/ Parish Council / 2009 Minutes / March 2009

Minutes of a Meeting held at 7pm on Monday 2nd March 2009 in the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall.


Present:  E Webb (Chairperson), R Farrow, A Bishop, K Cooper, S Cooper, R Jeanes, R Rooke, G Lucas, D Durdan, A Birch and Jill Loader (Clerk).  Also in attendance were Cllr K Durdan, SCCllr A Clark, PCSO Steve Jackman and members of the public.

09/213 The Chairperson welcomed everyone to the meeting.

09/214 Apologies: Apologies were received from Cllr Tom Carter and his reason for non-attendance was accepted. 

Public speaking time :   A rubbish bin had been dumped at Rysland Way and required removing.  Clerk to contact Environmental Health.  Various residents had reported it, but the bin had not been removed to date.  

09/215 Minutes from January Meeting:  It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that the January minutes be adopted as correct.  The Chairperson signed each page of the minutes.  

09/216 Matters Arising:  None

09/217 Chairperson’s Report:   The Chairperson did not wish to report anything this month, as the agenda was long enough and didn’t want to extend the time of the meeting any longer.

09/218  PACT :  PCSO Steve Jackman reported that West View was now an official Community Speed Watch area.  The parish councillors could get trained in using the camera.  The existing camera was currently being serviced and PSCO Lynsey Gamblin had already trained up a couple of the councillors.    B)  Details relating to a person disturbing residents in Bull Street at 10pm were noted.  C)  It was confirmed that mini-moto vehicles were not allowed to be driven on the road.  It was noted that these vehicles had been seen at the recreation field and around Ham.

 09/219  Correspondence




Decision reached



Proposed village name stone – Ham

Position confirmed – inform Highways  



Power of Well-Being Training Events

Clerk to attend meeting on 9th March 09


09/220  Planning




Decision reached



Removal of oil tank from North End to front garden, increasing width of north gate way between front and rear garden from 3’ to 6’, repair of front wall and various internal alterations at Dillons, North End, CSM

The parish council supported this application providing it met with listed building regulations.  It was voted by 10 votes for with 1 abstention due to an interest.



Removal of flat roof to  garages and provision of a pitched roof and covered entrance to the front door of Claremont, CSM

The parish council voted to support this application unanimously.



Additional Planning Applications that were received late




Erection of single storey annexe to form residential accommodation of former barn at The Old Mill, North End, CSM

It was voted unanimously that the Planning Committee would review the planning application and report back to TD Planning, as the next meeting was after the cut off point.   



Removal of internal stud wall at North End Farm, CSM

The parish council supported this application providing it met with listed building regulations.  It was voted by 10 votes for with 1 abstention due to an interest.


09/221  Other Planning matters







Erection of front entrance porch, fornt boundary wall and new window serving the lounge to the south elevation of the property at Bay Tree Cottage, Adsborough, CSM

Permission granted



Display of parish notice board on land adjacent to Olde Arundells, Arundells Way/Hyde Lane, CSM

Permission granted



Erection of 3 portable cabins to provide offices and toilet facilities and the erection of lighting to be used in association with parking on part of the former Langdons site, Walford Cross

Permission granted



Flood Defence improvements at various parcels of land at Mill Lane, Tone Bridge Island, Bull Street, Brickyard Farm, CSM

