would be carried over the A38 on a 3 span structure carrying a dual carriageway, the slip roads onto and off of the structure would be at maximum gradients 1:20. The existing traffic signal junction would be removed and replaced with aroundabout with slip roads onto and off of the A358 to the east and west. The existing footbridge across the A358 would be removed and at grade Toucan crossings would be provided on the eastern side of the roundabout across the A358 approach. This crossing would link into the existing / proposed cycle / pedestrian network which runs along the A358 and the A38. Bus priority is generally not required through this junction as only a limited number of services pass through it. Services from the A358 to the south – east of Taunton will utilize an existing Bus priority route along Ilminster Road and those from the north in the main pass through Monkton Heathfield.
Vote for the Boat - The Somerset Waterways Development Trust were hoping to receive funding from the BIG Lottery People’s Millions Competition being run via a telephone vote on 25th November.  Posters were being put up advertising the event and it was hoped everyone would telephone to ensure the village bought a boat for trips up and down the canal. 

08/185 Matters to be carried forward to the next Parish Council Meeting - Village tidy up.
The meeting closed at 9.04pm.  The next two parish council meetings will take place on Monday, 1st December 2008 and Monday 5th January 2009.