/ Parish Council / 2009 Minutes / October 2009

Creech St. Michael Parish Council..


Minutes of the meeting held on October 5th 2009.


Present.  E.Webb[ Chairperson] A. Bishop,R. Rooke, G. Lucas, S. Cooper,F. Bates, D. Durdan, R. Jeanes, T. Carter.


Chairman’s Welcome.


Apologies for absence. R. Farrow and K. Cooper. The reason for non attendance was accepted.


Public Speaking.

Gill. Underhay congratulated Mr. Bates on becoming the new Parish Councillor.


Declaration of interest.        None.


Minutes of the meeting 7th. Sept. 2009..     These were read and approved. The chairman signed the minutes.


Matters Arising.

09/328.   G.Lucas asked whether there should be a cap  on the £2700.  Contributed by the Parish Council for the Adsborough Consultant..  It was decided  a £4000 cap to the consultants,if the cost was over £4000 the council to reconsider.


09/930. R. Rooke stated Simon Jones has left , two ladies are to take over .  The telephone is the same.

D. Fothergill had enquired about the stones on the sides of the road in Ham. These are not legal and if they cause a hazard the person is liable.   D. Fothergill had enquired about the speed of the traffic in Hyde Lane and there is to be a traffic speed and count  assessment after the park and ride has opened.
The meeting  regarding Mill Lane is arranged for Oct.29th 2009.


Chairman’s Report.

Good news  on Jill she is now out of hospital and home.   The recreation field to have A.G.M. provisionally booked for Nov.23rd.  The Parish Council decided to send  £30=00 worth flowers to Jill.


Induction of the new councillor by David Greig.



14/09/0033 erection of two storey side extension and alterations at Longfield, Coombe.. The Parish Council support this application.

14/09/0037. Extension and alterations at   Driffields, Adsborough.  The Parish Council support this application.

14/09/0018.Change of use of land from agricultural to storage of B.T. vehicles. At Langaller. The Parish council support this application.

14/09/0029 Veranda at Elderberry Cottage, North End. Permission granted.

14/09/0026. Erection of front garden wall at Towerlea, Creech Heathfield. Permission refused.

14/09/0000 Children’s centre at the school/  No objection.



New  Neighbourhood watch Inspector.  Inspector Samual Williams.


Matters of report.

Simon Cooper stated that fly tipping is occurring again in West Monkton Parish and that the youths are congregating at the shop, canal and West View.

R. Rooke stated that  Taunton Deane had been working in Merlins Copse and that it is now a shambles they have left a tree in a dangerous condition. It was decided that R.Rooke asks Andy Pipe to report on the tree.  He also reported on the bus shelter in Hyde Lane which has a broken glass.

R. Jeanes reported that the police helicopter had been out a lot lately at night, surveying something??

T.Carter. Reported large for sale signs been put up at North End.




Clerks Wages £ 441=55.

Bus shelter cleaning.  £45=00.

Ann Bishop’s expenses.  £24=80.


County and District councillors reports.

D.Durdan nothing to report. 

D.Fothergill.The school bus has no seat belts this is being looked into.

The sides of the road in Ham lane are to be made up.

D. Fothergill also said he fully supports our efforts at Adsborough.

D.Greig  Said the burial ground and playing field grants were delayed but will be paid shortly.


Matters to be carried forward   None.


The meeting closed at 7.55pm.