/ Parish Council / 2010 Minutes / June 2010

Minutes of a Meeting held at 7pm on Tuesday 1st June 2010 in the Lower Committee Room
of the Village Hall.


Present:? D Durdan (Chairman), E Webb, A Bishop, F Bates, R Farrow, T Carter, K Cooper, S Cooper, R Jeanes, R Rooke, G Lucas and Jill Loader (Clerk).? Also in attendance were SC Cllr D Fothergill, TDBCllr K Durdan and six members of the public.

Public speaking time: ??Mrs G Underhay, the village hall caretaker informed the PC of the recent damage to the hall which happened over the weekend of 29/30 May.? The Police had been informed and Insurers, but concern was raised by the lack of police attendance.? The police finally arrived at 5.40pm on 1st June.?? Public to report anything they hear regarding this incident.?? Mr Hunt spoke regarding the lack of policing in the village.? It was asked if a letter of complaint could be sent to Colin Port regarding the problems of parking in West View.? Other issues included abandoned cars left after being reported and not removed, the village hall damage and lack of response and Kelly Durdan stated she had tried to contact Lynsey Gamblin 5 times with no success and had gone to Steve Mansfield.? Mr Hunt wanted to know how often the Police were supposed to visit the village. It was agreed to write the letter.? ?Mr Hunt asked about the poor condition of Merlyn?s Copse and why some of the footpaths were overgrown and difficult to walk along.? It was agreed to discuss these under the relevant agenda points.

10/475 The Chairperson welcomed everyone to the meeting.

10/476 Apologies:? ?None

10/477 Declaration of Interest:? E Webb declared an interest regarding the Vicarage planning application.? K Cooper declared an interest regarding the Recreation Field Committee, and R Rooke declared an interest regarding the footpath issue along Worthy Lane, regarding the contractor responsible for the works.?

10/478 ?Minutes from May Meeting: It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed? the May minutes be adopted as correct.? The Chairman signed each page of the minutes.??

10/479? Matters Arising: ?10/469 the pot holes in Hyde Lane were repaired.? 10/458 K Cooper asked D Durdan to thank R Farrow for all her effort and work as Vice Chairman over the years, which he duly did.?

10/469 (d) The lorry had been delivering to a resident in West View.?

10/480? Clerk?s Report: ??Dog bin for Ham had been ordered.? SCC Highways grass cutting schedule was read out -? A & B roads would be cut from 4 May to 1 June, C roads from 2 June to 27 July.? Webbers Bus timetable had been changed.? No change from Bridgwater to Taunton, but the return journey would be 22 minutes past the hour.? Timetables were available from the bus driver.? Other matters would be covered under the separate sections.

10/481 Planning Applications




Decision Reached



Erection of single storey rear extension and porch to front at 2 Mill Cottages, Mill Lane, CSM

The Parish Council voted unanimously not to support this application. It was felt the extension was too large and would be encroaching on the next door neighbour's house, taking away any natural light from their property.



Demolition of vicarage and erection of replacement vicarage with parish office and 2 dwellings with associated access at the Vicarage, CSM.

The Parish Council voted by 6 votes to object to the above planning, with 3 votes in support and 2 abstentions.

The objections were regarding the two new houses to be built on the site of the existing vicarage would be looking straight into the two properties of the Glebe and would take away their privacy.

Access into Vicarage Lane was already an issue. This would be compounded as there would no longer be a car park for church users. Parishioners would have to park in the road, which was already congested by resident's vehicles.

It was also felt there was no need to demolish the existing Vicarage.?



Change of use from offices to a dwelling at Hillcrest, Walford Cross, Taunton

The Parish Council voted unanimously to support this application.



Erection of 4 dwellings on plots 81-84 inclusive, comprising of 3 terraced houses and 1 flat over garage, with associated vehicular access, parking and hard and soft landscaping at Hyde Lane.

The Parish Council voted unanimously to support this application.


10/482 Other Planning







Change of use of land and construction of temporary waste transfer station, Old Langaller Lane, Creech Heathfield

This planning application had been formally withdrawn


10/483 Medical Centre ? Proposed Pharmacy Applications ??The PC were asked by the PCT to review and comment on two pharmacy applications.? Application 136/09 John Ware and application 04/10 F A Courie.?? The clerk read out a letter from Dr Moyse expressing his support for F A Courie, who would have the pharmacy within the new medical centre and would work with Dr Moyse.?? The John Ware pharmacy would be external to the medical centre and be independent.? After discussion, the PC voted unanimously to support the F A Courie application.? Deadline for comments was 23rd June 2010.?

10/484? CSM Recreation Field: ?a)? New lease proposal ? F Bates was still working on this project and would report his proposal at the next meeting.?? b)? Fun Weekend update:? S Cooper stated the Fun Weekend arrangements were well underway.? Posters and banners would be put up next week.? There would be a car boot, trade stands and games.? Charity football matches were on Sunday, 20th June.? Main sponsor was David Wilson Homes.? Cost to enter ?1.00 Adults.? Committee had worked very hard to put this together.? Money raised would go towards the Youth Shelter Project.? Please encourage everyone to attend.? Extra insurance had been paid to cover this event.? c)? Gas Bill Issue:? The clerk had sent a letter to British Gas with estimated gas meter readings dating back to May 2008, and requesting help in resolving this issue.? It was agreed unanimously to pay the most recent bill of ?118.36 which had been an actual reading from March to May.?

