/ Parish Council / 2010 Minutes / February 2010

Minutes of a Meeting held at 7pm on Monday 1st February 2010 in the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall.


Present:  E Webb (Chairperson), A Bishop, F Bates, T Carter, K Cooper, S Cooper, R Jeanes, R Rooke, G Lucas, D Durdan and Jill Loader (Clerk).  Also in attendance were SC Cllr David Fothergill, M Jeffery, K Fletcher and two members of the public.

10/400 The Chairperson welcomed everyone to the meeting.

10/401 Apologies:   None

10/402  Declaration of Interest:  D Durdan declared an interest regarding the donation request by the Bridgwater and Taunton Canal publication guide.
Public speaking time :  K Fletcher would speak at section 10/406 regarding Adsborough


10/403  Minutes from January Meeting: It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that the January minutes be adopted as correct.  The Chairperson signed each page of the minutes.  


10/404  Matters Arising:  A)  Salt reserves were low, so SCC Highways were unable to provide additional self-help bags.  B)  Salting Hyde Lane on the corner close to the school was not possible due to salt reserves being low.  Salting West View for the bus route was not possible.  The main route through the village was salted regularly. SCC Highways had to cater for many miles and people and resources have to be spread fairly. C)  Parking on the pavements in West View - PSCO Lynsey Gamblin will inform PCSO Steve Chapman and speak to the residents again. D)  Mud on the road in Hyde Lane – Police will speak to the contractors and farmers again to try and keep the road free from mud. E)  Fly Tipping in Hyde Lane – agreed to chase up TDBC.   E)  R Rooke had informed RoW the correct footpath that needed the stile repairing.  F)  CSM Recreation Field – VAT – it was voted 8 for with 1 abstention and 2 unable to vote, as they were committee members, to agree to continue that the PC will pay the Recreation Field invoices in order to claim back the VAT up until May 2011.  J Loader would invoice the committee for time spent on writing the cheques etc, so that the PC did not pay for her time.
10/405  Chairperson’s Report:  Items would be dealt with under separate headings.


10/406  A38 Adsborough Traffic Study Report from SLR Consulting – Each Parish Councillor had received the final copy of the report prior to the meeting which included many of the additional points raised at the last meeting.
a)  The clerk read out a letter detailing our requests for improvements on the A38 and asking for a meeting to discuss these with our external consultant.  The letter and report would be sent to Sonia Davison-Grant, Anthony Trollope-Bellew, Patrick Flaherty at SCC. David Fothergill and Chief Constable Colin Port.  It was voted unanimously this letter was acceptable to send.    b)  It was voted 10 for and 1 against to ask the residents of Adsborough to pay their contributions towards the traffic study.  K Fletcher stated Mr D Harry would act as treasurer and collect all monies, which to date totalled £1,375.  It was noted this amount was more than the amount the PC had contributed.  It was agreed the clerk would log all the payment details and once this project had been finalised with no more payments expected, money would be returned to the residents if the PC had not over spent the budget.  c)  It was agreed to ask Thurloxton PC to donate their £150 towards this project.   d)  K Fletcher noted the final report covered most of the points raised.  He wanted to inform N Brant that page 28 section 8 should ideally state Thurloxton Fruit Farm and not ‘north of Adsborough’.   He still had an issue regarding buses not running through Thurloxton and the south junction bus stop.  SCC had replied to K Fletcher’s letter regarding new designs being prepared and would be sending a report in February to cover the points raised at the meeting held in November with A Trollope-Bellew. 


10/407 Accounts: Bills to be paid:   a) It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed to pay the following invoices:   British Gas - £79.63 for Recreation Field,  Clerks salary £445.95, Clerks expenses £118.71, Clerks Telephone £19.46,  Mole Valley Farmers – Rec Field Fencing £94.00, SALC – clerks training £15.00, F Bates for travel £5.48. b)  It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed to pay for the clerk to attend the training day on 16th February covering the new model standing orders.  The clerk stated she would ask Fitzhead PC to contribute towards this training and split the cost.   c)  It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed to accept the updated Financial Risk Assessment paper.


10/408 CSM PC Complaints Procedure:  It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed to accept the draft complaints procedure.  The clerk would put this onto the website. 


10/409 Freedom of Information :  It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed to accept the updated publication scheme which would be put onto the website.


10/410 Planning Applications




Decision Reached



Removal of condition 03 of Planning Permission 14/95/0015 to allow unrestricted B1 (office) use at Green Briars,  and Hillcrest Former Langdons Depot, Walford Cross, Taunton

The PC voted unanimously to support this application.



