/ Parish Council / 2008 Minutes / October 2008

Minutes of a Meeting held at 7pm on Monday 6th October 2008 in the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall.


Present:  E Webb (Chairperson), R Farrow, A Bishop, A Birch, K Cooper, S Cooper, R Jeanes, R Rooke, G Lucas, D Durdan and Jill Loader (Clerk).  Also in attendance were Cllr K Durdan, David Greig – TDBC and Mr A Lehner West Country Developments

08/149 The Chairperson welcomed David Greig and Mr Lehner to the meeting.

08/150 Apologies:  None – D Durdan would be arriving late.

Public speaking time :  None
08/151 Minutes from September Meeting: It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that the September minutes be adopted as correct.  The Chairperson signed each page of the minutes.  

08/152 Matters Arising:  a) Mr Hartnell – Foxhole Lane – find out if this is a right of way – Sam Jones b) The clerk updated the meeting with various actions relating to the September meeting which involved Highways, Rights of Way.  c) Clerk and Chairperson meeting with Highways on 7th October to clarify some issues.  d)  Points were clarified regarding the weight restriction to Creech railway bridge.  e)  Clerk to confirm hedge by school is maintained by TDBC – and advise this to 1 Rocketts Close. 

08/153 Correspondence: 






South Somerset District Councils

Pioneer Somerset:  Devolution of Services Survey

To be completed by 12 Dec – agreed Clerk, E Webb, R Rooke and G Lucas to complete at a separate meeting



Council Question Time events across Somerset

5 Nov – 6pm & 8pm at TDBC Offices – Gordon Lucas to attend and Eileen Webb



Annual Policy & Technical Update seminar – 4th Dec in Swindon – 10am till 3.45pm

No-one would attend 


Rural Safer Stronger Neighbourhood Team

PACT – to decide on any issues the parish has which PACT would try and resolve – see email circulated with agenda

Agreed to bring along any ideas for the November meeting


Mrs Duddridge

Offering her field for the new Medical Centre

Agreed to write and thank her for her letter and acknowledge the contents.


08/154  Accounts:  Bills to be paid: It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed to pay the following invoices:  Village Hall £8.00, Clerks salary £429.75, Clerks Expenses £174.02, Telephone line £18.77, TDBC Planning for notice board £47.50, TDBC notice boards (2) £82.25, R Rooke (Ham bulbs) £19.98, G Lucas (travel) £6.32, St Michael’s Church – burial ground maintenance - £315, Devon & Somerset Fire Protection (Field Rec fire extinguisher service) £16.16  Quarterly update:  No comments  Audit update: Clerk had sent off the annual return to Moore Stephens and was awaiting their response.  Internal auditor had brought up several points which was approved to  be actioned: Obtain quote for increasing fidelity sum insured, Clerk had issued the VAT reclaim for 06 and 07 which had been outstanding,  clerk to inform internal auditor that previous clerk had been self employed.
7.50pm Cllr D Durdan and Cllr K Durdan arrived. The Chairperson welcomed K Durdan as the new District Councillor.

08/155 St Michael’s Church – Donation: E Webb expressed an interest and did not vote.  After discussion, it was agreed by a vote of 6:4 in favour, to donate £300 towards the new notice board St Michael’s Church PCC wanted to purchase.  D Grieg advised the meeting that this amount was acceptable under Section 137 of the Local Government Act 1972.

 08/156 Planning Applications Received:







Erection of single storey extensions to front and rear of property, demolition of garage to rear, and erection of garage to side elevation at 52 Arundells Way, CSM

The PC voted to support this application unanimously



Change of use of agricultural field to provide external storage and formation of hard standing at 10 Castle Nursery, CSM

The PC voted support this application by 10 votes with 1 abstention



Infill extension to form a therapy suite at CSM Primary School

The PC voted to support this application unanimously


08/157 b)  Other Planning Matters







Erection of a two storey Medical Centre and parking at land at North End CSM

The application had been withdrawn



Variation of condition 08 – removal of onerous conditions (fencing off of trees)

Permission granted



Retention of replacement windows at Creech Paper Mill, Mill Lane CSM

Permission granted



Demolition of bungalow and erection of two 1.5 storey dwellings at Rosewood, North End, CSM

Permission refused



Erection of two storey side and single storey rear extensions at Riparian, Bull Street, CSM

Permission granted


08/158  Matters of Report: a)  Require a date as to when Worthy Lane footpath will be repaired – Sam Jones b) Adsborough - replace 30mph road signs at junction at the Maypole end – Ian Titcombe c) Highways to clear road by Merlyns Copse as its silted up d) Wessex Water to replace sewage cover by Bell Inn e) Bell Inn – will be reopening and is currently being refurbished f) Been reported that school maintenance contractors had dumped grass cuttings which had not been correct.

08/159 Newsletter:  It was noted that Jan Edis would be editing the November newsletter and helping the new editors with the February 09 newsletter.  Clerk to check when J Edis had received her last expenses.  It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed to purchase £200 worth of garden vouchers as a thank you and leaving present for Jan.

08/160  Footpaths:  All issues regarding local footpaths were all in hand with Rights of Way.  T10/09 – vandalised stiles had been seen by Sam Jones and he has agreed to repair them.    A Pipe – maintenance contract – agreed to review this at the next meeting.

08/161  CSM Village Tidy Up – S Cooper/R Farrow to report at next meeting their suggestions on how to tidy up the village and get residents involved

08/162  Notice boards/bench:  The garage owner agreed that the notice board could be turned around for easier access to residents.  D Durdan to provide a quote to carry out the works.   Bench for North End: It was agreed to purchase the Phoenix Jubilee Seat with timberpol slats and black end supports. 

08/163  Christmas Tree Position: It was agreed the Christmas Tree could be placed in the Bell Inn car park as it would be opening soon.  Clerk to inform Baptist Church.

08/164 District Councillors Report – The next meeting with SCC Scrutiny Panel is on 7th October regarding the A358 by pass and Henlade.    Kelly Durdan had been voted in as the new TDBC Councillor.  SCC Report – nothing to report.

08/165 Matters to be carried forward to the next Parish Council Meeting -  Village tidy up, Newsletter, A Pipe – maintenance contract.
The meeting closed at 8.53pm.  The next two parish council meetings will take place on Monday, 3rd November and Monday 1st December 2008.