10/485? A38 Adsborough Project ?The clerk had received a reply from Martin Hills at SCC Highways regarding works on the A38.?? These works were being looked into and the PC would be contacted again, once their investigations were complete.? It was agreed to reply thanking them for the information.?

10/486 Conduct at Annual Parish Meeting: K Cooper wanted minuted the following statement she had written:? ?With regard to the informal meeting of the Parish Council and Clerk on 30th April to discuss the Clerk's letter (dated 19th April) detailing the importance of correct procedures and consequences of not following these.   I wish to have it formally minuted that I Parish Councillor Kim Cooper had NO knowledge or involvement in this unlawful changing of the Clerk's Extraordinary Meeting Notice, stating it was now on the 16th April 2010, which was actually the Annual Parish Meeting and not the 19th as the clerk had originally published.  This statement was also signed by S Cooper and R Farrow.

10/487? Draft New Model Standing Orders:? The clerk had issued draft new model standing orders for the councillors to read and make any comments for the next meeting.? These standing orders should be workable and everyone must be in agreement to any changes.? It was agreed to amend Committees to read Working Parties, so there was no need for a Chairman to be elected.?

10/488 Accounts: ?a)? Internal Audit Report:? B Howe had completed the internal audit review for year 2009/10.? The clerk read out his report.? After discussion, it was agreed the clerk would take into account his recommendations.??? b) Bills to be paid:? It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed to pay the following invoices:? Clerks Wages ?445.95, clerks expenses ?102.73, clerks phone ?21.76, Quality Service Printers ?351.91, B Howe ?187.50, CSM Village Hall ?50.00, British Gas ?118.36,? and British Gas Electricity ?115.69.? ?S Mansfield Expenses ?40.00? - It was voted by 7 votes for, 3 against and 1 abstention to reimburse S Mansfield expenses for the work carried out regarding the Waste Transfer Station planning application objection. c)? Income received:? Precept for 2010/11? ?17,250 and VAT rebate ?1,545.15.? d)? Change of signatories form received ? It was agreed all to sign the form so it could be sent to the bank.? The changes were: add D Durdan,? keep existing signatories: ?T Carter, E Webb & J Loader and remove F Farrow.?

10/489 ? ?a) Merlyn?s Copse ? R Rooke stated this was a nature reserve and not a park. ?R Rooke wanted to replace the existing access gate for a wider gate, and replace the existing bridge which was too narrow, to allow access for wheelchairs.? After discussion, it was agreed to look at getting three quotes for a 14? replacement gate and suitable bridge.?? b) Worthy Lane Footpath -? This footpath was overgrown but not part of the maintenance schedule.? It was agreed to write to Heathfield House where the footpath went through their land and ask for their assistance in contributing towards the costs of cutting this footpath.? Durston Tree Surgeon ? Andy Pipe had quoted ?120.? ?c)? Maintenance contract for next year ? It was agreed to put out to tender the footpaths and Merlyn?s Copse maintenance contract and should include the Worthy Lane footpath too. ??d)? Other footpath issues ? Rights of Way will be repairing the stile on T10/2.? T10/20 finger post/stiles are being looked at.??? e)? Dog Fouling on Footpaths -? it is illegal for dogs to foul footpaths as well as pavements.? It was agreed to put a notice in the Parish Magazine detailing the regulations with a contact number to Rights of Way/Defra should anyone query this.?

10/490 Correspondence:?






B J Hill

Mill Lane Residents Committee (Flooding)

Clerk to write a thank you letter to Mr Hill.


J C Copp ? SCC

Monkton Heathfield development access to CSM from new link road via Hyde Lane

The Clerk read out the letter from SCC regarding their reasons why the new link road would not be built.?? No comments were made.


Wessex Water

Proposed new road scheme ? Ham

Preliminary route information sent ?? a separate meeting had been arranged for 7th June at 7pm.? Councillors to attend if possible.?


10/491 SCCllrs Report? a)? D Fothergill reported he had not heard anything from TDBC regarding the issues in Mill Lane.? D Durdan agreed to find out where the council were on this project.? b)? The Government were making budget cuts by ?1.165 billon.? SCC were waiting to see what these would be and how this would effect them and the County.? District Councillors Report: ??Nothing to report. ??

10/492 Disposal of old Planning Applications:? It was unanimously agreed that D Durdan would burn the old planning applications.?

10/493 New Matters to Report:? G Lucas wanted Highways on the agenda next month.? Clerk to contact David Peake at Highways to ask for a second swathe to be cut along the Bridgwater to Taunton Road junctions due to poor visibility.? The Recreation Field Committee to take the spare notice board from R Jeanes farm.?? D Durdan would be away for the July and August PC meetings.? E Webb to Chair the meetings. ?
The meeting closed at 9.05pm. The next two parish council meetings will take place on Monday, 5th July and Monday 2nd August (planning only). ??