/ Parish Council / 2009 Minutes / November 2009


Creech St Michael Parish Council

Minutes of the meeting held on Monday, 2nd  November 2009

Present:  E Webb (Chair), R Farrow, A Bishop, T Carter, S Cooper, D Durdan, R Jeanes, G Lucas, R Rooke, D Fothergill and K Durdan


09/350 Chairman’s Welcome:  The Chairman welcomed Mr Dunstan,  a previous cler, who had offered to take the minutes in Jill’s absence.


09/351 Apologies:  K Cooper and F Bates.


09/352 Public Speaking:  None


09/353 Police Report
Following the recent anti-social behaviour, patrols and some arrest appeared to have had a calming effect.  A total of 23 calls from the Creech area had been received since the last meeting.


09/354  Declaration of Interest:  None
09/355 Minutes of the meeting held on Monday, 5th October2009. 
These were read and approval proposed and seconded.  The Chairman signed each page.


09/356 Matters Arising:  None


09/357  Chairmans Report
The clerk was making good progress in her recovery.  The Chairman had phoned SCC, Ham Bridge should be open on the 13th November 2009.


09/358  Adsborough A38 Update
The Chair had been asked to put a proposal to the Parish Council to the effect that the PC should pay the amount of £3,475 and recover the VAT.  This was £700 more than previously agreed.  The residents of Adsborough had raised £1,400 towards the cost already.  It was felt that to exclude the residents from contributing was not acceptable.  The proposal was rejected unanimously.  The Chairman had phoned Neil Brant today but he had nothing to report.


09/359  Planning
14/09/0020  Amendment.  Erection of crane and formation of doorway and erection of fencing at County Hardwoods.  The Parish Council supports this application.

14/09/0036 Erection of replacement wall and gates at the front off Avalon Meads Droveway at Creech Heathfield (retention of works already undertaken.)  The PC supports this application.

14/09/0038/T  To coppice 2 sycamore and 1 ash tree and carry out management works for 1 sycamore tree included in TDBC (CSM No1) Tree Preservation Order 1981 at Trevellas Coombe near West Monkton (TD 231).  The PC supports this application.

14/09/0039  Construciton of a Sotrm Water Holding Area in connection with application 14/09/0039 (Medical Centre at land off Hyde Lane, CSM).  The PC supports this application.

14/09/0019  Erection of single storey industrial building at Creech Mills, Mill Lane, CSM (Resiting  of consented building 14/09/0021.  Permission granted

14/09/0033  Erection of two-storey side extension, a single storey entrance and internal and fenestration alterations at Longfeild, Coombe Lane, West Monkton .  Permission granted

14/09/0028 Erection of two storey extension to rear and replacement porch to front of property at 2 Mill Lane, CSM.  Permission granted.


09/360  Matters of Report
The wooden posts delineating the footpath in Worthy Lane had all rotted away and cars were still being parked on the footpath.

The pavement/footpath in Charlton Road by the post box near the junction was covered in algae and was very slippery.  SCC were responsible, the condition posed a danger to elderly people.

The proposed new exit road for Wessex Water onto the A38 was still under consideration.

Cleaning of litter had been done.
The signs at North End should have been placed in Hyde Lane.
A new drain outside the Bell should be installed in 2010.


09/361 Correspondence:  None


09/362  Accounts:
The following payments were approved:
Clerk’s salary:  £441.55   Mr Hirst £50, RRooke (envelopes) £5.86, Durston Tree Surgeons £900, Moore Stephens (audit) £155.25, Clerks Telephone: £18.55, British Gas Buisness (electric for Recreation Field) £61.78.


09/363  Matters carried forward:
Mill Lane, Worthy Lane,


The meeting closed at 8.17pm