/ Parish Council / 2010 Minutes / January 2010

Minutes of a Meeting held at 7pm on Monday 4th January 2010 in the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall.

Present:  E Webb (Chairperson), A Bishop, F Bates, T Carter, K Cooper, S Cooper, R Jeanes, R Rooke, G Lucas, D Durdan and Jill Loader (Clerk).  Also in attendance were SC Cllr David Fothergill, Cllr K Durdan, M Jeffery, K Fletcher, and one member of the public.

10/383 The Chairperson welcomed everyone to the meeting.

10/384 Apologies:   None

10/385  Declaration of Interest:  E Webb declared an interest regarding the church precept section.
Public speaking time :  K Fletcher would speak at section 10/389 regarding Adsborough


10/386 Minutes from December Meeting: It was proposed, seconded and unanimously (except R Farrow who had been absent) agreed that the December minutes be adopted as correct.  The Chairperson signed each page of the minutes.  

10/387  Matters Arising:  A)  PCSO L Gamblin had been informed regarding illegal parking – agreed to follow up.  B)  New Cut Bridge – P Nation had replied to request to double check top rail corrosion and stated the works ca rried out recently were secure.  C)  Ham Bridge – would not be closed again, but additional works would be carried out soon, and notices displayed to inform public. D)  Creech Heathfield Bus Stop – no funding was available to construct a  hard standing surface from SCC.  E) Grit Bins – not wanted, but extra salt bags to be delivered to K Durdan for use on school run pavements.  F)  Agreed to check that SCC are salting/gritting Hyde Lane due to children returning to school and cycling and West View with its regular bus route.   H)  Agreed to ask SCC for dumpy bags of salt/grit for Adsborough and Ham villages.

10/388  Chairperson’s Report:  Already covered regarding salt deliveries.

10/389  A38 Adsborough Traffic Study Report from SLR Consulting – Each Parish Councillor had read the copy of the report prior to the meeting.  It was noted the report was very good and detailed the points clearly.  K Fletcher spoke regarding extra points to be added to the draft report which was agreed.  These points are to be emailed to clerk so she can write to N Brant our decisions.  It was agreed the 2 meetings allocated within the budget, should be ear marked for SLR to meet with SCC and not be wasted on meeting with the PC.    B)  Agreed D Fothergrill would follow up on meeting back in November with A Trollope-Bellew and get a response to questions.

10/390  Code of Conduct: It was noted that the previous meeting had caused disquiet amongst some councillors.  It was agreed there should be a healthy debate but not with interruptions, so Councillors could not express their views thoroughly.  It was reminded that all Councillors must abide by the Code of Conduct at all times as this was part of their responsibilities as a representative of their parish.  R Rooke was censured and he apologised, which was accepted.  It was agreed that all Councillors should re-read the code of conduct each year as a matter of course. 

10/391 Accounts: Bills to be paid:   a) It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed to pay the following invoices:    Village Hall Hire £81.00, Clerks salary £445.95, Clerks expenses £86.15, Clerks Telephone £19.92, SLR Consulting – Traffic Study £3,312.00.   b)  Administration Column -  D Durdan raised a query regarding what expenses were in the Administration Column of the Receipts and Payment sheet.  The clerk informed the meeting that this consisted of Village Hall Hire, Subscriptions, Travel to Councillors, clerks telephone, clerks expenses, insurance and election costs.   These were standard headings and acceptable for the Auditors.  It was agreed each quarter to issue a copy of the Day Book so all Councillors would see where each cheque raised was posted to.  The Clerk informed the meeting that under the Freedom of Information Act, all finances were available for anyone to view.  During the Audit Period, a notice is issued to inform parishioners they can see the accounts.  The Internal and External Auditors would raise any issues that were not inline with regulations.  All Internal and External reports were acceptable and approved.   R Farrow stated the clerk issued her expenses each month with a spreadsheet and receipts attached, which on average was £45 per month.  These expenses were mainly for stationery, postage, mileage, which were written into her contract.  c)  Precept for 2010/11:  The revised precept was presented.  After discussion, it was agreed to reduce the Administration budget to £3,500, as the previous figure had included the election costs.  The £500 remaining would be moved to Capital.  The precept still remained at £17,250.  It was proposed, seconded and agreed 10 votes for and 1 against to accept the precept set at £17,250 for the year 2010/11.   R Farrow stressed that the precept should be increased each year to allow for annual increases.  It would be difficult to increase next year’s precept by any significant figure if it was necessary, as this year’s precept had not increased.   Clerk to send precept details to TDBC by 14th January 2010.  d)  3rd Quarter Finance Update:  Accepted.  e)  Internal Audit – Review of the effectiveness of the system  -  The clerk read out various suggested internal control questions she had taken from the Governance and Accountability for Local Councils book.  Most areas were covered satisfactorily.   The Annual Risk Assessment would be updated and discussed at the February meeting.  It was agreed A Bishop would carry out bank reconciliations quarterly in future, as it was expected a councillor to carry out this function.  

