/ Parish Council / 2010 Minutes / July 2010

Minutes of a Meeting held at 7pm on Monday, 5th July 2010 in the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall.


Present:? E Webb, A Bishop, F Bates, T Carter, K Cooper, S Cooper, R Jeanes, R Rooke, G Lucas and Jill Loader (Clerk).? Also in attendance were SC Cllr D Fothergill, TDB Cllr K Durdan, PS T Crowter, PCSO S Chapman, M Jeffery, and 3 members of the public.

Public speaking time: ??None.

10/494 The Chairperson welcomed everyone to the meeting.

10/495 Apologies:? ?D Durdan, R Farrow.? Their reason for non attendance was accepted.

10/496 Declaration of Interest:? None.

10/497? PS Tony Crowter Report: PS Crowter outlined to the PC the procedure regarding reporting incidences and when to expect a police officer to attend. ?This was in response to the complaints letter sent.? ?If the situation was life threatening an officer would attend immediately.? Non threatening/no witnesses/after the event reports were put in order of priority.? Calling 999 for emergencies followed by phoning the 0845 456 7000 or Beat Officer for non emergency calls was the correct system to follow.? ?Unfortunately the police were unable to attend all incidences reported immediately due to numbers of officers on duty and available.? Leaflets with contact details were handed out.? E Webb thanked PS Crowter.??? PACT Issues:? Issues raised - poor parking in West View by parents collecting/dropping off children to school.??? Police have issued fines and they will continue to monitor.?? More action between Head and parents required.? It was reported lorries were driving from North End through the main village to Hyde Lane site, and during school collection times.? Agreed K Durdan would check the condition in the planning application.? Police agreed to speak to the Developer.?

10/498 ?Minutes from June Meeting: One amendment to R Farrow?s name in 10/488.? It was then proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed the June minutes be adopted as correct.? The Chairman signed each page of the minutes.??

10/499? Matters Arising: ?The maintenance contract for footpath and Merlyn?s copse had not been put together yet, but details of the footpath names had been given to the Clerk.?

10/500 Planning Applications




Decision Reached



Erection of single storey extension at 16 Paddock Close, Taunton

The PC voted unanimously to support this application.



Proposed development of 51 dwellings, 18 of which to be affordable with access, roads, footways etc. at the Hatcheries, Bathpool, Taunton ? discussion only as it?s outside the Parish

The Parish Council noted this development was outside the CSM Parish boundary.   The main concern was to ensure the infrastructure would be adequate to support the additional volume of traffic and other services needed when a development was built.

The Parish Council were unanimous in their support of the development.


10/501 Other Planning







Seasonal Workers Accommodation at West Newton Fruit Farm, Adsborough ? email received from K Purchase requesting the PC review this application again.?? The PC agreed to discuss this.

The Parish Councillors discussed this issue again, as the original clause could not be put into any condition of the planning application. The Councillors voted by 6 votes to object to this application with 3 abstentions. 

The Councillors felt there was a Highways safety issue, as the lane at West Newton Farm was very narrow.  Mini buses using this lane and the number of workers walking through the village was a safety issue. Noise and disturbance resulting in the use of the building was a concern.? The loss of privacy to the adjoining property, as well as the effect on the listed building and conservation area was also raised.



Erection of 1 11kw twin bladed wind turbine mounted on free standing 18m mast on a concrete base at Lashpool Bungalow, Charlton, CSM

Permission granted



Change of use from offices to dwelling at Hillcrest, Walford Cross, Taunton

Permission granted



Erection of single storey rear extension and porch to front at 2 Mill Cottages, Mill Lane, CSM

Permission refused


10/502 Parish Magazine Distribution: Thanks went to Ruth and Nigel Farrow for all their effort and time over the years in organising the Parish Magazine distribution.? Kelly Durdan was now taking over this role and was given a list of the names of the distributors.???

10/503? CSM Recreation Field: ?a)? New lease proposal ? a meeting to discuss this proposal had been arranged for Monday, 19th July at 7pm.? Councillors to attend.?? b)? Family Fun Weekend ? S Cooper reported this had been a successful weekend raising approximately ?1,300.? Thank you letters were being sent to the volunteers and advertisers.? TME trains had been a success and everyone had enjoyed themselves.? The money would be used to purchase the youth shelter.?? It was noted the poor turn out from CSM residents.? c)? Wessex Water bill - an outstanding bill of ?110.51 had caused concern when a County Court Claim had been issued.? This had now been resolved and the bill paid, with the county court claim of ?68 being waived by WW.? R Rooke stated he had contacted WW to change the billing address which WW had not actioned.? The billing address was now correct. d)? British Gas bill ? this had finally been resolved.? The meter had been incorrectly set up when British Gas changed systems.? The bill outstanding was now ?969.66 which covered the last two years of actual usage. ?Clerk was waiting for new invoice.

10/504? Draft New Model Standing Orders:? ?It was agreed to amend committee to working party.? It was voted 8 for and 1 against to amend section xv and xvi to read the planning applications would be sent to A Bishop rather than the clerk.?? Amended new standing orders would be issued to councillors at the next meeting.?

10/505:? Wessex Water and Ham New Road:? The PC supported the initial proposals regarding a new road at Ham.? This was still under discussion and a steering committee was being put together, as per the minutes issued.

10/506 Accounts: ?a)? Bills to be paid:? It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed to pay the following invoices:? Clerks Wages ?445.95, clerks expenses ?64.82, clerks phone ?21.62, Traditional Window Cleaning ?45.00, Zurich Insurance ?913.28.? b)? 1st Quarter Accounts ? no comments.? The Clerk explained there were? outstanding bankings of ?747.? She had contacted the A&L bank who were looking into where these cheques had gone.?? ?

10/507 ? ?a) Merlyn?s Copse ? R Rooke was waiting to discuss his plans with A Pipe, before putting forward a proposal to the PC.? b)? Worthy Lane / Heathfield House ? The clerk had received a cheque for ?120 towards the cost of maintenance of the footpath.? However, this would not be banked until R Rooke had liaised with Mr Butters following his comments that he was not responsible for this footpath.? It was agreed to get clarification of who was responsible for which area before continuing.? c)? Footpath Clearing ?? R Rooke stated various volunteers would be seen tidying up the local footpaths over the next few weeks.

10/508? Highways ? G Lucas had started an audit on the condition of the parish roads and pavements.? It was agreed he would complete this audit and then arrange a meeting with Highways to highlight any issues.?

10/509 Correspondence:?






SLR Consulting

A38 Adsborough Road Safety Report response to Police letter

For information only. ??The Clerk had received a reply from Dan Martin at SCC Highways stating the works to the southern junction had been submitted for a Road Safety Audit.? Agreed to find out when the works would commence.



Adsborough Bus Shelter Cost

It was voted unanimously not to spend ?2350 on turning the bus shelter around.


Ruishton Guides

Changes in our village

It was agreed to write a thank you letter and inform them of our future plans.?


10/510? Clerks Holiday:? The clerk would be away from 16th August to 27th August 2010.

10/511 SCCllrs Report? a)? D Fothergill reported works of ?4.5m on the A358 and J25 were planned for commencing in September.? ?District Councillors Report: ??Nothing to report. ??

10/512 New Matters to Report:? ?West View parking
The meeting closed at 8.45pm. The next two parish council meetings will take place on Monday, 2nd August (planning only) and Monday, 6th September 2010. ??