/ Parish Council / 2009 Minutes / September 2009

Creech St. Michael Parish Council


Minutes of the meeting held on September 7th 2009

Present. E.Webb[Chairperson] R.Farrow, A. Bishop ,R> Jeanes, R. Rooke,, G.Lucas,D. Durdan, K.Cooper, S.Cooper, ,J.Loader[clerk] also in attendanceS.C.Cllr. D.Fothergill, and 24 members of the public.


09/322 Chairmans welcome

09/323 Apologies   T. Carter and the reason for non attendance was accepted.


Public speaking time

[1] Helen Phillips discussed the newsletter     {2]H.Phillips asked if allotments could be found  [3]Ryan Chorley Meadsdroveway discussed his forth coming retrospective planning application for a wall and gates.


09/324 Declaration of Interest   None.


09/325 Minutes of the July and August meetings were approved. The Chairperson signed the minutes.


09/326  Matters arising


July.09/30  R.Rooke stated that Sam Jones had left his position and we need a new contact.


09/306 Ham footbridge still not in place chase up Rachel Pearce.


09/300 Look into problems at Model Cottage, Adsborough.


09/316  Mill Lane D.Fothergills to arrange a meeting regarding the problems in Mill Lane.
D. Fothergill also said the Ham foot bridge is due to start when Bull Street is finished.
The August minutes were approved and signed


09/327 Chairpersons report.   None.


09/328  A38 Adsborough.. Discussion took place regarding the meeting with Mr. Brant. Ken Fletcher  stated that Adsborough residents had contributed £ 1195 Thurloxton P.C. £150. . Creech St Michael P.C. is to contribute £2700.with no cap.  There were discussions on the road dangers and the recent accident.  It was agreed to appoint Mr. Brants consultant. West Monkton P.C. is to be asked for help.


09/329  Planning.   All applications for August were approved.
Application14/09/007 and application 01/09008LB Crown House, Crown Lane grant permission
14/09/0015 Medical Centre , Hyde Lane. Grant permission. 
14/09/0021and 14/09/0022 Erection of Agri. Buildings at Ham Farm grant permission.


09/330  Matters to report .
Bushes to be cut in Ryslands Way.
As Ruishton Lane is closed people asked to be careful with the extra traffic coming through the village.
Hedge overhanging in Ham.
D,Fothergill to inquire regarding legal position
of stones on the roadside in Ham
To ensure that the bolts are replaced in the seat in NorthEnd.
Caravan in field opposite the slaughterhouse ? ? Was it the same van that was in the field further up the road.

09/331 C.S.M. recreation field a meeting to be arranged.

09/332  Update of new Parish Councillor the election to be on Thursday September 24th 2009.


09/333  The correspondence was discussed


09/334  Footpaths. J.Hurst is retiring and the P.C. to give him £50. Token Advertise for a footpath warden in the Newsletter, it is a voluntary post


09/335  Accounts. It was proposed and seconded to pay the following accounts
The clerks salary, clerks expenses and all other current invoices.


09/336 County and District Councillors reports.
The passing of trucks in Ham Lane is to be investigated
A meeting regarding Mill Lane is to be arranged


The meeting closed at 9.10 pm.