Permission granted

07.25pm – SC Cllr A Clark arrived

09/222 Matters of Report   a)  New notice board at Arundells Way – complaints regarding notices being placed that were not related to parish events had been received.  It was agreed to place a notice in the parish magazine to tell residents only notices relating to the parish and surrounding parish was allowed.  Clerk to place a similar notice in the notice board and to remind residents fly posting was illegal.  B)  Canal path by K Osmond/engine house – D Durdan informed the meeting that funding had now been secured and works would commence before the end of the financial year, to get this track repaired.  British Water had given permission for the works to commence.  D Durdan agreed to chase up.  C)  Ham Residents Meeting – this had been re-scheduled to 10th March.  It was agreed to speak to Nick Stone at WW to find out if the suggestion made by a resident to get Ham residents, WW and EA together to find out what works were going to happen and when.  D)  Horse droppings in West View – complaints had been received from residents.  Clerk to contact Defra to find out the legal position regarding this problem.  E)  New Ham Noticeboard -  this had been installed and the residents were extremely pleased with it – a good choice and in-keeping with the village.   The Clerk thanked D Durdan, R Rooke and R Jeanes for installing this so quickly after delivery.   F)  St Chads – hedge still required cutting back. A photograph showed how far out the hedge was along side the pavement.  G)  River Bridge by abattoir - the railings required repairing as the section joints had rusted through.   H)  Raised kerbs at bus stops – clerk to put together correspondence regarding this for the next meeting to review.  I)  Drop down kerbs – R Rooke to provide clerk with list of essential kerbs that need dropping down, as the pc only had £6,000 to spend on this project.  Clerk would then get a quote for the works.  J)  Vegetation required cutting down from Curvalion House to Curvalion Orchard.  K)  Merlyn’s Copse – water not flowing from under the road – Highways to be contacted.  L)  Water leak at the Bell Inn – still ongoing – to contact Wessex Water again.   

09/223  Freedom of Information Act  The Parish Councillors voted unanimously to accept the new publication scheme that had been previously circulated.   

09/224  Allotments  It was agreed to move this item to the April meeting.

09/225  Adsborough  It was agreed to discuss this issue once the pc had received a response from the questions raised at the recent meeting regarding the A38.  

09/226  Dillons Street Lighting Survey  The clerk informed the PC that following the survey carried out by K Cooper and R Farrow, the outcome was 62.5% were against lighting and 37.5% were for it.   After discussion, it was voted by 9 votes for and with 2 abstentions that this PC would not carry out another survey during this elected parish council life time.   Should residents wish to raise this issue, then they would have to write to SCC directly.  

09/227  West View Lighting Survey  It was voted unanimously that no further lighting survey would be carried out in West View. 

09/228  Hyde Lane Bus Shelter seating – Unfortunately this bus shelter could not accommodate a seating system as it would take up too much room and reduce the width of the path for pedestrians to walk past and mothers with prams etc. 

09/229  T10/23 Manhole Cover repair -  This still needed replacing, although it was understood from Sam Jones at Rights of Way, it had been purchased by the contractor. 

09/230  Dog Fouling issue  - TDBC Dog Wardens had been contacted via email and telephone.  They had not responded to date.  Agreed to try and get another bin in Arundells Way by the Vets surgery and more notices to be placed.  It was suggested that the primary school might like to design a notice to be displayed. 

09/231  Accounts:  Bills to be paid: It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed to pay the following invoices:  From February:  Village Hall £41.00, Clerks salary £429.75, Clerks Expenses £109.02, Telephone £17.46, G Willsi £36.00 – bus shelter cleaning, EDF Energy – Field Rec - £128.16  For March:  Clerks salary £429.75, Clerks Expenses £79.35, Telephone £18.48, Fitzpatrick Woolmer – Ham notice board £956.01,  Durston Tree Surgery £1,470.00,  BJ Hill £4.75, QSP – Feb Parish Magazine printing £286.00, British Gas – Rec Field £169.13.

09/232  County Councillor’s Report:  A Clark confirmed that SCC would be increasing their rates by 2.74% this year.  District Councillor’s Report – TDBC would not be increasing their rates this year. 

09/233 Change of meeting date  It was agreed to move the May meeting date from Tuesday, 5th May to Monday 11th May.  The Annual Parish Meeting will take place on Friday, 17th April.  It was agreed D Durdan would contact Alex Haye to talk about British Water and what they are doing. 

09/234 Matters to be carried forward to the next Parish Council Meeting:  Allotments, Adsborough A38.

The meeting closed at 8.25pm.  The next two parish council meetings will take place on Monday, 6th April and Monday, 11th May 2009.   Annual Parish Meeting will be on Friday, 17th April to commence at 7.30pm.