Construction of noise attenuation bund and access thereto at land adjacent to M5 motorway to west of Heathfield Farm,  CH

N Learney from Aardvark and J Luffmann from J Luffmann Trading Ltd discussed the application to the PC in detail. The PC then voted unanimously to support this application.   It was noted that SCC would be writing to the residents this application affected to inform them of the details.  It was agreed to write back to SCC after the March meeting the PC’s decision



10/411 Additional Planning Application Notice:   Mr Luffman and Mr Learney discussed another application which would be issued shortly by SCC, detailing an inert materials recycling centre, planned at the old landfill waste field along the old Langaller lane.  This would take and recycle inert materials which would reduce the amount of waste being dumped and travel for lorries to landfill sites.   It was voted unanimously to support this application once the details had been received.


10/412 Other Planning Applications







Erection of detached garage/store on site of garage to be demolished at Hill Cottage, St Michael Road, CSM

Permission granted 



Erection of car port and storage shed to replace garage to be demolished, new private driveway and alterations to access at Longfield, Coombe

Permission granted 



10/413  Matters of Report  a)  R Farrow had attend a meeting at the school regarding the new Children’s Centre.  She would continue to attend this forum.  b)  A Bishop stated the hedge behind the bus shelter had been cut back by the new owners of the property.  A thank you letter had already been sent.   c)  Pot holes reported by the abattoir and corner of West Moor Drove d)  ‘School’ sign hidden by the hedge by Rocketts Close  d)  Worthy Lane – agreed to write a letter to Heathfield House ask them to cut back their overgrown hedge running along the pavement.  e)  Mud on road by Medical Centre works. f) Agreed to write a thank you letter/sorry to the publican at The Bell Inn.  g)  More pot holes in West View.  h)  Litter in hedge by telephone box to be removed. i)  It was expressed that Adam Pengilly from CSM would be competing in the Winter Olympics on the skeleton bob, and everyone wished him every success.


10/414  Annual Parish Meeting:  After discussion, it was agreed that the APM on Friday, 16th April would have the Parish Councillors available to answer any questions the electors may have.  A notice would be put into the Gazette advertising the meeting in April.  


10/415 TDBC Core Strategy and Small Sites Consultation document:  a) Several PC members attended the meeting at the village hall on 28th January.   Members were encouraged to reply to the questionnaire.  It was agreed to copy the report K Fletcher had written to all councillors and send this report back to TDBC which covered several important points.   b)  It was agreed to chase up Mr J Copp at SCC regarding the meeting last year about making a route out of the village via the industrial estate.  c)  TDBC Strategy Consultation Documents: These were available via the internet and also hard copies were being circulated.  Deadline for comments was 16th March.


10/416 Rights of Way:  Nothing to report. 


10/417 CSM Recreation Field Update:  Agreed to move this section higher up the agenda.  The tractor mower had been stolen from the container in January.  Ellen Harty from SCC Rural Youth was meeting with the teenagers of the village this month to find out what type of ‘shelter’ or other ideas they had. 


10/418 Correspondence: 






SCC Right of Way

Ham Bridge Open Day – planned for 12th February @ 2pm

Those attending were:  E Webb, R Rooke, F Bates, D Durdan, R Jeanes and A Bishop


Chris Robinson

A pictorial guide to the Bridgwater and Taunton Canal

It was voted 9 for with 1 abstention to donate £50 towards this guide.   D Durdan expressed an interest and did not vote.


St Margaret’s Hospice

The Work carried out by the hospice

It was voted 7 for with 4 against to donate £25 for St Margaret’s Hospice


Mayors Parlour

Taunton Dean Citizenship Awards 2010

There were no nominations put forward



10/419  SCCllrs Report  -  D Fothergill stated SCC were having zero increases in funding and were making savings in the revenue and capital budgets.   The recent meeting at Wessex Water showed in a recent report that there was minimal speeding along this road.  Seat belts had been re-fitted in the Heathfield school bus following discussions.  District Councillors Report:   D Durdan stated the Recreation Field should put in an ‘expression of interest’ letter into the Levels and Moors funding projects which still has money available .  D Durdan to pass contact details to the clerk.   The ‘Boat’ was going to be on display at the NEC Boat Show on 23rd February and would then be on the canal from 1st April 2010. 


10/420  Matters to be carried forward to the next Parish Council Meeting:  None
The meeting closed at 9.05pm. The next two parish council meetings will take place on Monday, 1st March 2010 and Tuesday, 6th April 2010.