10/392 Planning Applications




Decision Reached



Erection of detached garage/store on site of garage to be demolished at Hill Cottage, St Michael Road, CSM

The PC voted 7 against, 1 for and 3 abstentions to not support this application.  The Councillors felt there was not enough information regarding the size of the building, with no accurate dimensions listed.  The site would be over developed as the garage/store appeared to be too large.



Erection of car port and storage shed to replace garage to be demolished, new private driveway and alterations to access at Longfield, Coombe

The PC voted unanimously to support this application.


Other Planning Applications







Erection of 1 x 11kw twin bladed wind turbine at Lashpool Bungalow, Charlton, CSM

This application has been withdrawn. 



Erection of Recycling Facility Structures at Langdon Industries Depot, Walford Cross, Taunton

A Regulation Committee meeting was planned for 7th January at 2pm at County Hall.  After discussion E Webb, A Bishop would speak to re-emphasis the PC’s view not support this application. F Bates would also attend.   Clerk to inform N Tottle those who wanted to speak prior to the meeting.  Speakers only had 3 minutes each.


10/393  Rights of Way   a)  T10/3  Ham footpath closed as footbridge required repairing.  B) T10/20 – stile steps required repairing.  Footpath may have to be closed. 

10/394  Matters of Report  a)  Fly tipping in Hyde Lane by Recreation Field – inform TDBC.  B)  Traffic calming measure needed for cars coming through CSM from Ruishton.   It had been previously agreed by SCC to write a report on calming measures.   C) More salt was needed on sharp bends in Hyde Lane.  D)  Humps required in village should allow emergency service vehicles to get over them quickly.  E)  Police to be contacted regarding mud on road in Hyde Lane.

10/395  CSM Recreation Field Update:  After a discussion it was agreed to find out whether the Recreation Field as a charity could claim back vat on payments.  If so, then the precept allocated to the Recreation Field would be given as a whole.  This would give the onus on the committee to manage their finances separately from the PC.  The clerk stated it only took about 15 minutes to check and write out cheques for the Recreation Field. 

10/396  Worthy Lane:  The Clerk read out an email from Rights of Way regarding works in Worthy Lane.  It was agreed to write to R of W to get them to write to all owners to ask them to cut back any overgrowth on to the footpath.   Surface repairs to this private road would not be carried out by SCC. 

10/397 Correspondence: 






J Hurst

Thank you letter

PC were informed of the thank you letter.


SCC Darren Norman

North End Culvert works

Informed the PC an invoice for £200 had been sent to SCC for repayment of emergency works.


10/398 SCCllrs Report  -  David Fothergill stated the Park and Ride works should be finished by the end of February.  Hopefully the traffic problems would be resolved.   District Councillors Report  - nothing to report.

10/399  Matters to be carried forward to the next Parish Council Meeting :  Speaker for Annual Parish Meeting in May.  Suggested the Parish Councillors are invited to take questions. 

The meeting closed at 9.45pm. The next two parish council meetings will take place on Monday, 1st February and Monday, 1st March 2010.